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Infinite Smile of Love Accepting

From birth,

Inside each of us burns a desire,

An ever growing and rapidly expanding light,

That seeks to create bliss in others,

As a pay it forward,

Such fire that burns brighter than the suns of every solar system,

And emanates from every fibre of our being,

Initially we are dumbfounded by it,

Trying to play catch up with those grown things we see around us,

Supposed adults that act like children,

While WE children,

Seek to profess universal truths,

With giggles, glowing eyes and radiating glances,

Beaming to every corner of the cosmos,

Every planet, far and wide,

Every island, old and newly forming,

Adorning in our hearts,

A compassion that seems lacking as we get older,

But herein lay the good news,

While we must age,

We do NOT have to grow up,

Nor should we…


Don’t judge; embrace the difference in others,

Don’t hate; for it is merely ignorance dressed up as anger,

Don’t yell; improve your argument,

Don’t fear; we are all here for you,

Don’t hide; you are meant to stand out.

You see,

The trouble is,

My beautiful child,

Sweet, innocent, lovely and resplendent baby,

Too many adults forgot how to be children,

But not me,

And I truly hope, for you,

And for the world,

That knowing people like your awe inspiring mother,

(who know kids like me),

You hold onto all that greatness inside you,

Remembering every step, walk and then run of the way,

You were born out of a boundless,

Interminable and stunning natural truth,


We are not alone in this world, or this universe,

(as yet unproven but nonetheless true)

And we can not, must not try to replace natural law,

With our arrogant human folly,

As grown ups for countless millennia have done,

You, are not an island,


You are,

But that is another matter,

For Celtic wisdom and Gaelic ancients to explain to you,

(and they will, trust me)

In their time,

This is our time,

Two kids,

One young,

The other younger,

Exploring the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape,

Of love repeating.

My precious and beautiful love,

In your eyes I see my own soul reflected,

I see the promise of another child,

Who like me,

Will choose to remain a child,

That will burst from the pack,

Be a leader, by example,

In an extraordinary explosion equal to,

If not greater than the big bang,

(and someday you’ll understand just how much I see in you),

For every promise of our forefathers and foremothers,

The greatness of our ancestors lives within you,

You have the power,

To breathe,

To see,

To hear,

To touch,

To create,

To become who and what you want to be,

Guided by the externalities of those who love you,

And the internalities,

Of locked caverns inside of you,

That you have no need to ever explain to anyone,

You were born out of a love repeating,

L O V E,

You were born to design a manifest destiny for your own reasons,

A meaning and purpose built by your own passions,

Thus ensuring,

Love will be repeating,

And many years from now,

When I recite these words to you,

Still, as a kid, one young, the other younger,

I hope that you will remember these words,

Natural law and universal truths,

And maybe, luckily,

Cause my belief that,

Non Omnis Moriar,

When explaining to your love repeating,

Why these words were born,

Your words,

Yours alone,

(though I trust you don’t mind I have unleashed this force of love).




Preordained to ascend to prominence,

I carry the joy of your radiating spirit with me,

Now and ever more,

For the moment I laid eyes on you,

I knew,

I saw the future,

And yours is a force that no man, woman or animal may stop,

Yours is a future,

Where love repeating,



Will replace the resounding sound of armies marching,

Machines plundering,

And truly the iniquity of man,

My sweet and beautiful escape,

These words are yours,

And if I ever find myself stranded on a desert island,

I will never be ALONE,

For having seen a joy,

A destiny,

Of love repeating,

And I am humbled by your shine.


PS. Listen to Mommy and Daddy. They may not know everything but they do know a lot. Tell them the truth no matter how hard or scary it is. READ everything you can get your hands on. QUESTION EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. BE YOURSELF.

Nosce Te Ipsum.

And know this, I am always here for you. Non Omnis Moriar.







