Nothing is Impossible in True Love

There is nothing impossible in love,
For love,
And not some idealized or romanticized notion of it,
Is nothing more,
Than the entangled kiss of two souls,
The wetted caress of two minds,
Those feel the same emotions,
About the same things,
There is nothing impossible in love.

Of course,
Throughout our lives,
Many of us learn that there are impossibilities,
But are there really,
Time can be overcome,
Space can be overcome,
Distance can be overcome,
So long as lovers true,
Dedicate a modicum of energy,
To the love itself,
So yes,
Nothing is impossible in love.

There is nothing impossible in love,
Save for the canned love where people settle,
Willing to accept comfort,
Or kids,
Or a house,
Rather than the pursuit of true love’s dreams,
And life’s journey,
Love will always be there,
Especially when the chips are down,
Love is about holding someone up,
When they can not themselves,
Love is courteous,
Indescribably special,
And willing to help with demons,
Even when it is not convenient.

Of course,
At times,
It may seem that love is intrusive,
Interfering when at least convenient,
When all love wants,
Is to know that love is requited,
It is felt,
In the soul,
In the heart,
And tempted in the mind,
Love is,
Endlessly remarkable.

There is nothing impossible in love,
True love,
The dance that two souls make,
When they find the natural fit,
To something that seems so unnatural,
It is the unconscious and uncontrollable longing,
To spend the rest of your life,
Against evolutionary pressure,
It is the ability to overcome the primal,
Without even a second thought.

Of course,
After the way this love has left me,
Though it has not,
Nor could it ever,
For soul mates are just those,
Mating of the soul,
It might seem that I have disdain for love,
When in fact,
I celebrate it,
And you,
For you truly are,
My soul mate,
And there is nothing impossible in love.



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