The Importance of Muse (4)

Until you,
Seemingly wolves in sheep’s clothing appeared,
Devouring me from within,
When I should have been,
Sirens with majestic voices,
Calling out like muses in the night,
Stars in my sky,
Alchemist trickery,
Deflowering my own genesis,
Drawing me ever nearer,
To an Escher like Nirvana,
Illusive and never ending,
An optical illusion delivered by all senses,
Making no sense at all,
And there was you,
Who with an enchanted smile,
Divine eyes
And a disarming personality revealed to me the folly of my ways,
Fool to Sirens calling,
As if, in a lifelong daze, I was stuck in a riddle I could not solve,
The enigma of Oracles, Sages, Poets and Lovers alike,
The passion kindled, kindling, those alight a flame so filled with desire,
It dampens the sun
And brightens the moon,
Reflected in the dancing glaze of your surprise,
That in that moment and this,
You and I both can see,
Hear, feel, smell, taste and
Know what until now has eluded us,
My sweetest temptation
And my most dangerous aspiration,
For at once you inspire the beauty in truth
And yet the fear of the unknown,
Nevertheless having an abiding faith in the unseen,
That great anonymous that now in you, Muse,
Has both a face and a name,
And I am forever changed by your grace.

Until you,
I have dreamed of your arrival,
Feeling the betrothal of your spirit a time or two before,
Knowing since my birth you would appear,
But not like this,
Not like now,
Holding your hand,
Feeling the impulses of your soul,
Wanting to entreat your pain
And make it mine own,
Entreat your covert undiscovered recesses,
Hidden even from you,
Becoming illuminated by the light which shines from me,
Because of you,
No longer a hypothesis or some ill conceived notion,
But instead,
The very embodiment of everything I have ever sought,
Finding faith in your smile,
Delivered from my own demons,
Every voice inside my head pointing me in one direction,
Unlike those Sirens beckoning my destruction,
You have unleashed my creation,
Finding anew the strength to profess my conviction,
That this,
THIS is not fiction,
These words dancing across your eyes,
Your eyes dancing across my soul,
Bold and intense,
In all that I see in you,
Hiding behind that thin veil,
The walls that have been carefully constructed,
That I now long to piece apart,
One missive expression of joy and shadowed bliss at a time,
No longer cryptic,
For I have unearthed the answer to your question,
Yet herein I will fight,
For you,

Until you,
How could it be,
That I could be so confused,
Blinded by a lifetime of refined repression,
Intent on projection,
Rather than the true expression,
Of what now seems so obvious,
Until you,
I was like a rough diamond,
Or perhaps a diamond in the rough,
Waiting for the polish of your vision,
To let me see my own worth,
Unleashed by your smile,
Your eyes,
Inviting me to a netherworld,
Neither real nor imagined,
But perhaps supposed,
Although now I know,
I know,
Until now,
I have waited for this moment to find that mate,
With whom to share my everything,
The good, the bad and the ugly,
Unraveling in each of us,
The tightened knots of our struggle to survive,
Where now I can see,
We two,
Can thrive.

Your importance,
Can never be underrated,
Will never be understood,
As aloof,
I sit here,
Physically miles apart,
While our souls are clearly colliding,
And I know faith,
For once,
For bringing you,
To me,
No longer the Siren song,
But instead Muse’s,
A lifetime of songs we two to share,
I sit here longingly awaiting,
Your triumphal return,
To me,
And a life,
Of inspiration, dedication, passion and desire,
We on fire,
Just as when our eyes met
And the electricity flowed through our veins,
Hands held,
Directly to our hearts,
With possibilities,
That soon will become,
Daily returns,
To love.

Return to Sender.



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