Beauty of it All!

If only we could see each other from the perspective of the other,
Oh that you would see the very picture and personification of love
contained in the view that is your inner shine and outer radiance,
plain for all to see,
yet me to adore and admire.
From within your soul commands the greatest attention as it emanates, fresh:
Imagine the taste of strawberries,
A newly picked mangoe,
the smell of freshly cut grass,
the look of a French masterpiece
and the feel of love as understood by a child:
This is the impact of your souls amazing shine,
Illuminating my darkness,

My black dog,

leashed in;
Peering deep within,
Guiding me toward happiness.

One might think that this is enough to explain
yet this is merely a scratching of the inner surface
while the exterior also delights and intoxicates.
From the tip of your gorgeous toes
to the ends of your magically brown hair,
a new picture of a package rare emerges.

As Doisneau captured lovers in the city of lights,
Where my head resides,
with the feel of love caught in single images,
yours is much more than a thousand words,
with the richness of chocolate, milky,
the elegance of truffles,
and the rarity of Fugu.
Your beauty is the realization of every artists desire.

Van Gogh had sunflowers and starry nights,
da Vinci his Mona Lisa,
the Group of Seven the gracious Canadian landscape
while Fellini his films,
But I know a joy they never did –
For I know love as truth, innocence, beauty and light –
Mon Key,
a Muse like none other and these words are but an attempt (in vain)
to seize the essence
that I am fortunate enough to know –
perfectly imperfect,
by divine design,
I know you and now my life,
Through you,
With you,
For you!



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