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Buddha Says…


“You Are Your Own Master…”
If only this were true,
Perhaps at one time it was great Buddha,
Inside of me a furious demon of possession burns bright,
So intense,
That it darkens my thoughts,
Maybe one day I shall return,
Triumphant inside my own mind.

“Be A Light Unto Yourself…”

I am trying,
How am I trying,
Through this inner exploration of strife,
The endless cycle of creation and destruction,
The black hole of my existence,
Seeking from within,
The answers that I am without.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become….”

Is that so dear Buddha?
For if it is I then am victim of my own mind,
This is my fault,
Imprisoned by thoughts I do not understand,
Is this possibly true?
If so,
Is it possible then,
That I am capable of changing my Black Dog,
Into a Brown Lab or Border Collie,
Or perhaps make a red rose yellow,
Would this truth then,
Free me from these bastard thoughts?

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”

Time has taught me differently,
For though I give of myself selflessly,
Without seeking reward,
Love has always abandoned me,
Left me bleeding by the roadside,
Kicked while I was down,
To the point that I wonder,
What do I deserve in this universe?
I’ve answered its call,
I’ve done what it asked of me,
What more must I do?

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

As I wander through your thoughts,
The record of your life,
The great way with which you lived,
I can say without equivocation,
This is true.

“The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.”

I have tried,
And sought to be the best my mind allows,
Though it seems not enough,
The fragmented mind I did not choose,
The rampart shattering distractions of this psyche in flux,
Major failure,
Major setback.

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

Sense is by no means common,
And my reason right now must be questioned,
Perhaps one day,
It will prevail,
But now,
It seems,
The three parts of I,
Separate and distinct,
Require that I question reason,
For reasons I don’t know.

“A jug fills drop by drop.”

This jug will never be filled,
For I crave more knowledge,
More skill,
More understanding,
Supposing that my jug will fill,
With my last breath.

“Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.”

I fear not death,
Though I fear that does not make my life wise,
For when my last step has been made,
I will know that what I knew was always overreached by what I didn’t,
In that,
I am contented.

Don’t know why dear Buddha,
But today,
It’s your words, your beliefs,
That led me though tormented by thought,
To find comfort,
In all that I don’t know…

BUT… I do know…

This world,
And beautiful,
Transcendent love,
Delivering me,
As surely as I sat underneath that tree,
Floating to a new understanding;




I do…

And that is why I strive,
In spite of all…



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Calling All L E A D E R S…

Let the voice of dissent ring out,
From every barrio,
Every slum,
Every shantytown,
Every metropolis,
And every rural farm;

Let the voice of dissent,
Rise from those places,
Where there is no glory,
Yet so much guts;

There is no consumptive want,
There is only need,
A need that we (supposedly civilized)  pay lip service to,
As if our assistance,
Plentiful yet useless,
Is the mythology that we play for ourselves,
As if we are making strides,
Or at least,
That is the horrible truth,
Or inconvenient as Al Gore would say,
Is that we are not even making a dent,
We don’t want to;

I know that sounds sinister,
And that’s because it is,
In the problems that face this world,
The Millennium Development Goals,
While well intentioned,
(see the road paved to Hell)
Are a hoax,
Being perpetrated by the powers that be,
To feign caring and compassion,
I’ve seen it first hand,
From inside the UN,
I’ve watched as Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors,
Attending swanky parties by Investment Bankers,
All with cheques in breast pocket,
Giving money to buy ACCESS,
To untendered contracts or to fix contracts,
I’ve watched as they accepted the cheques,
I’ve watched in horror as they drank champagne,
On the penthouse rooftop, sixty eight floors up,
I’ve watched in disbelief,
As the goals,
Seem to be manipulated and abused,
For personal gain;

The Millennium Development Goals,
Are a great ideal,
That’s all they are is an ideal,
Applied unfairly,
Where it is nearly impossible,
For those countries,
That they cleverly call lesser developed,
Lesser developed?

They have no resources nor incentive to incite change,
No money for even the most basic of infrastructure,
Lesser developed!
Sounds like a euphemism to me!

No wonder my mind snapped,
With the avarice and malevolence that I witnessed,
First hand,
With my own eyes,
How about we tell the truth,
Novel concept, right?

