Somewhere out there…


From a very young age… around the time of my parents divorce I learned about love and what I wanted in life. I have been lucky in love (Mon Petit 😉 ) and I have been unlucky in love having been walked all over by several women that took advantage of me and my kindness. Instead of becoming bitter and disillusioned I have realized that my love is out there, that true love is the greatest treasure we may ever behold… Love will know me, understand and accept me for who and what I am. She will embrace my faults and press me to be a better man. She will not run when things get rough, she will help me rise above the fray. She will love me for me. We will marry and have as many kids as I can afford. I will treat her like a queen because I only know how to love one way… completely, unequivocally and without reservation. Whoever you are, where ever you are, I have not given up on love nor you and I humbly wait your arrival to begin a life of love, laughter, triumph, support even in the face of adversity. I have loved you since the day I was born and I can hardly wait to meet you. Love and Light, Sender


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