Seven Wonders

How can two solitudes exist,
Inside this restless heart,
An untapped reservoir,
That fuels endless streams,
These words on fire,
My Phoenix rising,
Yet also crashing back to earth,
As manic expressions of my own resolve,
Are painted here as assuredly as Van Gogh cut off his ear,
And Pollock splattered canvas,
I am both solitudes at once,
And never at all,
The inexplicable contradictions that make up every moment,
Of my tortured days,
Though I can find in your eyes,
The conjoined laughter,
That I so seek,
As when you say my name,
I find myself soaring amongst stars,
Through a heavy fog of rain filled clouds,
Wondering how the hell I got there,
These solitudes,
A plague upon my tortured soul,
Are the realities that I must face,
Though not alone,
As before,
Your presence like a fervent immersing,
In an essence that abides my comfort,
Even if only for a moment,
For that is longer than all the moments between now and then,
That you have resisted,
That you have existed,
Begging of you just one more moment,
The allowance of tickles,
Those defy explanation,
And unleash a wonder never before experienced,
Leading poet warrior,
To question everything once known,
Or at least supposed,
Feeling anew,
Something that I resisted,
That I have resisted,
That no longer will I resist,
Please allow me the dalliances of an earthly dance,
With heavenly implications,
For love is divine,
And this garden path,
Seems destined to lead me in a direction,
Whereby my solitudes may be less severe,
And my understanding of human nature exposed,
And enhanced,
For you are the light,
That now guides me to port in a storm,
My lighthouse at Alexandria,
And all Seven Wonders of the World,
Commands my undivided attention and intention,
My souls new invention,
Of furious torment and delicious enchantment,
Are you that light,
And will you shine,
Two solitudes indeed,
Those now defy logic,
Defy me,
Undress me so I stand before you naked,
No emotional mask,
No costume of suppressed pleas,
No desires unheard,
To illuminate my solitudes,
And release me,
From myself.



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