Calling All L E A D E R S…

Let the voice of dissent ring out,
From every barrio,
Every slum,
Every shantytown,
Every metropolis,
And every rural farm;

Let the voice of dissent,
Rise from those places,
Where there is no glory,
Yet so much guts;

There is no consumptive want,
There is only need,
A need that we (supposedly civilized)  pay lip service to,
As if our assistance,
Plentiful yet useless,
Is the mythology that we play for ourselves,
As if we are making strides,
Or at least,
That is the horrible truth,
Or inconvenient as Al Gore would say,
Is that we are not even making a dent,
We don’t want to;

I know that sounds sinister,
And that’s because it is,
In the problems that face this world,
The Millennium Development Goals,
While well intentioned,
(see the road paved to Hell)
Are a hoax,
Being perpetrated by the powers that be,
To feign caring and compassion,
I’ve seen it first hand,
From inside the UN,
I’ve watched as Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors,
Attending swanky parties by Investment Bankers,
All with cheques in breast pocket,
Giving money to buy ACCESS,
To untendered contracts or to fix contracts,
I’ve watched as they accepted the cheques,
I’ve watched in horror as they drank champagne,
On the penthouse rooftop, sixty eight floors up,
I’ve watched in disbelief,
As the goals,
Seem to be manipulated and abused,
For personal gain;

The Millennium Development Goals,
Are a great ideal,
That’s all they are is an ideal,
Applied unfairly,
Where it is nearly impossible,
For those countries,
That they cleverly call lesser developed,
Lesser developed?

They have no resources nor incentive to incite change,
No money for even the most basic of infrastructure,
Lesser developed!
Sounds like a euphemism to me!

No wonder my mind snapped,
With the avarice and malevolence that I witnessed,
First hand,
With my own eyes,
How about we tell the truth,
Novel concept, right?

The truth is, for you to decide, but;
To decrease infant mortality,
We need to teach and feed the mothers,
We need to reach the women of this planet,
To know,
That what they do,
Happens to the womb,
If they don’t eat and drink healthily,
The odds of infant mortality are increased one hundred fold,
And the reality is,
That we could make a difference in education and nutrition,
We could do it tomorrow, there is enough money, there is enough food,
Manufactured scarcity de rigueur,
We could beat this as sure as we defeated small pox or polio,
But we won’t as we’d rather a Big Mac,
And when you don’t see death you only look at it,
You don’t care…
Just ask the soldiers returned from ill advised wars.
Global primary education,
Noble goal,
But really it is a way of creating a subservient parent,
AND Government,
For the IMF and the World Bank,
Demand that uniforms be bought,
Or fees be paid,
By the lowest income earners on the planet,
Less than a dollar a day,
SHAME on us for allowing such a rule to exist,

Potable water, WATER,
( mark my words, the coming war has nothing to do with oil, gold, diamonds, copper, tin or uranium it is WATER that we will fight over)…

Eradicate poverty and hunger,
Let’s get real here,
The industrialized countries,
The G8 and the G20 can’t even eradicate poverty and hunger,
In ivory towered cities and towns…

Combating HIV and Aids is the one area where a difference has,
And will continue to be made,
Cheaper drugs,

Environmental sustainability,
Really, really?
Oil companies are raping the planet,
And paying bribes to do so,
Oil companies are spilling oil as sure as they spill blood,
And they pay little penalty, if at all,
Because our leaders,
Our supposed leaders (Obama stood up to BP perhaps the first time in history a Politician put his hands in the pocket of a corporation for good though this was a pittance compared to the crime)

Environmental sustainability,
We waste so much water, feeding crops,
In places that have no business growing crops,
Southern California, Arizona,
I mean really,
Did you know that almost 80% of all water used is for agricultural purposes,
And the irony is that they water the crops,
Feed them with chemical fertilizers,
Which then leach into the water table,
Thus poisoning us twice,
Once with the food,
And once for the water…

A global partnership for development,
Empty promise,
There is no partnership,
Only profit,
There are several parties at war with each other for supremacy,
Any partnerships are adversarial not by choice,
And finally…

Gender equality,
Take one look at the most adversely affected on the planet,
They out number the men,
And are the single most important element in raising the next generation,
But in more places than I care to admit,
Women are slaves, women are beaten,
Women are raped,
As an act of WAR,
Raped as an act of war?

Unfortunately I feel as if I am wrestler,
Inside a match that we know is fake,
And you,
And you,
And you,
And I are the losers,
In this global battle royale for supremacy,
And if we do not have a fundamental retooling,
By the power of people,
Joining our voices together and demanding better,
We are doomed,
Chicken Little agrees the sky is falling,
But also crying,
Toxic pollutants with nowhere to go,
But into the clouds that rain down and poison us a third time…

All this and we still haven’t looked,
At one of the greatest crisis we are to face as a species,
The mass migration of Billions,
From coastal communities,
Which could be averted,
But not when our leaders hands are in the pockets,
Of the greatest polluters causing our oceans to rise,
Mass migration,
Is probably coming not in my lifetime,
But certainly my child.

So as capitalism continues to manufacture scarcity,
I find myself asking…


Let’s stop the march to profit,
And start the march to humanity.



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One response to “Calling All L E A D E R S…

  1. I like the call for real leader’s. Rich nations are scare. I was station in Honduras after the Hurricane destroyed the fields and life blood of Honduras. United State companies back away. Japan came in and taught the Honduras people a better way to plant and wanted their trees. The Japanese taught the the Honduras business people to increase prices and use produce and demand. Honduras went from one of poorest to a country with possibilities. Today separation between poor and rich is less. One in four people are hungry in the USA. Farmers are paid to not to farm in the USA. We need men of vision. USA could feed the world. A boatload of food would open the door to friendship. Not soldiers and guns. Today world is controlled by the few. They will hold tight to their greed.

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