“We Choose To Go To The Moon…”


Now I’m no expert,
Though I am alive,
(Which means I, like you, have a say)
And sentient,
Thinking consistently,
(Possibly how I got to here?)
About abstract and the concrete,
Intuiting the many ways that this world,
Could be greater for all,
Concerned with why,
In this technologically advanced world,
We can still leave people behind,
Not just a few,
But billions,
Yes WE,
Allow them to toil and struggle,
For the most basic of necessities,
Allow them to exist on less than a dollar a day,
Deny them access to education,
Through loaded loans with ridiculous concessions,
Whereby debtor nations become indentured servants,
To US, theft dressed up as foreign aid,
Continue to allow infant mortality rates to climb,
Despite the obvious things that we can do,
To improve maternal health,
Deny those who need it most,
Access to education, medicine and food,
Though WE do pay lip service,
Through paltry sums earmarked on invisible budgets,
And through donations to NGO’s,
Not enough,
Not enough.

Now I’m no expert,
But from where I sit,
(Which I assure you,
I am neither a Monday Morning Quarterback
nor a Back Seat Driver)
I can point out the iniquities,
Perpetrated against the poorest of the poor,
The bottom of the pyramid,
Denied hope,
A living,
While you and I drive cars that are too big,
Live in homes that reek of excess,
Throw away hundreds of pounds of food each year,
Buy five-dollar coffees’,
Fight to get the latest gadgets,
Take vacations in places where those poorest we can’t see,
Hidden behind the big fence and the machine gun toting guard,
Through our actions,
Are guilty,
Allow them to suffer,
Perpetrate the iniquity against them,
Can effect change,
But choose not to,
So from where I sit,
Though I am no expert I do believe,
That we are guilty of the greatest crime in history,
In not helping where we could.

Now I’m no expert,
(Though I do know a thing or two)
We can effect change simply,
By demanding better from our so called leaders,
I say so called, because our leaders,
Are concerned with Military spending and tax cuts for the richest,
All cuts for the rich should be repealed, (don’t ya think?)
Subsidies for billion dollar corporations, taken away,
Forget Wall Street,
What about Main Street?
While people right here are dying of starvation,
Robbed of their dignity,
Mowed down just as effectively as if bullets from an M-16,
By foreclosures’ that were really theft dressed up as mortgages,
The culpability of our leaders, and by proxy we,
Is so readily apparent,
Is so obviously true,
Yet we do nothing,
Which for me,
Is the greatest crime,
We could stand up and give endorsement,
Only to those that will reign in out of control budget deficits,
Stop making cuts to health, housing and education,
Ridiculously named ‘austerity,’
What about austerity for the rich?

Unchain foreign aid,
Those who will shirk convention and go against the status quo,
After all,
From where I sit,
Isn’t that the very definition of leader?
Someone as vanguard, intrepid, at the cutting edge,
Of a paradigm shift that surely is upon us,
WE are guilty,
WE, are responsible,
WE, have to stand up,
Reclaim the fort and proclaim,
That the change is gonna come,
Because WE,
The people have finally said,
Of people dying of starvation or drought,
Worse still by tyrants that we gave rise and legitimacy too,
Enough of children and mothers dying,
Enough of Rape being used as a weapon of war,
Enough of Machetes being used to lop off hands or heads,
Enough of this lack of education,
Enough of a lack of water, housing, food and clothing,
Enough of joblessness,
Enough raping the planet for short term ill gotten gain,
Enough deregulation.

Now I’m no expert,
But if the industrialized world,
G8 or G20 elected leaders would hold fast and true,
As well as the BRIC,
To these ideals, notions and ideas,
It would take less than one generation,
And far less than is currently being spent,
To effect the change we’ve paid lip service to since time immemorial,
I would stand up,
I would even once more work for someone,
That held these things are necessary not luxury.

“We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too. “ JFK



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  1. ghostom

    Good stuff and good luck!

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