The Future is OURS, If YOU want IT!

Like a prison inmate deprived of food and water,

I feel the solitary confinement of a soul that’s been left in the cold,

For years tormented by those who could never understand,

Who could never see,

The very real dangers to my life daily,

Hidden behind a costume and mask of extroversion,

Drunkeness and late night misadventures (Adventures Ernest reminds me),

Years pass like ages of iron, locked inside the halls of a mind,

Filled with the collected knowledge of humanity,

Burdened by the promise of tomorrow seemingly lost in yesterdays passed,

Until it hit me.

In a moment of lucidity,

I can see the increasing iniquity, of a system,

Which has at its core the folly of elected officials,

Those who present the illusion of choice,

Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Democrat or Republican;

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled…”

Officials leaving us wanting, waiting,

From the lies apparently told to us for our own protection,

Those lies I helped create and disseminate for more years than I care to admit,

Yet may I project my objection,

To a system led astray,

Greed and money poisining our leaders,

Political, Military, Religious, Economic and even Academic,

For which billions are suffering on both sides,

Of the global maginot line;

Like the secretly reemerged German Army post Treaty of Versailles,

An army illegitimate is forming right before our eyes,

It is robbing us, raping us, enslaving us,

While foolishly, sheepishly,

We vote for leaders electing our collective fate,

But who really puts them there with dinners at 10,000 bucks a plate,

Follow the money my friends,

Follow the lies.


Inside my mind I am witness to the erosion of the social contract,

As the leviathan of dollars and cents, yuan, euro’s and KIP,

Though currently preferably American,

Slowly but surely have secured a greater share in the corridors of power,

The illusion of choice combined with the collusion of cabals you will never now,

Disenfranchises you,

Not just at my expense, but all of ours,

And I am here to state;


And their bought and paid for puppets,

Prime Ministers and Presidents,

Nothing more than a rubber stamp for imaginary people,

Who have all our rights but none of our responsiblities,

Corporations whom we allow,

To steal our hard earned money through bailouts, SUBSIDIES,

Loans and effectively zero percent tax rates;

Claim your VOTE back from faceless cash hungry corporations

Trying to sell you shoes,

TV’s, DVD’s, Food, Pens and even the news.

For each of those,

Interconnected in a tangled web they weave,

Have powerful hidden agents,

Writers, think tanks, lobbyists in the marble rotundas,

And your VOTE is supposed to be YOURS,

Not an unlimited cash offering by those,

Whose only repsonilbility is to the bottom line,

And their shareholders

(Ernest tells me to remind those shareholders;

they robbed you three times in the last 100 years).

So from my cell,

Called My Black Dog,

I implore you to consider –

Who’s lobbying for you?

What does your vote really count for?

Are you sure your votes even being counted,

Because I am sure that Phil Knight’s has and I’m not sure why,

I also have participated in the fraud of elections,

First hand,

I have disenfranchised,

I have lied,

I have been the system that I now deplore.

I’ve written a cheque,

I have donated my time, thinking power,

My effort and my money,

But is democracies bottom line balanced –


Trillions wasted on war,

Machines of destruction,

Rather than schools and hospitals,

Clean drinking water,


The machines of creation.

Imagine that world for a moment.

A world of Good People Period.

Then when ready,

Ask the corporate raiders,

And your SUPPOSED leaders;

What about the kids;

Ask the folks at Enron,Worldcom, Pacific Gas & Electric Co;

Thornburg Mortgage, Chrysler, Mf Global;

Conseco, CIT Group, General Motors, Washington Mutual;

And the source of my greatest disgust,

Lehman Brothers,

Which caused the greatest theft in human history,

The largest immediate movement of capital,

Into the hands of the very few,

Trillions around the world,

Just sitting invisible in machines,

Collecting interest and creating debt,

At the expense of every one of us…

But, all is not lost,

It woke me up,

I found purpose and meaning,

To give back,

In every way I can…

Perhaps you’ll wake up too,

From the nightmare,

To discover a dream,



(This piece is dedicated to another donor who would like to remain anonymous for a campaign I am running to help twelve families affected by a flash flood of their homes…… I can also take interac and paypal payments directly. Contact me for details)


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