A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Conspiracy – THINKERS UNITE!

Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno

Aloof in your irresponsibility,

Almost giddy and gleeful,

To your families, yourselves and indeed humanity,

You have been lied to since ancient times,

Been warned by countless sage,

That you are RULED over,

With an iron fist and silent will,

As slaves,

By a cunning enemy,

That hides right beneath the surface,

Yet right in front of your face,

These lies have permeated EVERY aspect of your lives,

Religion, economics, social structures and Politics,

All measures and means that seek to create false order,

Through manufactured chaos,

So you will beg for what they want,

BEG, caused by your manipulated fears,

Organizational structures purpose designed,

To pit brother against brother,

While the devil in disguise is praised by you,

Exalted, elected and economically rewarded,

While you engage in the idiocy of celebrity and cats,

Through your adorned serfdom,

As systems as old as time,

Wage war with each other,

With you as their ultimate victim,

The willing slave,

Invisibly chained,

Divided as human capital,

Wholly owned,

By vile and devious bloodlines,

That to this day continue to reign terror over you,


As you blindly accept,

The abject and manifest realities that you look at daily,

And yet refuse to see.

The New World Order,

Is not,

The New World Order,

It is an order as old as time itself,

One which has splintered into factions,

Yet still interbreeds,

It now fights with itself,

Members of various tribes,

Doing battle with each other,

For supremacy,

Ultimately with the same end game and goal,

Complete and utter domination,

And now, more than ever,

That goal is within reach,

So near at hand while you are distracted,

Bread and Circuses,

As fools you sit in comfort afforded you,

By those who own you,

You buy their lies, their goods,

Enabling them to ever increasingly control every aspect of your lives.

The New World Order is not new,

It is merely a battle,

On going since around the start of the 20th century,

Between forces of evil,

Truly wicked EVIL,

Engaged in a struggle for COMPLETE domination,

Over the world and ALL it’s resources,

Including you,

For that is all you are,

To them,

They view you with contempt,

They believe you are fools,

And unfortunately you are proving them right,

As you continue to eat processed foods,

Designed to weaken your immune system,

As you sit idly by as water is bottled and sold to you,

Water that belongs to YOU,

Allowing companies like Monsanto,

To destroy the one thing that allows us to eat in earnest,

Without chemical intervention,


Without which,

There will be food for none,

Save those that are working plans millennia old,

And, I trust, you are not one of them,


Idly you sit,

Living for the dying,

Contented with the scraps from their golden chalices,

And ivory china.

The New World Order is not new,

And you,

Should you choose,

Could wage a beautiful struggle against their aims,

Educate yourselves, not from textbooks filled with lies,

Lies as spoils for the victors of wars,

You so easily, with your numbers in the billions,

Could undo millennia old systems that have and will continue unabated,

Unless you stand up,

Their agenda has increased its speed with technological advance,

Like robots you consume their lies,

As if it were a lobster dinner,

And then thank them for it,

Their agenda, is right in front of you,

Easy to research and see for yourself,

Do not believe me,

I beseech you,

Heed this call and examine everything you believe you know,

For everything you think you know is FALSE,

A devious and purpose driven lie to enslave not just your body,

But also your mind,

And currently they are winning,


I know,

I used to work for them.

The New World Order is not new,

It is as old as time itself,

An inconvenient truth so many of you ignore,

Rather than using your minds,

You allow yourself to be spoon fed what you believe to be information,


When in fact you are being misled, lied to and manipulated,

To advance THEIR aims at your expense.

Call me what you will.
I encourage your dissent,

I beseech you to attack my presentations,

Assertions and ideas,


If you do so from an informed place,

Where you have read, researched, explored analyzed and come to,


A simple thought experiment,

Cogito Ergo Sum,

Clearly demonstrates you have a consciousness,

Whereby you can and should,

Use that ability to educate yourself,

To the very real machinations used against you,

For the profit of those seeking and maintaining powers and principalities,





By way of Socratic method,

I implore you to explore history,

And the lies you have been told,

By way of illustration;

Why did the crusades REALLY happen?

Why were the Knights Templar disbanded?

Were they disbanded?

Is it possible they relocated, with certain bloodlines,

Adopting names like Von whatever,

And in 1291 established Switzerland?

What of their riches? Where are they now?

Who funds wars? Who benefits?

What is democracy today?

What is communism?

Why was Zionism created? Who benefits?
Why are Swiss banks the most secretive in the world?

Why was the Federal Reserve created?

Who owns it?

Who caused the 1929 stock market crash?

Who benefited?

Who REALLY started World War One?

Who REALLY started World War Two?

Why are there so many Von’s in Nazism?
Why did the Swiss give Hitler so much money? The Americans?

Why, with all its riches, did Hitler not invade Switzerland?

Why was the State of Israel created?

Why was the EU established?

Why was the UN established?

Who paid for both?

Why does the Bank for International Settlements still exist?

What does the World Bank do?

What does the IMF do?

Where did all the top Nazi thinkers go? Nuremburg, hah!

Why has there been a perpetual state of war since the end of WW II?

Why did Eisenhower warn us of the Military Industrial Complex?

Vietnam? Which really was all of South East Asia?

Why has the US tried to overthrow more than 50,

mainly democratically elected governments since WW II?

Why has the US attempted to or successfully suppressed,

Popular or nationalist movements in more than 25 nations?

Interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries?

Attempted to assassinate over 50 foreign leaders?

Why was JFK really killed? MLK? RFK?

What is a false flag operation?

What is the CFR? Trilateral Commission?

Why do they hold so much power over governments in the world?

What is MK Ultra?

What is the School of the Americas?

Where was George Bush born? Are you sure?

Why was the USD taken off the Gold Standard?

What is a Petro dollar?

What is the petro dollar recycling system?

How did Ronald Reagan get elected?

Why was there a war on drugs?

How did the Iran Contra Scandal happen?

How was crack created and by who?

How did the cold war REALLY end?

Why was Panama REALLY invaded?

What is Agenda 21?

Why do we have a pill for everything now but no cures?

What was the first Iraq War REALLY about?

Who REALLY bombed the federal building in Oklahoma?

What really is Al Qaeda? The DATABASE?

Do you really believe the 9/11 narrative?

What was the REAL reason for 9/11?

Why when EVERY plane was grounded in the US,

Were Saudis whisked away without FBI questioning?

Do you think that Islam is the enemy?

Why did the USA bailout the economy?

How did Obama get elected?

Why did he not bring hope and change?

Why did Gitmo not close?

Why did the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue unabated?

What could have been done with the trillions wasted since Clinton?

Why does the US have boots on the ground in 156 countries?

Why does the US have military bases in 63 countries around the world?

Since 9/11 why have 7 more countries been added by the US and 13 new bases?

Why, after two white people get Ebola, is a miracle cure found?

Why, are 3000 troops being sent in the struggle against Ebola?

Why is Israel allowed to commit atrocities without fear of reprisal?

Ever heard of Tuskegee or Mengele? Forced human testing?

The New World Order is not new,

It is as old as time itself,

And if YOU do not use that beautiful three pound structure,

Inside your skull,

I assure you,

You will end up as bones,


Just as they intend,

I know,

I used to walk amongst them,

Serving their VICIOUS and VILE ways,

But no more,

No more.

Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno



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  1. Fuckin’ awesome Sender, as always… Keep it up !

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