By The Time I Die

Premonitions of death have haunted me for years,
Always the same way and always the same time,
Though the exact timing of my death is a year long,
And I think I’ve come up with a way to battle that possibility,
It is with this in mind,
That I entreat my own mind to figure out exactly what I’d like to do,
By the time I die;

I’d like to travel all five continents,
Visiting cities of storied pasts,
Homes of grandeur and delight,
I’d like to eat a perfect meal,
Cooked by the worlds greatest chef
And no I don’t mean me,
I’d like to drive a sports car around the Nurburing,
Smash up a Veryon,
Fight twelve rounds with a welterweight boxer,
Apologize to every person I have ever hurt,
Make peace with everyone I love,
Give as much money as I can to charitable causes,
Travel the world’s great railways,
The Orient and Siberian expresses,
I’d like to travel the world’s greatest river ways,
On a magical boat,
Where the wine never stops flowing,
I’d like to scale a mountain in Banff,
Several in fact,
Returning to Canmore and happier memories,
Then off to Kilimanjaro,
I’d like to paint a painting,
Self portrait,
And I promise I will keep both my ears,
Join the Cirque de Soleil for one star performance,
Jump on the stage at Stratford,
Perform the prologue from Henry IV,
Have my own cooking show,
Still working on the name but,
The Tipsy Chef sure sounds like a great name,
I’d like to find paradise,
Would you like to come?
Like that should be difficult,
I’d love to find a Rosetta Stone that answers all of life’s greatest mysteries,
Starting with Why?
I’d like to write the great novel,
Several anthologies of poems,
Swim in the Aegean Sea,
Eat chocolate in Switzerland with old friends and new,
I’d like to own a restaurant,
Just once,
And maybe for not too long,
Limited run,
One month,
Perhaps for my fortieth birthday,
I’d like to have a suit,
Perfectly tailored to my body,
A pair of shoes made to my feet, just once,
Custom made linen suits from India,
Create my own pair of cufflinks,
Spend ten days in absolute silence,
Start a university,
That seeks to solve world issues, one a time,
Until they are all solved,
And then everyone graduates Magna Cum Laude,
I’d like to try a stand up set in a comedy powerhouse,
Maybe Caroline’s,
I’d like to record some music,
Perhaps to Bach or Mozart,
But with my lyrics,
I’d like to touch everything in the Winter Palace,
And sit and imagine in the Kremlin,
At the Politburo,
And imagine what had been going through their minds,
I’d like to meet the Pope,
And politely give him a piece of my mind,
I’d like to give my Mother a Rolls Royce convertible to read in,
My Father either a Piaget or an Aston Martin,
I’d like to have Leonard Cohen sing my song,
I’d like to give each of my Brothers and Sisters,
Whatever their heart desires within reason,
I’d like to tell the world as loud as I can,
How fucked up it is the way we live,
I’d like to visit the Tokyo Fish market,
And live in a glasshouse,
Made by me in the rainforest,
I’d like to write, produce and cast no less than twenty plays,
I’d like to start a massive library,
My library,
Like in Meet Joe Black, but bigger and more spectacular,
Filled with first editions,
That on my death would become the property of the people,
I’d like to start playing the trumpet again,
Swim with sharks,
Touch a manta ray,
And a tiger, a lion, a monkey,
Love to see Gorillas in their natural habitat,
Eat Fugu,
Learn how to make Conch chowder from a local,
Go to a fresh saffron farm,
Plant and tend to the perfect English Garden,
I’d like to have high tea, at the Savoy,
Or perhaps Buckingham Palace,
I’d love to swing through the jungle like Tarzan,
Wrestle a crocodile,
Reread every book I have ever read and written,
Write, produce and make a great blockbuster movie,
But not before my Indy,
I’d like to drive an F-1 car, once, and for three seconds,
Ride in a hot air balloon,
Jump out of an airplane,
Sign someone’s name in the air with a smoke prop,
Start riding horses again,
Specifically across a beach in Cuba,
Own a massive wine cellar made by my hand and selection,
Visit every major and grandiose library the world over,
Throw a weekend bash in a storied castle in Ireland,
And then Scotland,
Win a Nobel,
A Pulitzer,
An Emmy,
An Academy Award,
The Booker,
Lecture at Oxford,
I’d like to drink a Petrus 56,
And really visit the Green Fairy,

I’d like all this and more by the time I die! But this seems like a pretty good start…

And then, of course, there was YOU!

Rendering all this useless, without, your smile



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