The truth is, for you to decide, but;
To decrease infant mortality,
We need to teach and feed the mothers,
We need to reach the women of this planet,
To know,
That what they do,
Happens to the womb,
If they don’t eat and drink healthily,
The odds of infant mortality are increased one hundred fold,
And the reality is,
That we could make a difference in education and nutrition,
We could do it tomorrow, there is enough money, there is enough food,
Manufactured scarcity de rigueur,
We could beat this as sure as we defeated small pox or polio,
But we won’t as we’d rather a Big Mac,
And when you don’t see death you only look at it,
You don’t care…
Just ask the soldiers returned from ill advised wars.
Global primary education,
Noble goal,
But really it is a way of creating a subservient parent,
AND Government,
For the IMF and the World Bank,
Demand that uniforms be bought,
Or fees be paid,
By the lowest income earners on the planet,
Less than a dollar a day,
SHAME on us for allowing such a rule to exist,

Potable water, WATER,
( mark my words, the coming war has nothing to do with oil, gold, diamonds, copper, tin or uranium it is WATER that we will fight over)…

Eradicate poverty and hunger,
Let’s get real here,
The industrialized countries,
The G8 and the G20 can’t even eradicate poverty and hunger,
In ivory towered cities and towns…

Combating HIV and Aids is the one area where a difference has,
And will continue to be made,
Cheaper drugs,

Environmental sustainability,
Really, really?
Oil companies are raping the planet,
And paying bribes to do so,
Oil companies are spilling oil as sure as they spill blood,
And they pay little penalty, if at all,
Because our leaders,
Our supposed leaders (Obama stood up to BP perhaps the first time in history a Politician put his hands in the pocket of a corporation for good though this was a pittance compared to the crime)

Environmental sustainability,
We waste so much water, feeding crops,
In places that have no business growing crops,
Southern California, Arizona,
I mean really,
Did you know that almost 80% of all water used is for agricultural purposes,
And the irony is that they water the crops,
Feed them with chemical fertilizers,
Which then leach into the water table,
Thus poisoning us twice,
Once with the food,
And once for the water…

A global partnership for development,
Empty promise,
There is no partnership,
Only profit,
There are several parties at war with each other for supremacy,
Any partnerships are adversarial not by choice,
And finally…

Gender equality,
Take one look at the most adversely affected on the planet,
They out number the men,
And are the single most important element in raising the next generation,
But in more places than I care to admit,
Women are slaves, women are beaten,
Women are raped,
As an act of WAR,
Raped as an act of war?

Unfortunately I feel as if I am wrestler,
Inside a match that we know is fake,
And you,
And you,
And you,
And I are the losers,
In this global battle royale for supremacy,
And if we do not have a fundamental retooling,
By the power of people,
Joining our voices together and demanding better,
We are doomed,
Chicken Little agrees the sky is falling,
But also crying,
Toxic pollutants with nowhere to go,
But into the clouds that rain down and poison us a third time…

All this and we still haven’t looked,
At one of the greatest crisis we are to face as a species,
The mass migration of Billions,
From coastal communities,
Which could be averted,
But not when our leaders hands are in the pockets,
Of the greatest polluters causing our oceans to rise,
Mass migration,
Is probably coming not in my lifetime,
But certainly my child.

So as capitalism continues to manufacture scarcity,
I find myself asking…


Let’s stop the march to profit,
And start the march to humanity.


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The Laws of Man

The laws of man,
A farcical opportune distillation,
The tyranny of the oppressed,
Still living in “Let them eat cake…”


The classical divide,
Between those with access to the halls of power,
And those in the halls of crack houses,
The rights the same…

Save that those with the money,
Afford the best legal defense they can buy,
More often than not skating by,
With a legal dream team,
Spending millions,
To get off on murder or white collar crime…

While the oppressed,
Under the guise of equality,
Are afforded the best that the public purse can buy,
No wonder,
That for marijuana we lock up our youth,
No wonder that the three strike law in the United States,
Puts more people in jail for life,
Without hope of parole,
They were represented right?



T H I N K!

Let’s face it,
The tyranny of the oppressed,
The classes divide between rich and poor,
The lively differences,
Real not imagined,
Between those eating spam and those eating Foie Gras,
I mean look,
spam is not capitalized, it permeates our food,
Permeates every part of our lives,
Subtle but true,
Affecting each of us differently,
But justice is blind, right?

This foul and shameful display,
Plays itself out,
On street corners around the world,
Beijing and Boston,
Toronto and Tinseltown,
Vientiane and Vienna,
In courthouses the world over,
And six by eight cells,
Where every one is innocent,

Mens Rea;

Mea Culpa;

Globalization and World Trade…



Perhaps not of the crime they’ve been convicted,
But surely in that society has cast them away,
Set them aside,
Afforded them no luxury,
Of a real education,
What is a real education?
What does that mean?
What can we do?

Are we stronger than our weakest link?

Real housing,
Safety and security in our homes,
OUR homes,
Of REAL opportunity,
This truth,

Who says?


This omnipresent and apparent truth,
To those that look,
To those that can see,
Is a sinful scourge on Lady Justice,
In our systems of enforcement,
Our bankrupt systems,
Jail cell economies,
Economies of scale,
And continues to be the biggest threat to the continuation of that status quo,
(not to mention our very SPECIES)
For you can only kick a pup so long,
Before it rips the ankle off your leg.