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B U C C A H – Love Repeats (A Manifesto for my Ang)

In this life granted,


Recycled stardust filtering through space and time,

At speeds, we are yet to comprehend,

Yet to achieve,

We struggle, we fight, we lust and long,

For another speck,

Of billions old dust,

To crash and comingle with our own,

On an earthly plain,

Feeling our pain and driving our desires,

With cosmic consequences,

Though circumstance,

And the fickle finger of fate,

Often leads us astray,

Love extinction level event,

For reasons we are yet to comprehend,


Love repeats,

The universe is not so cruel and unforgiving,


As sentient beings,

Are not always aware of the monumental reasons of the Ether,

Those conditions that lead us to surrender to another,

Embrace, behold, and uplift,

Engage and plea to create another part of the multiverse;


Nevertheless, the best laid plans of mice and men,

(And women)

Are often lead astray,

Bringing darkness to the day,

Leaving us to stare,

From the gutter,


To see the stars…

My Ang,

Look out to those stars,

Realize we are them,

They are within us,

And somehow,

Find the courage of conviction to know,

That though it be day here,

Evening there,

Those stars,

You’ll see,

We share them,

Cosmically connected,

Like the twins of Gemini,

Long lost cousins and life long friends,

Don’t dare call me Pollux!
For in your light I am but Castor;


And know that out there another soul is crying for you,

Knowing you are out there,

Just waiting to be discovered,

Just as Ptolemy first did,

As each of us, your friends, already has,

To love you,

In ways we never can.



For even this warrior poet sage is unsure,

Those that run for the border,

Are the building blocks,

The corner stone refused,

The foundation,

Of the love that will manifest,

When we decide,

To trust in our billions years old destiny,

That those who resist fidelity and serendipity,

Are in fact in the end,

The ones responsible for it.

And though the pain is real,

You must embrace it, squeeze it to death,


In the moment,

This too shall pass,

When out of the corner of your eye,

You’ll see a flick of hair,

An awakened soul,

Reaching for you in ways you’ll never understand,

Nor need to,

Because you will be blind to everyone else,

As he will be to you.


This is your time to rise,

Rise to the magic that is you,


This is your time,

To reinvent the beauty that is already you,

Moreover, always remember,

The best revenge,

Is happiness?

For love repeats,

And eventually those that leave realize,

The mistake was theirs all along.



For my dear friend and cosmic companion from the voices in my head and the Ether.

WE LOVE YOU, Always have and always will. Love and Light,


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The Future is OURS, If YOU want IT!

Like a prison inmate deprived of food and water,

I feel the solitary confinement of a soul that’s been left in the cold,

For years tormented by those who could never understand,

Who could never see,

The very real dangers to my life daily,

Hidden behind a costume and mask of extroversion,

Drunkeness and late night misadventures (Adventures Ernest reminds me),

Years pass like ages of iron, locked inside the halls of a mind,

Filled with the collected knowledge of humanity,

Burdened by the promise of tomorrow seemingly lost in yesterdays passed,

Until it hit me.

In a moment of lucidity,

I can see the increasing iniquity, of a system,

Which has at its core the folly of elected officials,

Those who present the illusion of choice,

Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Democrat or Republican;

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled…”

Officials leaving us wanting, waiting,

From the lies apparently told to us for our own protection,

Those lies I helped create and disseminate for more years than I care to admit,

Yet may I project my objection,

To a system led astray,

Greed and money poisining our leaders,

Political, Military, Religious, Economic and even Academic,

For which billions are suffering on both sides,

Of the global maginot line;

Like the secretly reemerged German Army post Treaty of Versailles,

An army illegitimate is forming right before our eyes,

It is robbing us, raping us, enslaving us,

While foolishly, sheepishly,

We vote for leaders electing our collective fate,

But who really puts them there with dinners at 10,000 bucks a plate,

Follow the money my friends,

Follow the lies.


Inside my mind I am witness to the erosion of the social contract,

As the leviathan of dollars and cents, yuan, euro’s and KIP,

Though currently preferably American,

Slowly but surely have secured a greater share in the corridors of power,

The illusion of choice combined with the collusion of cabals you will never now,

Disenfranchises you,

Not just at my expense, but all of ours,

And I am here to state;


And their bought and paid for puppets,

Prime Ministers and Presidents,

Nothing more than a rubber stamp for imaginary people,

Who have all our rights but none of our responsiblities,

Corporations whom we allow,

To steal our hard earned money through bailouts, SUBSIDIES,

Loans and effectively zero percent tax rates;

Claim your VOTE back from faceless cash hungry corporations

Trying to sell you shoes,

TV’s, DVD’s, Food, Pens and even the news.

For each of those,

Interconnected in a tangled web they weave,

Have powerful hidden agents,

Writers, think tanks, lobbyists in the marble rotundas,

And your VOTE is supposed to be YOURS,

Not an unlimited cash offering by those,

Whose only repsonilbility is to the bottom line,

And their shareholders

(Ernest tells me to remind those shareholders;

they robbed you three times in the last 100 years).

