Punch Drunk

May I, will you allow, these words,
To enter your mind in one simple action,
Directing your thought away from the negative,
To embrace the incredibly positive,
May I?
May I love you as Astaire’s Body loved Music?
Picasso’s hand loved art? Shakespeare words and Galileo the sky?
May I,
Will you see that this love reaches into the depths of the soul,
Opening the window on an emotion,
This time, our time, unconditional;
May I love you as a baker bread, a teacher teaching, a doctor healing and assuredly a writer writing?
May I entreat you love lover,
To read these words,
Trying to express what God (He/She/It/They) so often have shown us right,
This night,
Despite the ominous tone in the air,
May I love you,


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