Our system of justice,
Our class system,
Our political ideologies,
Our lip service,
Are all incomplete in the progress of man,
The march of time,
This man wonders, posits, ponders, and understands, WE;

Require a wholesale reevaluation,
Of what is right,
And what is wrong,
Though I must submit to you…

This reckoning will never come,
For at its core,
It requires,
A reappraisal and redevelopment,
Of the systems,
Used to distribute wealth,
And sorely my friends,
I must admit, submit but not permit,
That this system,
Will not,
Be changed,
Without the adoption,
By the masses,
Using their voice,
Their VOTE,
To circumvent the system,
And be the change,

That seeks and achieves,
To no longer  keep the poor,
And the rich,
Comfortable in their glorious mansions,
You and You alone,
I and I and I,
Must stand;

For tonight is all we have
And tomorrow is a pipedream we never see;

The time is now…

Accept that the record is broken
And work to change the tune!


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Nothing More

In spite of the challenges,

Both real and imagined;

Bipolar realities of immense consequences,

The hope  is temporarily muddled,
Somehow, the Ether allows me the trespass,
Of these words,
Those become my mental temptress,
Outwardly manifested for you,
While inwardly struggling,
Some of sorrow,
Others of joy,
Some of delight,
While others still of pain,
Nothing more nor less,
This truth presented,
Without pretense,
At the very least none intended,
For you to see,
Can you feel this subjugation I encounter daily?

Worshipping at the syllables that make these words;

Bowing down to the thoughts,
Those force my sublimation,
Still finding the will to fight,
To carry on,
To continue this journey of greatness intended;

In spite,

Of those challenges;

For I know no other way,
I know no other means,
Fighting for my survival,
Hoping that someone out there,
Can feel this pain and find meaning in their own,
Perhaps to paint,
Make pottery,
Take a picture,
Or write words just like these;

Moreover, for those that will cast aspersions at me,

Know this,
Fully and without equivocation,
Due to you,


I will move on,
As will you,
I will press on,
As will you,
I will reemerge victorious,
All the while searching,
For a better me,
And you a better you,
Or perhaps you will still live in fear,
However, I will find,
The one I am,
All the while knowing,
That no matter my flaws,


Comedy and tragedy,
(the same be true for you)
That out there somewhere,
Toiling in the Ether,
Is a woman,
Who with nothing more than a smile,
Can free me,
Liberate me,
From this burden,
And maybe,
Just maybe,
I believe deep down,
That she may hold the key,
Mon Cle,
Mon Key,
To finally accepting,
As what I am,
A writer,
A teacher,
A lover,
A husband,
A father,
And a truly dedicated liver of life;

And nothing more.

Or perhaps much, much more!


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But The Divine

There is no love,

There is nothing,
But the divine,
And you are;


This is our time,



“You’d be surprised girl…”

The puzzling and incomprehensible,
The great enchantment of conviction,
Without definition,
Fleeting and without standard,
As unique as those who experience it full,
Conceptions, notions,
Real understanding;
There is no love but love,
But love,

There is no love,
Other than built on solid foundations,
Trust, understanding, compassion, passion and light,
Strong virtues,
Those are not after thoughts,
Or thoughts at all,
But the actions taken,
In the daily affirmations,
Built on leaps of faith;

And I am,


The mysterious unknown,
That captures physiology,
Chemistry, biology and evolution,
Purpose built,
And neuron driven,
To pheromone realizations,
Those enchant, entice and enthrall,
Do or do not,
No try.

But the divine,
There is no love,
An ever-growing cascade of tides,
That ebb and flow,
Yet the undercurrent is always there,
Threatening the riptide of emotional tumult,
Lives promised,
When instead it should be life promised;

So long as it is affirmed and uplifted,
My life,
As a leap of faith,
Is yours,
And I have known great jumps,
With no safety net,
Those that have led me to here,
To now,
To you.

But the divinity that I seek,
Is yet at the altar of my existence,
Struggles to define and design my life,
On my terms,
Burdened by my black dog,
Depressions curse,
Though I pray intently and intending,
That love,
Will again light my way,
Love and only love.

There is no love,
Where one solely believes,
Without equivocation,
For what is life but a series of compromises,
A lesson learned,
Through heartfelt painful exuberances,
In the loss of self,
Now I and I and I,
Fighting for a destiny I have known,
Since the moment of my birth,
And I will fight,
For you,
For me,
For us.

Now certain that love,
Is one, which only the Muses will reveal,
As before has been true,
I will bow at the altar of you,
Praising what I know is true,
For I feel your power,
Intense and increasing,
For each other,
And the life we sought,
Now found,
In your eyes,
The prize,
The life we’re living.

As I stand before you,
Searching the ethos of my tempestuous entitlements,
Ill deserved,
Divine love,
Ambrosia fueled and sound,
Perfectly imperfect,
No love can escape this crown of thorns,
As taken from roses,
Love divine.

Shall this fool,
Find divine,
Once again,
The faith,
To love,
For surely I do,
Studied apprehension giving way,
To storied ascension,
As I ascend you,
To that glorious promise,
Of today,
Tomorrow and the next day,
Evermore found,
In the shadow of your smile,
Illuminated by your soul,
Destined to know,
Our quiet secret,


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