Concentric Cirlces

Bound and tightening knots,
Viscera turned and twisted,
Triumphant feelings arise,
Just as Phoenix reborn time and again,
Out of the ashes of a love decayed,
Hope restored and unchecked,
Robust agitations inside a craving mind,
As the soul longs yet unfulfilled,
Remembering that pain of loss, tragic,
More still the illustrious illuminations,
Of a childlike wonder and awe,
The unexplained actions and reactions,
Love, dear to all aspirations,
Of feeling mortals,
Such tumultuous and uncontrollable functions,
Of a body determined to realize passions veneration.

The sovereignty of the individual,
Presupposes laws of attraction,
As ordained by the great unknown,
Not just within, also, further than your imagination can acquire,
Deep insights into what it means to be one,
With yourself,
For before there can ever be two,
One needs to know,
Who and what they are,
What they seek,
Requiring a robust truthfulness that is rare,
In times,
Such of these,
Where instant gratification rules the day,
And the day appears long,
Shorter still then of love’s promise restored,
A lifetime shared.

Shall love require the transfer,
Of all one is to another,
At the expense of self,
No, dare it be required,
That the exact opposite be true,
Where no love can be so true,
Unless those party to it,
Are willing to acknowledge, understand and accept,
Without equivocation,
What love’s presentation requires,
Knowledge of self,
Anything less will make feeble such great emotion,
Leading down a decaying path, lasting perhaps years,
Perhaps only days,
Nosce Te Ipsum.

Standing near the waters edge,
Low tide driven by the moon,
A shingle invites the opportunity,
For concentric circles,
Skipping stones off a sheet of glass,
Reflecting back to you,
Everything you need to know,
About the way that love should inspire,
Concentric circles.



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