An Open Letter To Humanity

(Think about why I may have put this song up with this particular piece)

I am but a man,
One man,
Both lost and found,
Like a fairy tale,
I found my glass slipper,
Here and now, not once upon a time,
Though hopefully happily ever after,
In the beautiful shining souls of a people,
That reminded me of the true genuine beauty,
Of the innate humanity in all of us,
The genius of our evolution;
Five and a half litres of blood,
The same internal organs,
We each, if lucky, have;

Two legs;
To run toward a brighter future,
Two arms;
To embrace each other in delight and to comfort,
Two hands;
To outstretch in greetings and salutations,
Two ears;
To listen and hopefully hear,
Two eyes;
To see the magic that surrounds us every day,
A nose;
To inhale the beautiful scents of our blue marble,
A mouth;
Allowing us to communicate with passion in both joy and sorrow…

A brain;
Which if engaged can open doors but more importantly minds,
And it is these truths that lead me to you today…

We live in an age of expanding tyranny,
As history is repeating,
Both present and intergenerational,
We live in an age of unprecedented enlightenment,
Yet there is an ever expanding darkness,
Which is consuming our very souls,
Devolving our DNA,
With chemicals and cancers,
Only existent because of the greed of mankind;

We live in an age where the liberty our forbearers fought for,
Is being ripped from our hands,
One Big Mac at a time;
As we refuse to change our iniquities,
Our habits,
Our consumption,
WE, are allowing them, ubiquitous,
To win,
At our expense,
A highly cynical worldview has developed,
Created by men like me,
Sold to people like you,
As a lie repeated often enough,
Becomes true for the masses,
Ignorance is not bliss,
It is a weapon of mass distraction,
Smoke and mirrors,
The greatest long con of all,
For any real reading of the Wealth of Nations,
Exposes what Adam Smith intended was an adequate distribution of wealth,
Yet herein as the Bard would say… Lay the rub!

Are the masses,
People like me wake up,
Realize the error of our ways,
Look deep within, explore our spirits,
And set off soaring,
One small act,
One small change,
One seemingly insignificant deed,
Like the butterfly effect,
Repeated often enough can and will change the world.

Are the masses,
Are the the 99.99%,
Can take back our inalienable rights,
Those not given by mankind,
Instead recorded by nature itself,
In a collective awakening can and MUST shed the chains,
Of the institutions and systems of the oppressor,
Slough off the indentured servitude and outright slaves,
That WE have become,
Through the weighed and measured manipulation of our minds,
From birth,
For the best slave is the one which does not recognize the burden of their chains;
Do you realize you are chained?

Are the people,
Must be, as Ghandi said;
The change we want to see in the world,
And as Jackson said;
Be the man in the mirror and start with me,
Must decide,
With voices united that the tyrants will no longer rule,
With iron fists of the military industrial complex,
Or the brutish seemingly above the law defenders of constitutions,
Eroded over time, by the greed of the few,
At our expense,
The people must embrace the true nature of life,
return to a life that is sustainable and free,
REALIZE that the universe lay within us,
Lay within us,
The people must stand up,
Be counted,
And if needed fight for the world we seek,
A world that I know my grandchildren can not just live in,
But thrive,
A world that is not the dystopian reality approaching,
Rather the paradise the universe intended,
The people,
Must find our passion,
Follow it to develop our purpose and meaning,
And then GIVE IT AWAY…

As a repudiation of our slave masters belief,
That we can and will not rise…

The proverbial they believe you are not capable of change,
That you will continue to watch their idiot box (TV),
You will continue to consume,
You will continue to allow them to rape the planet,
You and any future we may have,
They believe you will let them continue to rob you,
Kill in your name, invade and oppress others,
In your name;

WE, the people,
The solution is clear,
The situation dire,
And the end of the world they designed is near,
WE, the people,
Can, must and will retake our planet, our lives,
A sense of community,
Of family and of love…

And as a wise man others say is crazy once said;

“L O V E Repeats… Buccah!” The sound of a chicken…

Chickens for slaughter or industrial farms no more,
Slaves no more,
The people,
Determine our future
And must decide that there is no future,
Unless we act today, for ALL humanity,
And not imaginary friends in the sky,
Or lines on a map,
But for ALL humanity,
We must rise to our potential,
Meet the challenge of the despots
And overthrow evermore,
Those that seek to decimate you,
By any means necessary.


(This piece is dedicated to a donor who would like to remain anonymous for a campaign I am running to help twelve families affected by a flash flood of their homes…… I can also take interac and paypal payments directly. Contact me for details)


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