So from my cell,

Called My Black Dog,

I implore you to consider –

Who’s lobbying for you?

What does your vote really count for?

Are you sure your votes even being counted,

Because I am sure that Phil Knight’s has and I’m not sure why,

I also have participated in the fraud of elections,

First hand,

I have disenfranchised,

I have lied,

I have been the system that I now deplore.

I’ve written a cheque,

I have donated my time, thinking power,

My effort and my money,

But is democracies bottom line balanced –


Trillions wasted on war,

Machines of destruction,

Rather than schools and hospitals,

Clean drinking water,


The machines of creation.

Imagine that world for a moment.

A world of Good People Period.

Then when ready,

Ask the corporate raiders,

And your SUPPOSED leaders;

What about the kids;

Ask the folks at Enron,Worldcom, Pacific Gas & Electric Co;

Thornburg Mortgage, Chrysler, Mf Global;

Conseco, CIT Group, General Motors, Washington Mutual;

And the source of my greatest disgust,

Lehman Brothers,

Which caused the greatest theft in human history,

The largest immediate movement of capital,

Into the hands of the very few,

Trillions around the world,

Just sitting invisible in machines,

Collecting interest and creating debt,

At the expense of every one of us…

But, all is not lost,

It woke me up,

I found purpose and meaning,

To give back,

In every way I can…

Perhaps you’ll wake up too,

From the nightmare,

To discover a dream,



(This piece is dedicated to another donor who would like to remain anonymous for a campaign I am running to help twelve families affected by a flash flood of their homes…… I can also take interac and paypal payments directly. Contact me for details)

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Ernest Says…

“Go on then… one true sentence… it’s not going to write itself!”

He then goes on to chortle at me from the corner,
Muttering something barely audible or understandable,
Likely to do with the emotional suicide I’ve been committing,
Daily for months,
One letter followed by another,
Only to be erased,
Something I promised myself I would never do,
As I seemingly was sinking deeper into the dark melancholy,
My black dog,
The bitch was back,
Along with the horrors that delight her,
And then when coming close to that shotgun,
I was reminded,
As before,
Why I am here,
What my purpose and mission are,
BEYOND these words…

As I write these words,
Over my shoulder,
My constant companion is now laughing;
“On you go my boy…”

Satisfied I presume by the fact,
That I’ve given in to his endless demand for a drink,
While these words from the Ether,
In my trance like state,
Flowing wilder than the Colorado,
Freer than the Amazon,
And mightier than the Nile,
Ethereal vibrations from elsewhere,
Whence I don’t know,
Coming to this poetic savant,
To forever transform the lives of those,
Who gave me back my own,
To eternally transform the lives of those who give,
So I can give,
My purpose and my meaning,
Without reward or adulation,
Rather the quiet hidden knowledge,
That when no one else cared I did,
Did you.

“More, my boy, more…” Ernest snorts.

“Scotch or words?”

“Both you fool, both!” He laughs (as usual)

Though the rest aren’t laughing,
Picasso reminds me how he used to pay his bills,
Before he could pay his bills,
Joyce reminds me that I have the fire of the Emerald Isle inside me,
Pound states;
“How far are you willing to go for your convictions? For them? For yourself?”
“Jail? Death? LIVING?”

Zelda now jealous that love now sits beside me,
Knowing she can not taunt me as she did F.Scott,
Does, (he reminds me),
F. Scott, as he has told me before, reminiscences,
“You are neither East or West Egg, you are GOOD PEOPLE.”

I nod my head in humble thanks.

Toklas and Stein,
Grandmotherly and matronly in their demeanor,
Are sitting in front of me,
Lost in the picturesque view over my shoulder,
Of a coconut palm,
And the approaching clouds,
Wondering what I might do next,
For those who have done so much for me.

“Write, write, write, write, write,” Stein says,
And I obey,
For these words were bought and paid for,
Through a donation,
To people whose lives were changed once,
And are now,
Through these words being changed forever once more.

“GOOD PEOPLE” Fitz is now yelling,
“GOOD PEOPLE” my generation, lost resounds,
Hooting and hollering,
Glasses raised,
And toasts beheld.

Save for Ernest;
“You’re finding it my boy. One true sentence. Keep going!”

