What FOOLS are we?

What fools are we,
Fools all,
Village idiot and town drunk,
Neatly packaged in the same decaying body,
The same disassociated mind,
Fools all,
Hell bent on destruction,
Dressing it up as creation,
Utilitarian designs that benefit only the few,
Facts and universal truths,
We’re always sweeping under the carpet,
As civilized repression,
Inevitably leading to universal schizophrenia,
Alzheimer’s and Senile Dementia,
Whereby we suffer the fool,
In order to be the fool,
Our society,
Less than civil,
Swallowed whole by social contract,
And Leviathan alike,
Paradise lost indeed,
Where with unparalleled ostentation,
Our leaders profess,
“Stay the course, we’ll right this ship, and we’ll get the job done,”
At times appropriate they create a new course,
But only half corrected,
Whereby the ship is not right,
And the job is not done,
For their masters,
The invisible leviathan that control the macro,
Of our micro lives,
Trusting that limited pertinence,
Will be enough to quiet the swelling masses,
We, the fools.

What fools are we,
Fools all,
Those accept at face value what politicians say,
What talking heads explain,
What the radio transmits,
No longer,
As healthy democracy requires,
Or holding to account those that owe,
Their greatest debt,
To we,
The people,
Who should now stand,
On every street corner,
In every town and city the world around,
It should matter not,
Whether village idiot or town drunk,
So long as the battle cry rings out,
That no longer will we be denied,
No longer will you exist without redress,
For we the people,
Are tired,
Of trickle down policies,
That trickle dollars up to the rich,
While education and health budgets are slashed,
While dolling out trillions,
To corporations with our dimes,
A whole lot of dimes.

Fools all,
We the people,
Have refused,
Either through benign neglect,
Or unprincipled resistance,
To accept the potentiality,
That exists inside each of us,
No longer can we allow,
The powers that be,
To coast,
For we need action today,
Or tomorrow may never come,
For the time is nigh,
For a brighter day to rise like a Phoneix,
A decision that starts,
With you and me.



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