Statehood – Intergenerational Tyranny & the Growth Delusion

A wise man once warned;
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.”

By this definition, we are all,

Though only because it serves the interests of a self blessed few,

At OUR expense.

Another wise man once said;
“Religion was born when the first con man met the first fool.”

By this definition, some are fools.


There was a time,

Not so long ago,

On this blue marble,

Spaceship earth,

Four and a half billion years its birth,

Not so long ago,

Perhaps no more than two hundred thousand years ago,

That our distant ancestors,

Realized it was better to work together,

To achieve a common good,

For every one,

Rather than to pursue,

Individualistic greed and success,

A brief period of bliss, if you will,

Until the con began and we all have been conned.


Nothing more than a human created notion,

Put into action,

And then commonly deluded over millennia…


Yet, there is hope,

For all of us,

However, the time is nigh,

We must wake up from this supposedly shared dream

Realizing the reality that is so blatantly obvious,

We have been living a nightmare;

a nightmare so pervasive that it touches every species on our marble,

A nightmare so powerful that it has convinced us,

We are living a dream.


Whether religious, political, national, social or economic,

Currently services masters you will never see,

Never know,

Systems you will never understand,


At their core,

Are by design and definition,

Designed to engross the idealisms,,

And those who are pulling the strings,

Make no mistake my friends,

In defense of these imaginary friends and creations,

There is nothing they will not do,

Proverbial and literal,

To keep the chains that you don’t see,

Slung around your ankles,

Shackles around your necks,

Serving not yourselves,

But those invisible hands,

Those relish your defeat.


In defense of my idealism,

I have raped innocent women and children,

Pillaged the poor,

Empowered the rich,

I have scorched the earth,

With bombs that I have produced,

Pock marked and newly fallow lands,

Intergenerational tyranny at its worst,

First with bombs and then the fall out,

Unintended consequences they will tell you,


Their intention is clear and present,

A danger for us all,

And these trillions stolen from us,

Killing all over the world,

For what,

In defense of my idealism.


In defense of my idealism,

I have slaughtered by the millions,

Slaves, Jews, Ukrainians,

Albanians, Rwandans, Croat and Serb,

Scot, Mick, and even my own fellow men,

Raping women,

Created child soldiers,

Manufactured scarcity and obsolesce,

North and south,

East and west,

Brother and sisters all,

Pitted against each other,

In the most vile and malignant kind of ways,


In defense of my idealism.


In defense of my idealism,

I have taken power from god’s hands,

A god that surely cannot exist as we have been informed,

For what God would allow us,

Innocent, naïve, and reckless creations,

The power to destroy the very gift we were given,

Placed it within our own,

I have harnessed the power of the atom,

Unleashing a war more senseless than any before,

A cold war,

Killing Charlie to prove a point,

Decimating tribal societies,

With heavy rice and outright genocide,

Robbing fathers,

Then sons to the age of fourteen,

Creating a generation which in order to survive,

Selectively breed,

My defense,

My idealism is right.


In defense of my idealism,

I have created a classless class,

The middle class rigidly feared into place,

The bottom of the pyramid,

A shadow that I pass on every street corner in every city,

The world over,

A forgotten man, woman, or child,

That means so little to my wallet,

That I choose to walk by without imparting a dollar,

As I straighten my Zegna tie,

Going to a job that does nothing to promote our continued existence,

However, allows me to live in a white picket fence,

Drive a fancy new sports car,

Things I do not need or want,

However, have been tricked,

Through prolonged psychological warfare,

That I do not see you,

Or even have the common courtesy to wish you a good day,

For you contribute nothing to my idealism,

Except that you are not good enough for it,


I define and tool, redefine and repackage this idealism.


In defense of my idealism,

I have constructed endless ghettos,

Form and function the same all over this vast promise of an Earth,

Not just the physical construction of slums,

But an emotional ghetto;

This transcends the physical one a million times over,

I have created systems that develops specializations,

Standardized testing and rigorous training of our most precious resource,

Our kids,

Robbing them of their naturally given talents, desires and passions,

Creating cannon fodder and non thinking robots,

To do jobs that create nothing,

Perpetuating the myth sold to you repeatedly,

With minor corrections,

Only when insurrection seemed inevitable,

I have used illiteracy and crack, heroin, ecstasy and more,
with the same force of destruction as I have an M 16,

I have used mass media and other such apparatuses,

To trick you into believing that this is the only way,

Our way,


Or the death way,

Either way;


For it must be obvious to you,

Though the death is slower,

And much more tragic,

For against my own,

So too have I defended my idealism,

By any means necessary.


In defense of my idealism, I have created markets,

Economies of bananas and Microsoft alike,

Communism and Marxism,

Capitalism and Democracy,

Artificial realities sold as facts that fly in the face of the universal truths,


The only laws and rights are those bestowed by our host itself,

And we are in default,

And her reckoning will soon be upon all of us,

Not just the idealisms I so rigorously defend,

Yet, fear not my friends, for I have;

Built my market into a global bully,

A leather clad dominatrix,

Crushed other idealisms through the weight of my dollar,

A foolhardy but handy tool,

A worthless piece of paper,

That you chase like a dog its tail,

Delusion, allusion, illusion and more,


Smoke and mirrors,

Though mostly smoke,

For you don’t even recognize your true face in the mirror,

All in the name and defense of my idealism.


A wise man once said, “Democracy is not the best form of government, it is simply the best we have.”

And the question remains,

Why defend what cannot defend its own?

Why fight for that which refuses to fight for you?

The sky is falling,

The rivers are drying up,

The fresh water is disappearing,

Whilst you drink what is by nature yours,

From a plastic bottle,

We allow our supposed leaders to build bombs,

Rather than bridging the gaps, artificially created by them,

For their own benefit,

At our expense,

War on marijuana,

War on crime,

War on brown people half a world away,

War on whatever citizen we do not like at home,

Wars and proxy wars, hundreds since the end of WWII,

And now,

A war on terror,

A faceless, nameless enemy,


And incidentally funded, with your hard earned imaginary currency,

War on drugs and believe my friends,

If you don’t wake up,

Soon I will be waging war,




Because I have you fooled,

Cajoled and


Controlled by systems you refuse to see,

Blinded by the bling,

Rather than the resonance that each of you ring,

My idealism,

Sheep to the slaughter,

So, go and kiss you wife, your son, and daughter,

Because in defense of my idealisms,

Iniquity, inequity, and greed,

I soon will be coming for them,







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