Merchants of Fear

Merchants of Fear, I fear you and so should YOU…

Closing my eyes,
I still can see,
As clear as day,
As powerful as every breath I take,
As loud as an explosion,
The merchants of hate,
Feeding you,
Lies, deceit and fear,
Though you don’t know it,
Because the merchants,
More sly than Shylock,
Want more than your pound of flesh,
Like leeches,
Suck the very blood from your veins,
As they tighten the reins,
That are wrapped around your neck,
Cleverly disguised as Fendi, Prada, or Gap.

Closing my eyes,
And turning away,
I have not found the button,
That might allow,
Me to drift away from all this,
Escaping the merchants clarion call,
The ever-growing beat,
Drumming up,
Your visceral emotions,
So that you will become,
The robot that you think you are not,
But as long as it comes from Star Magazine
Or Time,
Or countless others,
Like Vogue’s perfume samples,
You are drinking the Kool-Aid,
Of the Merchant.

The Merchant sticks toothpicks in my eyes,
For no matter where I turn,
I am assaulted,
By a message that has remained the same for fifty years or more,
The devil is knocking at your door,
But his face keeps changing,
Communism, Socialism, Vietnamese, Muslim and more,
And never once does the merchant accept,
For even a moment,
That what he is selling is the problem,
And not the other way around,
Clockwork Orange on steroids.

The Merchants of hate and fear,
Come together like a fallen angel,
Dumbfounding you,
Telling you lies,
Wrapped like a Christmas present,
To disguise from you the simple truth,
The game,
Our institutions,
The very things that we hold dear,
Are thinly veiled lies,
That you accept because of McDonalds, Coke or Sony,
Don’t you see just how phony,
It’s like an alcoholic who beats his wife,
Bringing flowers the next day,
Or the father, who gives in to the demands for a pony,
The merchants.

The Merchants soon will develop a new lie,
Dress it up as National Security,
Stir the pot,
Until you are paralyzed,
Shaken to your core,
All the while,
Their profits growing,
They knowing,
That as long as they are selling,
You will buy.

The Merchants are coming,
For the books you read,
The Internet searches you perform,
The bills you pay,
And anything else they can get their hands on,
To keep you in the dark,
While they grow ever more tired,
Of you,
They will destroy you,
If you let them,
And now,
The merchants would like to take a break for this commercial message…



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