Sender UpWords

Perhaps a pithy surrender is in order,
As clearly you have already forged your away across my line,
Defenseless as I consider your advance,
So I redraw in my psyche,
To prevent my own demise,
For the first time in my life doing exactly what I must do,
Fighting through the discomfort,
Fighting through the pain,
My dogged visitor,
Black as the night,
Barking and howling at the moon,
That Black Dog fights me for my own survival,
Not realizing that shall I falter,
Will mean it’s own demise,
So yes,
Perhaps a pithy surrender,
Is exactly what this tender soul requires,
Perhaps a pithy surrender,
Is the Gods cry,
That I must go on,
That this is the dawn of a new day,
Filled with opportunity and hope,
While the promise of tomorrow,
Is still the battle that I wage,
Somewhere between my rhythmic beat,
Of my murmuring heart,
And the swollen charge,
Of my minds delight,
Perhaps this swelling assault,
Is fates courteous response,
To the light that shines inside of me,
The light that was almost extinguished,
By ripe cancellation,
All that I believed,
Revealed to be a years long falsehood,
A convenience,
Though now it seems,
That I am rushing forward,
Trying to reclaim that light in me,
That so obviously presents itself here,
My history unkind,
With this troubled mind,
As I feel the divine flowing through me,
The ether,
Calling out for me to live up to that promise,
Not tomorrow,
But today,
If mankind could only understand the value of the present,
Leaving the past behind,
And the future to what is done this day,
As I sit here blushing,
Considering the macro and the micro,
My own quantum,
Thinking about what you’ve said,
Knowing what you haven’t
Oddly comfortable with the temptations,
That you inspire,
To which I aspire,
Nothing more,
Than the honesty of my soul,
The freedom to be who I have to be,
For I have no choice,
The ether commands,
So that the future is exactly what has been done today,
As every day,
And more words,
The key that removes the handcuffs,
Of this over analyzing mind,
Discovering anew,
What I require,
To be copacetic,
By my own hand,
By my own desire,
Determined to be what I am and nothing more,
And by my own design,
Writer, lover, and a better man,



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One response to “Sender UpWords

  1. ghostom

    …really like this one, Sender. As always, following thought, words is that next and hardest step…putting them into action. Have a good one!

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