And so I do,
Finding myself,
Pushing myself,
To do what I can,
Every day,
With love in my heart,
Gratefulness in my soul,
And graciousness in my spirit…

Ernest says a lot to me,
Feeding my melancholy,
As a doctor a laser to a tumor,
My days with Ernest, he reminds me predates,
Midnight in Paris,
Hemingway and Me started long ago…

Ernest says that Churchill was right;
“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

So I do,
Ernest and I,
Hemingway and me,
Touching the lives of so many,
Just as the lost generation continue to touch mine,
I will persist,
Hoping to touch yours,
Knowing those who these words have nourished,
Figuratively and literally,
And I am touched.

Ernest says;

“That’s my boy, onward and upwords.”
He also says;
“It’s not a typo and you should think.”


(This piece is dedicated to another donor who would like to remain anonymous for a campaign I am running to help twelve families affected by a flash flood of their homes…… I can also take interac and paypal payments directly. Contact me for details)

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An Open Letter To Humanity

(Think about why I may have put this song up with this particular piece)

I am but a man,
One man,
Both lost and found,
Like a fairy tale,
I found my glass slipper,
Here and now, not once upon a time,
Though hopefully happily ever after,
In the beautiful shining souls of a people,
That reminded me of the true genuine beauty,
Of the innate humanity in all of us,
The genius of our evolution;
Five and a half litres of blood,
The same internal organs,
We each, if lucky, have;

Two legs;
To run toward a brighter future,
Two arms;
To embrace each other in delight and to comfort,
Two hands;
To outstretch in greetings and salutations,
Two ears;
To listen and hopefully hear,
Two eyes;
To see the magic that surrounds us every day,
A nose;
To inhale the beautiful scents of our blue marble,
A mouth;
Allowing us to communicate with passion in both joy and sorrow…

A brain;
Which if engaged can open doors but more importantly minds,
And it is these truths that lead me to you today…

We live in an age of expanding tyranny,
As history is repeating,
Both present and intergenerational,
We live in an age of unprecedented enlightenment,
Yet there is an ever expanding darkness,
Which is consuming our very souls,
Devolving our DNA,
With chemicals and cancers,
Only existent because of the greed of mankind;

We live in an age where the liberty our forbearers fought for,
Is being ripped from our hands,
One Big Mac at a time;
As we refuse to change our iniquities,
Our habits,
Our consumption,
WE, are allowing them, ubiquitous,
To win,
At our expense,
A highly cynical worldview has developed,
Created by men like me,
Sold to people like you,
As a lie repeated often enough,
Becomes true for the masses,
Ignorance is not bliss,
It is a weapon of mass distraction,
Smoke and mirrors,
The greatest long con of all,
For any real reading of the Wealth of Nations,
Exposes what Adam Smith intended was an adequate distribution of wealth,
Yet herein as the Bard would say… Lay the rub!

Are the masses,
People like me wake up,
Realize the error of our ways,
Look deep within, explore our spirits,
And set off soaring,
One small act,
One small change,
One seemingly insignificant deed,
Like the butterfly effect,
Repeated often enough can and will change the world.

Are the masses,
Are the the 99.99%,
Can take back our inalienable rights,
Those not given by mankind,
Instead recorded by nature itself,
In a collective awakening can and MUST shed the chains,
Of the institutions and systems of the oppressor,
Slough off the indentured servitude and outright slaves,
That WE have become,
Through the weighed and measured manipulation of our minds,
From birth,
For the best slave is the one which does not recognize the burden of their chains;
Do you realize you are chained?

Are the people,
Must be, as Ghandi said;
The change we want to see in the world,
And as Jackson said;
Be the man in the mirror and start with me,
Must decide,
With voices united that the tyrants will no longer rule,
With iron fists of the military industrial complex,
Or the brutish seemingly above the law defenders of constitutions,
Eroded over time, by the greed of the few,
At our expense,
The people must embrace the true nature of life,
return to a life that is sustainable and free,
REALIZE that the universe lay within us,
Lay within us,
The people must stand up,
Be counted,
And if needed fight for the world we seek,
A world that I know my grandchildren can not just live in,
But thrive,
A world that is not the dystopian reality approaching,
Rather the paradise the universe intended,
The people,
Must find our passion,
Follow it to develop our purpose and meaning,
And then GIVE IT AWAY…

As a repudiation of our slave masters belief,
That we can and will not rise…

The proverbial they believe you are not capable of change,
That you will continue to watch their idiot box (TV),
You will continue to consume,
You will continue to allow them to rape the planet,
You and any future we may have,
They believe you will let them continue to rob you,
Kill in your name, invade and oppress others,
In your name;

WE, the people,
The solution is clear,
The situation dire,
And the end of the world they designed is near,
WE, the people,
Can, must and will retake our planet, our lives,
A sense of community,
Of family and of love…

And as a wise man others say is crazy once said;

“L O V E Repeats… Buccah!” The sound of a chicken…

Chickens for slaughter or industrial farms no more,
Slaves no more,
The people,
Determine our future
And must decide that there is no future,
Unless we act today, for ALL humanity,
And not imaginary friends in the sky,
Or lines on a map,
But for ALL humanity,
We must rise to our potential,
Meet the challenge of the despots
And overthrow evermore,
Those that seek to decimate you,
By any means necessary.


