Benign Neglect

Benign neglect,
In that we do not see,
Can not see?
Refuse to see?
Bearing false witness,
In gilded churches, synagogues and mosques,
Ivory towers where the powerful feast,
People wasting away on the street,
Right in front of them,
Right in front of us;

Cold and tired,

Hungry and wet,

Dying of starvation, a lack of shelter,

A societal lack of support,

It’s more than that,
Much more;

Girdles of steel and brick,
Built by the cheapest bidder,
Creating a mental prison,
From which so few can escape.

An economy built on conviction,
Of the underclass that is,
A brave young poet once proclaimed,
Growing up,
In a ‘jail cell economy,’
Motivated by profit.

Rat infested and asbestos laden,
As true in New York or London as it is in Vientiane or Vienna,
Blackboards and whiteboards from a different era,
Lessons that are no longer relevant,
Teachers that no longer teach,
Instead guiding the way through some standardized test.

Its hard to care when you’re conditioned to believe that no one else does,
Purple, blue, red, yellow, black and white,
Puddles filled with caps of each,
Representing our fallen youth,
Cocaine, Heroin, Meth and more,

Presented as truth,
An arrogant matter of factness,
Sold by Brian Williams or Tom Brokaw,
The news no longer all that fits to print,
Become all that’s fit to instill fear,
Pushing forward sn agenda,
That you nor I never get to vote on,

From our comfortable storied walls of power brokers,
Recreation centers,
Parks and the corners,
The breeding ground for both good and bad,
Morality decided by shades of gray,
No black or white,
We complain,
While sipping a chardonnay, or a Starbuck’s or a coke,
Yet most of us don’t even vote,
And when we do,
Who are we really electing?

Do you know the faces behind the suit,
Have you ever stopped to ask?
The illusion of choice is not a choice,
But shackles from which we cannot escape,
Who are their masters? Who are yours?
Where do they get their information,
Not to mention the very words that come out of their mouths?

And yet…
Look at the power you give them and look at what they’ve done,
What have they done?

Do none of you see?
Do none of you have the same fears?
Osama was not THE ‘terror,’
Merely one face of it,
A coward that hid behind faulty logic and misrepresented theology,
Once bought and paid for by the very people that label him,
Driven by hate;

But make no mistake, there are a million more driven by hate and fear.

National populations suffer from starvation –
When is the last time you didn’t finish a meal?

Drought, a lack of access to education,
Technology and science, my education undervalued,
My technology underused ,
As the Advil I take for a hangover could serve a much better purpose.

Prejudice, ignorance and fear,
Blinding society to the clear reality of life on earth today,
Blinding me,
Blinding you.

Milosevic (like so many before him)
Killed without prejudice any that got in his way –
Racial cleansing,
It sound so institutional doesn’t it?
So scientific, lets call it what it is, not make it easy to say –
Genocide (though we promised never again, look around today)

Damn political correctness –
Lets call a spade a spade,
Those mass graves and the videos we’ve seen,
Represent the decision of a sick man,
For the wholesale slaughtering,
Murdering and destruction of Muslims
In his very own modern Oprichnina.

Though, no less guilty are we,
Who sleep comfortably in our beds,
While drones strike far off lands,
Extraordinary rendition takes place,
In the murky grays we never see,
The boogie man is real,
You just never see him,
All in the name of freedom and peace?

Through time, the poet, the artist, the dreamer,
The playwright, actor, director, novelist, philosopher, student,

Any truly inspired by passion have dreamed of a better place –

And maybe,
Just maybe,
We’ve seen bits and pieces,
But there is so much more to go…

What can you do?

What will you do?

What will,





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One response to “Benign Neglect

  1. Utopia never came. Madness had overtook us. Your poem I understand and see in my world. I like the real thoughts and hope for change. I write and pray for peace. Seem more dangerous men are running the world than the men of peace. Thank you for sharing the outstanding poetry.

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