Surrender to Passion

Fixated on the dream that is you,
Not obsessed,
Just fixated,
Like a newborn with a rattle,
Or mother watching child at play,
Wondering why we met when we did,
A cruel twist of fate that is not lost on me,
For as I relive,
Laying at your feet,
Those beautiful little pied,
Curious as to what could have happened if we crossed paths,
At a different time,
Both of us in a different mind state,
Ready, willing and able,
To explore the full brunt of what faced us,
As we kissed,
Wrapped ourselves in each other,
Momentarily stunned,
Mind spinning,
I take a knee,
Waiting for the world to catch up with me,
For you to catch up to me,
Though I suspect you never will,
Due to the nature of our meeting,
The nature of our lascivious affair,
And the advance of retreating into primal desires,
One kiss at a time,
For you have reminded me that the creature comfort of your flesh,
Is more than okay,
It is right,
It is liberating,
It is true freedom,
That I have been lost and found in,
Since our time together.

Living in the vivid flashbacks,
Of our beautiful moments,
Frozen in time,
I am stunned,
That after such a minimal passage of time,
Someone could touch me the way you have,
Though when I think about it,
Think about you,
Stunned gives way to serendipity,
As I know not the reason for our meeting,
Yet I am reassured,
Though we no longer speak,
(tragic truth of giving into primal desire)
That there is some force at work,
Far greater than I,
For you have become the attendant prowler,
Of my sexual desire,
My adolescent fantasy,
Like I’m hot for teacher,
Though the lessons you taught me,
Remain the hidden spots,
That cannot be changed,
Will not be changed,
As you let me know,
It is okay to be bestial,
Surrender to passions,
Misunderstood or not,
So today,
As I type,
To the beat of no longer repressed fascinations,
I am fixated,
A fierce submission,
To the aspirations that you ignite,
With visions of your nude body,
And mine,



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