Education OR Just Another Brick in the Wall


As a society,
We’ve become worse than the most dysfunctional family,
I recall that I used to say that my family,
Put the dys in dysfunctional,
But now,
In this digital age,
And ever expanding digital divide,
I wonder why we have not used this technology,
This leap forward,
To redefine education the world over,
Moving away from the agrarian model,
That is trying to play catch up,
With the modern world,
And yet,
We leave the weakest and poorest among us behind,
Rather than harnessing the power of this age,
We continue to struggle,
We continue to toil,
Why not a fundamental rethinking of what education is,
And what it needs to be,
Far cheaper than the cost of a classroom,
An exponential fraction less,
Than our current dollars thrown at bricks and mortar,
Rather than keyboards and monitors,
Let’s call it what it currently is,
A way to keep the economy moving,
So Mom AND Dad can work,
Let’s call education what it is,
A factory,
Creating poorly trained drones,
To take over from the boomers,
We allow social promotion,
Rather than merit,
Fools that we are,
We must try to explore the full meaning and value of education,
Rolling it out across the planet,
Not just in our industrialized world,
The entire planet,
Education the great equalizer,
So long as it is relevant,
And I wonder,
Is it,
I wonder?

Rather than building schools as daily prisons,
Why don’t we work to develop curriculum that can be developed and delivered remotely,
All over this world,
Inexpensively delivering the answer to universal education,
As one of the Millennium Development Goals could be achieved,
For a fraction of the cost,
Of our babysitting factories,
Let us move toward a system of education,
That is relevant, universal and available to all,
A computer,
Far less expensive than a classroom filled with drones,
In such a system,
We can enable the passions of our students,
To be followed,
Creating an atmosphere of love for education,
Rather than one of a model that fails us now,
A love that will remain long after the lessons are taught.

Do we want Teachers as Babysitters?
Do we need to waste valuable budgets on building upkeep?
For buildings that are falling to pieces?
Do we want drones or do we want real thinking individuals?
Which would benefit us more?

You tell me,
Why are we not channeling our resources into relevant areas?
Why are we leaving the poorest and weakest behind?
When if we could cancel out the digital divide,
Embrace passions,
And teach our kids how to critically think,
This world could finally begin to address,
In less than a generation,
All the ills that currently face us.

I ask why?
I ask which brilliant computer related provider,
Apple, Sony, Toshiba, Compaq,
Microsoft or Google,
Will address the growing divide,
Between the agrarian dream,
And the technological reality,
For that company,
Will surely benefit,
Society as a whole,
And national budgets in particular.
Is education a promise for a better future?
Or, as it is now, is it a prison,
Figurative and literal,
Producing, one by one,
Our Alphas and Gammas,
I mean really,
Aren’t we in that age,
That Brave New World,
After Ford?




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2 responses to “Education OR Just Another Brick in the Wall

  1. ghostom

    That’s why i left teaching…too much like babysitting.

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