Let Me, Will You?

Will you let me…


Into your mind and soul, remaining in your heart,

Allow me to float freely and unencumbered,

So that I may dance with the parts of you that mean more to me,

Than your body (though amazingly beautiful) ever could.


Will you let me…


Mingle with your insecurities,

That I may allay them,

Take them firmly in my grasp,

And dispel them to a past that no longer matters,

(Save for the grand memories of joy and laughter)

As the future is what’s in store,

Are you a possible future?

Or a past dream?


Will you let me…


Into your inner workings,

Rising and falling with a crescendo that is yours to conduct,

That I may understand without equivocation,

Exactly who this woman is,

Who you are,

That has pulled me from my own oblivion,

With the promise of a kiss,

That springs hope with every blessed touch,

Hope for a new tomorrow.


Will you let me…


Hold you close,

Hold you dear,

Caressing your skin and your mind,

As we discuss every thing you’ve always wanted,

No matter how silly, or ironic,

Or far fetched,

(I think my dreams may be far fetched but certainly worth my life)

Reminding me in that moment,

And all that follow,

That dreams can and will come true,

If you’ll let them.


Will you let me…

Enchant you with this broken but not beaten mind,

Enthrall you with the same,

Endear you with thoughts like these and so much more,

Engage you,

In a dance that started the day you were born,

Envelop you with love,

Entreat you with desire,

Implore you to help me reach for the stars,

Finally getting there releasing these emotional scars,

Will you?


Will you let me…


Dance naked in the kitchen,

Wear your amusement with every shake of my little booty,

While I nourish your body,

As I hope to nourish your mind,

Each delectable meal,

One step closer to an awaiting,


One that we,

We can design.

(Though I suspect Lady Fate and Mistress Destiny had a little something to do with it)


Will you let me…

Count you as a blessing,

A beautiful and inspiring angel,

That halo still intact,

Though wings removed,

(You wouldn’t want to stand out)

Opens my ears to the universal choir of angels,

Opening my mind to what I already feel,

But can only know with you, by your touch,

So that together,

Hand in hand,

We can walk into the horizon,

Where you tickle these words from me,

Lit by that passionate flame,

That you inspire,

Of literary greatness,


I shall believe…

I shall believe…

Let me, will you?

I think you should,

I think we should…

I love you Hmong Key!




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