As I am,
I would like to dress up,
In your essence,
So that I may better understand you,
As the intrigue of something new and wonderful,
Reveals that the human heart,
My heart,
Is consistent in its capacity for healing.

As I am,
Will you let me,
Dine at the table of your elegance,
Surely a banquet beyond words,
So that I may become a better man,
For you,
Your delectable poise as dessert,
May I dine,
With you?

As I am,
I would like to understand the worst of you,
As you do me,
Your darkest secrets,
So that I can have a deeper appreciation,
Of all that is wondrous,
All that attracts me to you,
Cultivate together our intellects,
So that I may have daily enticements,
WE may have them,
Conversations as easy as breathing,
And just as delightful as making love,
If not more so.

As I am,
My mind is like gibberish,
Searching for the perfect expression,
Of how you make me smile,
The very thought of you,
Your smile,
Your voice,
Your scent,
Make me once again dream,
Of the next time I get to hold you dear,
Near perfection,

As I am.



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