(This piece is dedicated to a donor who would like to remain anonymous for a campaign I am running to help twelve families affected by a flash flood of their homes…… I can also take interac and paypal payments directly. Contact me for details)

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Human Beings Are Like That

Many people claim to know me,
And yet so few of you have ever understood;

Since the tender age of five,
I have endured, largely in private,
The plague like realities of this ever working mind,
Never resting,
Not for a moment stopping,
As the chemical storm
That is perfected in this warped brain of mine,
Allow for a moment of relief,
Nightly, when I stare at the ceiling;

Deliberating on the pain I have been subjected to,
Smiling as much as possible to mask what was really happening,
As I slipped deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole,
Where there was and is no Carpenter,
There was and for me is a Walrus,
Buddha seemingly calling out to me from the Ether,
Just as Ernest calls me from over my shoulder,
Along with the rest of my delusional posse,
Fitzgeralds’, Picasso, Pound, Joyce, Stein, and Toklas,
Useful to be sure,
But nonetheless,
How, at the age of twelve, could you explain?

W O R D S…

My long time salvation,
From an eternal pain that burns in me,
Just as a flame of another,
In a cemetery where fallen men and women,
Patriots all,
Made the ultimate sacrifice for a supposed God,
And a once great country,
A salvation that for me realizes,
I have fallen,
Time and again,
Five, twelve, twenty-one and every two years since then,
Yet somehow endured;
Moreover, coming here; was to be my final release.

W O R D S…

One true sentence Ernest reminds me now…

I left my home and native land,
In my mind,
Chemically stunted by cocktails designed to create robots,
Functionality seemingly more important than vitality,
I left my home and native land,
Resolved that I would be as far from my family and friends as possible,
Sheltering them from what I had decided weeks before leaving,
To this land of Elephants, genuine souls that shine,
Communities that thrive on common purpose and effort,
Families that thrive on love and devotion,
I left my home and native land,
To find a place of love,
For my own troubled mind,
Where finally at ease,
I could take my life,
Knowing they would send me off,
As I long to be,
Returned to the Universe;

Sparing my family and friends the pain of being near,
Not understanding,
Not knowing,
That every day is a struggle,
Every hour the thought of death stalked me,
Stalks me,
Just as a rabbit a very important date,
I felt late for my own rebirth,
Through a very personal demise,
On my terms,
I left my home and native land,
A date with destiny,
A date with the reaper,

The best laid plans of mice and men,
Unraveled before me,
One smile,
Another and another,
As a people with so little,
Could seemingly have so much,
Such wealth that even the richest of you may never know;

A desire to live, not exist, live,
A desire to thrive,
In circumstances many of you reading this will never see,
Let alone be capable of imagining;

The best laid plans of mice and men,
Paved with despair,
That led me so far away from my home and native land,
So I could return triumphant,
Warrior Poet, back home;
That which calls me hourly…

I found the universe, the cosmos and the Ether,
(not to mention Ernest)
Calling out to me,
Chosen light,
Protector of mankind,
Engage that smile,
Engage that rage,
That perfect chemical storm,
The power,
That rests inside this mind,
To fight for a new world,
The world I have longed for since Ernest first appeared at five,
Spoken about since I could critically think,
Worked for since I realized that what I was doing,
Was the polar opposite of who I am and what I longed for,
I worked for evil men and evil itself
A truth I could no longer hold,
Let alone the voices that never quieted;

Seeking death,
I found life,
A meaning and a purpose,
That I have long believed will only be realized upon my premature death,
Whether by my hand or that of a bullet;

My soul no longer poisoned by pharmaceutical zombification,
By actions taken, those were intended well,
Were in fact the roads to hell,
But not here,
Not now,
For this has passed,
Due to these people that have freed me,
Saved me,
Embraced me for me,
Treat me like a man,
Seeking to be a better man,
For my heart has never been tarnished,
Only my mind,
Though now free from medicine,
I have found that genuine humanity is my medicine,
I have relief that is more personal in the smile of a child,
Than I ever did from Lithium or the rest.

