Time for B.E.D.

Horace once wrote;
“Non Omnis Moriar,”
Non Omnis Moriar,
For it is true,
Not all of me shall die,
These words will live in forever,
I will live forever,
Though maybe not in this body,
I am as timeless as love itself,
Delivering daily the inner workings of my mind,
The inner dialogue of my soul,
The inter dialogue with you,
The royal you,
My success assured,
By the very striking of these keys,
Words my ever present angels,
Come to take me on chariots of fire,
To a place where love is celebrated,
With every breath,
Every movement,
Each soul permanently engaged in a timeless love,
Inter dimensional and ever expanding,
For love has within in,
A secret that we feeble minded fools on this earth,
Have yet to truly understand,
Save for a few sage like pioneers,
Those have realized the full power of love,
Its tentacles reaching far and wide,
For even as I write,
At this moment,
I am radiating love,
Can you feel it?
My love for the royal you,
Is as reliable as a Swiss watch,
Or wisdom from the Oracle at Delphi,
Nosce Te Ipsum,
And in that knowledge I am learning to forgive,
The royal you,
But more importantly myself,
For where the seeds of demonic self loathing exist,
Love lay tortured by imperfection,
Not all of me shall die,
And in that instant,
The realization of the beautiful,
Non Omnis Moriar,
I begin my ascent,
For cream always rises to the top.



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