Inside that giddy little smile,

Rests a potential,

A word I have run from since my birth,


A reality that scares me,

Like a roman truffle,

A delicacy that requires time, attention and care,

An enigma,

Inside a puzzle,

In a labyrinth,

Inside an Escher painting,

Rubbed by Dali,

Splayed by Pollock,

I and I and I cubed,

By Picasso,

Shot by Ernest,

Black Dogs

And your smile,

Mesmerized by a radiating warmth,

That transcends the very knowledge of life,

Nosce Te Ipsum,

As I expose,

For all to see,

The ugly parts of me,

Hidden in shadows for too long,

I will no longer remain in Plato’s Cave,

Rivaled instead, by your spirit,

That has reached deep with in,


That I can dismiss those parts of me,

That I no longer need,



No more?

Not when I interlace my soul with yours,


When our lips fire neurons at the speed of life,

Feasting as I do,

On the meal that is you,

An indescribable yesterday,

A requited today,

And an imagined tomorrow,

In addition, I have a vivid imagination,

Do you?

Will You?

Can you?

I must,

For inside that sly little shell,

Rests the answer that I have sought,

To the question I dare not ask,

To the person I dare not know,


And then,

There was you,

Holding me,

Cuddling me,

Cradling me,

Cajoling me to become what I already am,

But too stupid to see,

What could I know?

What can I know?

Do you?


Are you ready for Hunter?

For Hemingway?


My ancestors’ voices?

And all those in between?

The master class in my head…


Are you ready?

I am,

I think,

I know,

I believe…


Do you?

Can you?

Will you…


Accept my faults,

Fight and not flight,

Realize all that I am and see,

What I already am,

What I want to be,

For you,

For me,

Finding a home I never thought I would know,

Realizing that sorrow overcome is just yesterday,

In addition, promises are tomorrow’s present realized today.


May I dine at the table of you?

May I gorge myself?

May I be everything you desire?





All that I am,

For all of thee…

May I,
Will I,

Can I,

Can you?


Time, the truest great equalizer,

Begs my forgiveness,

That until now,

Muse has been Siren,

Moreover, Siren has sunk my ship,

The SS Return to Sender,

But not now,

Not here,

Not with you,

I pray,

My Ether,

These words,

Delivers me from my evil,

That I might enjoy,

A nibble,

A bite,

Of a lifetime supposed rather than imposed,

Fighting not for every moment,

But instead,

Picking like strawberries,

The ripe,

Fresh fruit,





From me,

To me,

For me,

What is more,







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