This World

This world,

These times we live in,

Are like times we’ve known before,

Not personally, as we haven’t figured out,




Though we can;


We can!


Today is the greatest day and ever more it will be;


As today is here NOW –




We have at our disposal,

The collected knowledge of our species


While we may not yet know how to use it,


We will.


As such,

With the gift of time,

We must be cautious in the use of the many offerings we have.

In spite of a unifying sagacity

We must always embrace the pursuit of more.


Accept that the struggle for understanding,

Will eventually lead to an inner peace

That will manifest outwardly

Instantly creating in that realization

The world that dreamers have long believed in.


In that moment,

The rhyme and reason,

Rhythm, harmony and melody

Of greatly admired movements

Will take on new meanings

As we celebrate our spiritual rebirth.



Save the eventual success of a true and lasting peace

Will ever exonerate our historical failures:







Terror and war.


Yet should we find that higher state of being,

The relative awareness of a new reality

Shaped by the horrors of history,

We will discover the divine plan!


Looking to the sky of this blue marble

Learning about ourselves

And our place in this universe

Everything takes on new import

Through the acquisition of self.


Our past replete with invisible scars

From the extensive beating of our ancestors

With the leather whips of Christian, Jew and Muslim conquerors

And our acceptance of it will remove the cuffs,

Histories shackles as we seek truth.


We are not chained to our past by necessity


We are not doomed to repeat it.


Yet the future is tempered by it

And so long as we unmask our veiled attempts

At sugar coating our past failures

In the search for a better world

We will ultimately succeed in healing age old wounds.


Yet that path is the road less taken;


Accept truth,

The lessons of our past and that we create our future

And instantly the course of history

Blazes a heretofore unseen trail.


In our efforts to reveal honestly our failures

We no longer need to be concealing

The very real feelings we are feeling.


Read more;

Listen more,




Smile often and brightly,

Allow your true self and soul to shine.


Be real,

First to yourself,

Then to those around you,

Act accordingly as that is what true freedom is –


Being real!


The strength and promise of our species,

All one humanity,

Lay in rediscovering the value and benefit of positive self love,

In so much that we can learn to love others,

Rearing its head in every moment

Incredibly changing the scope of our history:

Permanently promising peace,

Both internal






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