Love I Am…



For some reason,

Since birth,

I have known what love is,

Inside my heart and soul I have yearned for a love requited,

That makes sense of the mysteries of time and space,

As if at birth,

All the ancient gods of love,

Visited me,

Carried by chariots drawn by every species of butterfly,

Their colours initially blinding,

And I know why, For they

Placed their hands upon my shoulders,

And proclaimed,

You have so much love to give,


That we must unravel,

As best as possible,

The many puzzles that will confront you on your journey,

As if cupid himself,

Quiver filled with arrow,

Shot every one,

Directly into the centers of passionate recourse,

That result in a love refined,

A Love carried on the winds of curiosity, wonder and delight,

A splendid love,

That can make the world seem as if it is on fire,

At temperatures hotter than the sun,

For some reason since birth,

I have known that I am here to entreat you all,

To find the love you are meant for,

Not necessarily the one you have,

Settle not,

For your heart and your body,

Your L O V E…

Are the greatest treasures you have,

No matter how intelligent you are,

For some reason,

Since birth,

I have imagined and agonized over love,

As Einstein did his special theory,

Or Hawking the nature of black holes,


My only concern,

As from love,

The rest of the world either makes sense,

Or it does not,

Like the subtle elegance of a butterfly in flight,

For some reason since birth,

I have known,

Love I am,

And now,

In this emptiness,

This sorrow filled beat down,

From my one true love,

I am still here to say,

That despite these blue butterflies,

Those currently haunt my dreams,

Decisions had to be made,

Were made,

Killing a piece of me,

Literal and figurative,

I know now,

As I stand naked and exposed,

For all the world to see,

The same is true for that special woman, You?

The mother of my children,

Announced and then suppressed,

That butterfly,

Our butterfly,

Filled with vivid colour,

And a passion for life,

Wings a flutter in the temporal world,

And fast at work in our stomachs,

In our souls,



That love,

Is the greatest mystery of all,

To which there is no answer,

And yet the mystery is the answer itself,

No solution,

For the act of loving is the solution within,

Save that love requires,



That every day,

You give that love one hundred percent of yourself,

That you love them,

As you love breathing,

Your heart beating,

The neurons firing in your brain,

Follow your heart,

The rest,

Love fully,

And you will see,

Love I am.

And this love,

MY love,

Is yours Hmong Key,





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  1. Perfect! Just perfect! Good morning. You sure reset mine. C.

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