“If I know what love is, it is because of YOU.”


“If I know what love is, it is because of you.”

Those women of incredible pursuit,

Fantastically present,

The ROYAL you,

Those have led me to the edge of reason,

Pushing my sanity ever closer,

To that teetering line,

Where nothing and everything are certain,

My toes all at once,

Burned by the fiery damnation of hell,

And yet sent to lofty heights,

Of grand apprehension,


At the same time,

And in multiple dimension,

The exquisite rapture,

Of chosen chains,

Loves soul bondage,

Bondage for sole love,


That every jail bound prisoner would die for,

That delicious assumption,

And forbidden answer,

(for we are forbidden, aren’t we?)

That brings us ever nearer to a Nirvana,

Though constantly alludes,

And yet is always within reach,

Together as individuals,

Forming a new union that can enrich the mind,

And devastate the world,

With a single look,

“If I know what love is, it is because of you.”

The women of incredible pursuit,

The royal YOU,





Teaming with the suppressed memories,

Of lovers faint and lingering,

Lying on the floor,




As lovers seem to do,


As I’ve learned from you,

Love is not a static affair,

Rather fervor,

A raging zeal that can alight the darkest night,

Turn the sun into a coward,

And the moon a conquering hero,

As with the tides,

So to do our emotions flow,


Unchecked and uncensored,

Requited and fleeting,


That wonder potion,

Not number nine,

Instead the cloud,

Where you,

The ROYAL you,

Have led me,

Day after day,

Week after week,

Century after century,

Claiming my heart and soul,

As surely as a child Halloween candy,

Or Hannibal a Code of Laws,

As too I did yours,

We are,

A complicated issue,

(my Hmong Key and I)

Every issue,

Of every magazine every written,

Our tender embrace,

The backbone of every feeling we’ve ever known,

Every feeling we will ever know,

Seeking the invisible,

Finding the inevitable,

For true love can never end happily,

Crushing defeat,

Not like Sparta though,

For neither back downed,

Neither blinked,


“If I know what love is, it is because of you.”

And I am grateful to know,

That there are more lessons to be learned,

Together and apart,

Circumstance our foe,

Though of this I am certain,

Beyond a shadow of a doubt,

Our love stands the test of time,

The trials of circumstance,

The perils of being misunderstood,

Lovers true,

Lovers new,

Lovers old,



Intrepid faults,

Those now falling away,

And audacious oppression,

The royal YOU,

That I have known and will always hold dear,

And fast to my heart,

(pierced by my Key)

Claiming a piece of me that was yours but for a moment,

(A blissful moment)

This moment will last a lifetime,

As I can not so easily cast aside,

The woman I believed was to be lover, wife and mother,

And it is true;

“If I know what love is, it is because of you.”



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