This song,

dripping with irony… as I was…



By the apple,

Of my eye,

Told I should not,

Dare not,

I care not,

For when it strikes,

That overwhelming desire,

To inspire, alight and become one,

There is no sense fighting the inevitable,

Resistance they say is futile,

And so it shall be,

You and I,

Me and you,

You and me,

Friends, lovers and life long partner,

In an adventure that began with a wink and a smile,

That could brighten the entire universe,

Even more so than the sun our solar system,

And you have become the center of my system,

Once downed,

I soar because of you,

What you represent,

The lifetime sought since birth,

Somewhere out in the cosmos,

My Ether,

Now shared,

With you,

For you,

Of you,



Arranged by you,

Without my consent,

Yet I relent and submit to you,

My love,

All of me,

All I can and will be,

By you, with you, for you,

For us,

Discovering anew,

The purpose resident in me,


Shining for all to see,

Because of you,

Because of you,

Blessedly because of you,

If angels there be,

You certainly must be,

The mother of them all,

The high priestess of the exalted

And I do exalt you,

Gracefully bowing before you,

Like a bull in a china shop,

Deliberate fool,

For you,

Destination unknown,

Journey found,

Let us away from the noise of unsettled yesterdays

And dance towards the uncertain promise of endless tomorrows,

Brought on by unyielding dalliances,

Slight glances,

Knowing smiles

And actions that speak louder than words,

Here you are,


Here I am,


Here we are,

What’s next,

Only the mistresses of my night can answer,


I know,

The rollercoaster of this affair,

Is going to be quite a ride!

To you;
Hmong Key…

Just words, right?

To me,

A reality that will one day be clear…

I know what we did, you and I… and I wish for you nothing more nor less,

than happiness, love and a brighter future…

Always love you Hmong Key!


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