Family and Friends, Lend Me Your Eyes…

Family and friends surrounding,
A disintegrating mind,
Like Humpty Dumpty,
The fragmented I and I and I,
An ageless wisdom imparted far too soon,
A boyish man longing for innocence,
It is never too late to realize your purpose,
It is always too late should you not try,
As with the eyes of a child,
This tragic wandered often proclaims,
Peter Pan, Mowgli, The Little Prince,
Yet with shades of Hunter S., Hemingway and Whitman,
Where one and one is no longer two,
Causation of wonder,
Or effect of madness,
Now a far off philosophical representation,
Somewhere between Neptune and Saturn,
The individual slices of me,
Are combatants in a struggle,
One without rules, or order,
Only chaos,
Those crushing spirit and alighting passion,
Creating wonder and destroying serenity,
A weight that is ever increasing,
With a universal half life of a billion years or more,
As we seek to remake, rebirth, renew,
This once vibrant mind,
Constantly fighting, battling, several voices in this head,
Working with vigor,
To find the answer to a syllogism,
Through which this mind may find it’s way,
Back to itself,
Back to me,
Where even a half empty cup,
Means that it is half full,
Just like my wandering through time and space,
Like Einstein, shooting on a star at the speed of light,
Though I,
And I and I,
Are shooting at the speed of thought,
Searching for the parts of me,
Those have not lain dormant,
Have gone unanswered,
I should have listened,
I should have obeyed,
I should,
Is no place to live, nor exist,
For this rupture,
Is causing tears in the fabric of me,
Potential as curse,
That pollutes my own abilities,
Carried since youth,
A fierce belief, nay knowledge,
For I have no faith,
That I am meant, destined,
To arise as a chosen light, protector,
Bringing illumination where shadows are cast,
And darkness attempts to reign,
Depression and Black Dog as catalyst,
Demonstrating with all that I am,
(Although a permeating agony of fractured self)
The ingenious assault of love,
To impart the wisdom of my sages,
Through which,
Freedom is found,
Bringing pieces of mind renewed, restored and peace,
For this Warrior Poet,
And hopefully for you.



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