Numinous Revelations

I feel the benevolent flowing through my veins,
I mean sincerely to suggest that I am,
No longer filled with blood,
I am nothing but words,
Stanza after stanza,
Comma after comma,
Flushed through my being,
As water finds the path of least resistance…

And I wonder do you feel the same,
Do you feel like I do,
That the benevolent flows through you?
May I flow through you?
May I flow,
Like liquid gold,
Into the many crevices of you,
Creating an idol of our mutual consent,
An idol of required emotion,
And furious passion,
My loins yearn for you,
As does my amygdala,
Comma after comma…

I feel the benevolent flowing through me,
My limbs alive with words like;


Am I a fool?

Negligent in the way that I propose these commas,
Do you understand?
Can you?
Will you… Let me be for you,
What you have always dreamed,
Surely you have dreamed,
And did not yet know… it is I and I and I,
Let me be for you,
The glue that holds your sanity shredded together,
Let me be for you,
Madonna and Whore,
Muse and Siren,


Understood through transient glimpses,
Those unlock your soul,
And let me dangle…

Am I a fool?
May I be your fool…

I long to be your monkey… 5 words at a time.

Do I drip with sarcasm,
That needs to be wiped from my lips,
As love has been from my life,
Do I ooze sardonicism,
In this prolific unraveling,
Of all that is me,
Because of the benevolent,
Is it my fault?
It has to be my fault!

It is my fault… drip, drip, drip…

I’m coming for you,
Will you come for me…

Drip, drip, drip…

I feel the benevolent flowing through my veins,
No wonder that I am fragmented,
Torn and tormented,
Tortured and surrendering,
As the power of the prismatic glory,
Drenches out from my pores,
Into your consciousness,
I and I and I intoxicated,
By the very promise and possibility of you,
The promise,
Love unyielding,
The possibility daily conveyed,
These words do touch you,
As I and I and I,
Though I know,
The benevolent commands it…

Here I come…

Drip, drip, drip…

It is my fault!

Though the benevolent among you,
Correct me,
Embrace me,
Envelop me,
You turn me on…

Correct I and I and I,
Feel the power,
The numinous realizations,
Of an empathy,

It is my fault…

Will you still love me?



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