Could It Be?

Could it be,
That once seemed far,
Somewhat out of reach,
Is now within our grasp?

That illusive and seemingly always unattainable,
Beacon of hope,
Is right at our fingertips,
Causing our eyes to blink,
A little salivation,
And our hearts to skip a beat?

Sweet love,
An answer to our prayers,
Infinitely wise,
To be cherished indeed,
The candid expression of both self and selflessness,
A powerful recognition of the full meaning of requited;

Inspiring visions
Of a wonderful today
The magnificent journey to a remarkable tomorrow;

Hand in hand,
Aboard the voyage of this SS Soul Mate,
Passionate to experience,
Every moment,
Savouring  each sensation,
The tingling of fingers,
And the butterflies in the stomach,
Conversations that mean something,
In fact;


As two lives continue to begin,
Ever reaching new heights,
The only limit our hearts desire
Our souls passionate dreams;

Could it be?

Could it be?

It is rhetorical –

For here we are,
Lovers touched by the divine,
Forever believing,
Faith anew the day this love began –
Looking in your eyes!



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