It is for these reasons,
The comfort I have been granted,
Which few of you would find comfortable at all,
Returned to me my life on my terms,
Returned to me and thus you, my words,
My passion,
My soaring spirit
And a mind free from the tyranny of the poison pills,
That longs to engage humanity,
To help wherever and whenever possible,
The one that you have all loved to hate,
And hated to love;

Please understand;
My plea,
My cry,
My devotion to these twelve families,
These human beings,
Who are being left behind,
Understand that without them,
These words,
Would not be written,
My life force would have been gone long ago,
For without them,
There would be,
No more Sender,
And just as there has been a Return to Sender,
Please help me, help them,
To return to a place of safety, a place of comfort,
A place to call home.

We all long for a place to call home!


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Actions Speak Louder Than Words… Thank You!

What Would YOU Do

Without you,
A real friend,
One who has known me through the most dire of circumstances,
Homelessness and destitute,
Though you didn’t know it,
And the most raucous of adventures,
What would I have done?
What would I do?
I think we both know,
Ernest certainly does;

This proverbial boxcar journey,
Me the hobo from the wrong side of the tracks,
And you the resilient playboy playmate of this lifelong Peter Pan,
Giving me the space to be me,
Never apologizing for what I am,
Just accepting, with love and compassion,
That we are all built differently,
Wondrously and magnificently!

I and I and I,
Shattered first at five, again at twelve and then worst of all at twenty one,
Though time and circumstance pulled us apart,
It also brought us back together,
By pure coincidence, you living right across the street from me,
Without even knowing
Where when together you allowed me the space to forget,
A lifetime of personal disappointment,
You reminded me I was
Never afraid to risk everything,
Just to have something,
Anything, that could take away this pain.

Applauded as I have been by you,
And also chided,
For being keen and capable,
To fight through these darkest of periods,
Through words,
Strong drink, strong anything,
But nothing more than then bonds of friendship that have withstood,
The test of time and space.

What would I do?
Without you,
Both literal and proverbial,
Living as I have in mean streets,
And millionaires row,
Those that warped my mentality,
But never my ability to think, or write,
What would I do?

These realities,
Revealed me a costumed man,
Whether in my daily colourful hat and torn jeans,
Or French cuff shirt and Zegna ties,
A man that you picked up,
Without knowing,
Brushed off,
Without knowing,
And was always willing to see me for me,
As I have always tried to do with all those I encounter,
A troubled human,
Working on being better today than yesterday.

Impossible to do,
Nothing, is impossible,
With a touch of compassion and love,
Rationed with good will and sense,
Knowing when I was off,
And still standing by my side,
When others ran for the border,
Never looking back to see the puddled mess of a man,
Screaming to the Ether for help!

My personal endowment,
The love of friends like you,
Who helped me get on my feet,
On my terms,
In the way we all knew that I should,
Away from the pain and suffering of my supposed home,
That now finds me in a real home,
With a real mission,
Purpose and drive,
Free from the pharmaceutical nightmare,
Fighting my battle on my terms,
As a result of the faith of people like you.

When it all seems a bit too much,
My friends, lifelong, have always been there,
And without you,
What would I do?

You’ve known to leave me alone,
You’ve known when not to leave me alone,
Let me stew,
You’ve forced me out of the jaws of my black dog,
My internal terror,
At my lowest,
And enjoyed the salvation of that moment,
When the fun loving I returns,
Because of your grace.

You’ve fed me,
Clothed me,
Allowed me to be a drunk,
An ass and more,
But you,
You don’t let me get away with it,
You thrust me,
You have always driven me,
Though I could never be you;

You’ve made me laugh and even cry,
You’ve made my life worth living which,
As a battle I’ve waged,
Is no small feat,
So as I sit here,
And I write,
For you,
And the generous gift you gave,
Not just to these families,
But to my sanity,
Know that without you,
My friend,
None of this would be possible,
And I owe you (the royal you) a debt I can never repay,

Write, write, and write,
I and I and I,
In the land of elephants,
And a beauty seldom found anywhere in the world
No other requirement from you,
Save perhaps I continue being me,
Even writing this over your objection;

For we have been lifelong friends,
Through it all,
Phish in a barrel,
And I am grateful we are not dead;


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