Actions Speak Louder Than Words… Thank You!

What Would YOU Do

Without you,
A real friend,
One who has known me through the most dire of circumstances,
Homelessness and destitute,
Though you didn’t know it,
And the most raucous of adventures,
What would I have done?
What would I do?
I think we both know,
Ernest certainly does;

This proverbial boxcar journey,
Me the hobo from the wrong side of the tracks,
And you the resilient playboy playmate of this lifelong Peter Pan,
Giving me the space to be me,
Never apologizing for what I am,
Just accepting, with love and compassion,
That we are all built differently,
Wondrously and magnificently!

I and I and I,
Shattered first at five, again at twelve and then worst of all at twenty one,
Though time and circumstance pulled us apart,
It also brought us back together,
By pure coincidence, you living right across the street from me,
Without even knowing
Where when together you allowed me the space to forget,
A lifetime of personal disappointment,
You reminded me I was
Never afraid to risk everything,
Just to have something,
Anything, that could take away this pain.

Applauded as I have been by you,
And also chided,
For being keen and capable,
To fight through these darkest of periods,
Through words,
Strong drink, strong anything,
But nothing more than then bonds of friendship that have withstood,
The test of time and space.

What would I do?
Without you,
Both literal and proverbial,
Living as I have in mean streets,
And millionaires row,
Those that warped my mentality,
But never my ability to think, or write,
What would I do?

These realities,
Revealed me a costumed man,
Whether in my daily colourful hat and torn jeans,
Or French cuff shirt and Zegna ties,
A man that you picked up,
Without knowing,
Brushed off,
Without knowing,
And was always willing to see me for me,
As I have always tried to do with all those I encounter,
A troubled human,
Working on being better today than yesterday.

Impossible to do,
Nothing, is impossible,
With a touch of compassion and love,
Rationed with good will and sense,
Knowing when I was off,
And still standing by my side,
When others ran for the border,
Never looking back to see the puddled mess of a man,
Screaming to the Ether for help!

My personal endowment,
The love of friends like you,
Who helped me get on my feet,
On my terms,
In the way we all knew that I should,
Away from the pain and suffering of my supposed home,
That now finds me in a real home,
With a real mission,
Purpose and drive,
Free from the pharmaceutical nightmare,
Fighting my battle on my terms,
As a result of the faith of people like you.

When it all seems a bit too much,
My friends, lifelong, have always been there,
And without you,
What would I do?

You’ve known to leave me alone,
You’ve known when not to leave me alone,
Let me stew,
You’ve forced me out of the jaws of my black dog,
My internal terror,
At my lowest,
And enjoyed the salvation of that moment,
When the fun loving I returns,
Because of your grace.

You’ve fed me,
Clothed me,
Allowed me to be a drunk,
An ass and more,
But you,
You don’t let me get away with it,
You thrust me,
You have always driven me,
Though I could never be you;

You’ve made me laugh and even cry,
You’ve made my life worth living which,
As a battle I’ve waged,
Is no small feat,
So as I sit here,
And I write,
For you,
And the generous gift you gave,
Not just to these families,
But to my sanity,
Know that without you,
My friend,
None of this would be possible,
And I owe you (the royal you) a debt I can never repay,

Write, write, and write,
I and I and I,
In the land of elephants,
And a beauty seldom found anywhere in the world
No other requirement from you,
Save perhaps I continue being me,
Even writing this over your objection;

For we have been lifelong friends,
Through it all,
Phish in a barrel,
And I am grateful we are not dead;



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