But Should I?

I want more and more and then some…”

It’s true,

I’ve done it before,
And I can do it again.

I can make you love me,
But should I?

Perhaps this sounds like brash arrogance,
Or a delusion of grandeur,
But I understand the value of the content of my character,
I fully comprehend the magical quality of these words,
I know how they delight the soul,
Excite the mind,
And make the heart patter.

I can make you swoon as you’ve never before,
But should I?

As worlds apart two dreamers collide,
Untold forces of the universe,
Unseen, unheard and unknown,
Though not unfelt,
Create new paradigms,
Offering up suggestions of what could and should be,
For the great expansiveness of the cosmos,
Is nothing compared to the affairs of love.

I can write words from the ether,
Guided my by subconscious,
Flutter my fingers across these keys,
Opening for you a door to possibility,
You, yourself, may not have known existed.

I can reach deep with the essence of you,
Consuming it in an instant,
Devouring your hidden desires,
Dining on your concealed repressions,
Feasting on your true aspirations,
Manifesting them, for you,
In ways you’d never thought could be real,
Though I grapple with my own intent,
I know these things to be true.

This Warrior Poet,
Ferocious tiger of love’s momentum,
Filled with an overstandable,
(Meaning far beyond understanding) charisma,
Brought to me through cherished memories,
Of ancestors I’ve never met,
Both Irish and Scottish brogue,
And a romantic heart,
Will unseat your fears,
Tenderly wrapping them in blanketing enthusiasms,
Where emotion leaves reason behind,
Allowing you the welcome intrusion,
Of something you’ve never seen or felt before.

But should I?
Will I?
Only my Muses, guardians of my chosen light,
Mistresses Fate and Destiny along with Lady Serendipity,
Can determine that future.

From the distance of the sea of tranquility,
To the depths of the sea of love,
This Warrior Poet seeks answers within,
That I cannot be without,
For the future of who and what I am,
Depends on the subconscious appraisal,
Of what I should and should not do

and whether you find the strength, courage and conviction, to,

S T A Y.

It’s true,
I’ve done it before,
And I can do it again,
I can make you love me,
But should I?

Should you,

S T A Y?



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