My head drops to an awaiting hell,

For surely I am damned,
As I lift my eyes to the heavens,
Calling out to you;


Daughter of Asclepius and Epione,
Sister of Laso, Hygieia, Aceso and Aglaea,
Your brothers;
Podalerius, Machaon, Asclepius, Aratus and Telesphoros,
It would seem that you are the perfect fit,
For that which I desire,
For never before,
Have I as now,
Needed you more,
The curative powers of you as goddess,
May I entreat your family and you,
To place your will upon me,
That I may finally escape this tortuous life,
Replete with a permeating darkness that has descended,
Upon this weary poet warrior,
I need you now and beckon you forth,

Please take pity on this less than subtle fool,
This tired wanderer who in search of truth and justice,
Chooses to live life by a different set of rules,
(though surely I am no better)
Freed from their conformity,
I am freed from their rules,
As such I beseech you forth,
Come to me,

Awaiting your curative powers,
I begin to climb the ascension of my own discord,
Vividly recorded in vibrant hues of self introspection,
Wondering if perhaps,
This is the retribution for a life lived,
Outside the chains of a supposed civilization,
That is far from civilized,
We are not civilized and we stand on the brink of destruction,
Every day,
As a civilization we are,
Destroying ourselves one day at a time,
Marching to death,
Without a care in the world,
As long as they can have their television sets,
Survivor and Big Brother,
The Price is Right or Let’s Make a Deal,
Stupefied by the idiot box,
They will press on without understanding,
I begrudge them not,
I simply desire a life more fluid,
Finding the path of least resistance,
And most reward
(though not material)
A life more real,
A life imagined daily,
Still I stand corrected,
Awaiting the releasing of the mythological Kraken,
Or perhaps a return of Noah’s flood
This tender soul destroyed by rules that make no sense,
Shall I befall the same fate,
Despite my cries against their indifference,
What am I to do?

Pandora’s Box opened long ago,
By this so called civilization,
Am I guilty by association?
Stupefied by love?
In this moment,
Lost in your soul,
Found in your eyes,
Discovering anew,
In you,
For you,
With you.

Am I too as idiot,
(not that I wish to cast stones for I prefer to live in a glass house)
Wandering village to village,
Feeding lies to the ether,
Am I too a sycophant,
A lemming intended to fall over the same cliff,
The paradox herein,
That I do not fit into their world,
I do not wish to fit into their world,
I have escaped their world,
Though still I suffer in silence,
Save the rattling of these soiled keys,

Is this my fate that I shall suffer the fools,
And myself be a party to their indignation,
Manifest daily by the desire for more,
I want not more,
I want less,
I want you,
I want you,
I want to feel the cool breeze of change,
Sweep over me,
Like Icarus’ wings fallen from the sky,
What plight is this that I am made to endure?

I can not endure,
Without you,
This life is like a prison,
Trapped inside a mind that is working overtime,
To prevent my own demise,
Batman, I call out to you,
I call out to you,
How can it be that I am here in mind,
Though my spirit seems to be dying,
Will you hear my cry,
Will you set me free from this dastardly torment,
Three minds,
I and I and I,
The deviant composition within me at birth,
That now rings true,

Panacea, please, hear my cry.

As I walk this earth,
Unsure of whether or not,
Cogito Ergo Sum is satisfactory for my own survival,
My social contract is to be removed from their world,
My Leviathan an ongoing battle,
I continue to plod toward death,
Moment by moment,
Inside a tired body,
With a troubled mind,
Needing pills to keep me inside the manageable,
Can you not hear my cry,
Can you not feel my pain,
Can you not set me free from this burden,
Can you not reveal to me a better way,
The better way,
Is there a better way Panacea,
I plead with you for something that will set me free,
Please Panacea set me free…

Or  paradoxically,
Despite my truth,
And these words are more than truth,
They are my daily affirmation,
A search that eventually will end in death;

Am I to suffer at the hand of my own reflection…

Am I a malignant narcissistic fool,
Unsure of himself?

This is why,
Daughter of Asclepius and Epione,
Sister of Laso, Hygieia, Aceso and Aglaea,
Your brothers;
Podalerius, Machaon, Asclepius, Aratus and Telesphoros,
I am calling out… For you,

Signal sent;




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