The Laws of Man

The laws of man,
A farcical opportune distillation,
The tyranny of the oppressed,
Still living in “Let them eat cake…”


The classical divide,
Between those with access to the halls of power,
And those in the halls of crack houses,
The rights the same…

Save that those with the money,
Afford the best legal defense they can buy,
More often than not skating by,
With a legal dream team,
Spending millions,
To get off on murder or white collar crime…

While the oppressed,
Under the guise of equality,
Are afforded the best that the public purse can buy,
No wonder,
That for marijuana we lock up our youth,
No wonder that the three strike law in the United States,
Puts more people in jail for life,
Without hope of parole,
They were represented right?



T H I N K!

Let’s face it,
The tyranny of the oppressed,
The classes divide between rich and poor,
The lively differences,
Real not imagined,
Between those eating spam and those eating Foie Gras,
I mean look,
spam is not capitalized, it permeates our food,
Permeates every part of our lives,
Subtle but true,
Affecting each of us differently,
But justice is blind, right?

This foul and shameful display,
Plays itself out,
On street corners around the world,
Beijing and Boston,
Toronto and Tinseltown,
Vientiane and Vienna,
In courthouses the world over,
And six by eight cells,
Where every one is innocent,

Mens Rea;

Mea Culpa;

Globalization and World Trade…



Perhaps not of the crime they’ve been convicted,
But surely in that society has cast them away,
Set them aside,
Afforded them no luxury,
Of a real education,
What is a real education?
What does that mean?
What can we do?

Are we stronger than our weakest link?

Real housing,
Safety and security in our homes,
OUR homes,
Of REAL opportunity,
This truth,

Who says?


This omnipresent and apparent truth,
To those that look,
To those that can see,
Is a sinful scourge on Lady Justice,
In our systems of enforcement,
Our bankrupt systems,
Jail cell economies,
Economies of scale,
And continues to be the biggest threat to the continuation of that status quo,
(not to mention our very SPECIES)
For you can only kick a pup so long,
Before it rips the ankle off your leg.

Our system of justice,
Our class system,
Our political ideologies,
Our lip service,
Are all incomplete in the progress of man,
The march of time,
This man wonders, posits, ponders, and understands, WE;

Require a wholesale reevaluation,
Of what is right,
And what is wrong,
Though I must submit to you…

This reckoning will never come,
For at its core,
It requires,
A reappraisal and redevelopment,
Of the systems,
Used to distribute wealth,
And sorely my friends,
I must admit, submit but not permit,
That this system,
Will not,
Be changed,
Without the adoption,
By the masses,
Using their voice,
Their VOTE,
To circumvent the system,
And be the change,

That seeks and achieves,
To no longer  keep the poor,
And the rich,
Comfortable in their glorious mansions,
You and You alone,
I and I and I,
Must stand;

For tonight is all we have
And tomorrow is a pipedream we never see;

The time is now…

Accept that the record is broken
And work to change the tune!



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