Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes, have no fear

Pray I,
Will you submit,
Allow me this courtesy of gestures rare,
Placing my hands upon you,
Pray you,
Feel the warmth of my soul,
The immediate sensation liberating me,
Undeniable the effect your aura inspires,
My deepest thoughts now fade away,
Firmly rooted in you and only you,
As our souls ,
Like universal waves,
Crash into our consciousness,
Let silence reign as they commune,
Our souls,
Two alike,
Both searching for something more,
Meaning in a life that has become cluttered,
Affected by the constant drone of so called advance,
Pray I,
Close your eyes,
Leave that world behind,
As I entreat,
Feel the powerful intention,
Of one reaching out for another,
Of me reaching out for you,
Hoping, no, knowing if you shall let me,
I will
Stroke your insecurities,
While acknowledging mine,
Silence still our beacon,
Words unnecessary,
As our eyes meet,
Gleaming from unspoken sensibilities,
Conducting a survey of the emotional feast before us,
The physical entrapments,
Of our own intense design,
That tonight we may be free from worry or constraint,
Pray I,
Inhibitions lost,
Paradise found,
That tonight,
We may dream a dream a thousand times or more,
Let’s defy the laws of time and space,
And stay blessedly trapped,
In a moment such as this,
Live out a reality that seeks to change our conceptions,
Unshackle our reticence,
In a moment,
That precise moment where we have thrown caution to the wind,
Hand in hand,
Guided by a creeping suspicion,
That something new and wondrous,
Has rung a bell,
And that a new round has begun,
The life cycle of passionate resonance,
Can you feel it,
Will you allow yourself to luxuriate,
Will you allow freedom to inflict upon your soul,
The waves of a resolute blushing craze,
To touch you,
To reverberate through your spirit,
To enchant,
To pilot you to an endearing collapse,
Celebrating anew,
Pray I you,
Close your eyes,
Feel the tender warmth,
Without words,
You effect with such ease,
Have no fear,
Fear not the unmistakable,
What is expressed in this quiet room,
On this delightful night,
No matter where we shall be,
Concern and consideration not our reward this night,
As I adore you,
Placing my hands,
Wishing the invitation of your great esteem,
That so stunningly radiates from your frame,
That so perfectly conceals the giant within,
Pray I,
That together we might know peace,
Of mind,
Of body,
And soul,
Dreaming as lovers do,
Laughing as children might,
Thinking as sages repressed,
Giving in,
To that initial touch,
Pray I…

Close your eyes, have no fear.

Come back… to me!



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