Hail Mary

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Fools of the blue marble,


Spaceship Earth,

Mortal species of infinite stupidity,

Divided through millennia by fables of an abhorrent nature,

Complexity and hidden messages, not meant for your eyes,

Instead the chain holders, savages,

Conniving to convince you of your heathen nature,

Diminishing your capacity to critically reason and think,

Blind adherence to your so called faith,

Summoning the ignorance that your masters deigned necessary,

As machinations of popular control,

Unenlightened and blinded by the light of shadows,

Contemptible beasts that hide not their true intent,

Rather lathering on their iniquitous ways,

With haughty contradictions and self serving interpretations,

Be ye any colour under the majestic illusion of the great blue sky,

You have fallen prey to the lions in the den,

Whether priest, rabbi or imam,

Gilded displays of ornate robes and bejeweled scepters,

The smoke and mirrors that defy your innate sensibilities,

As cowardly conscripts to conformity,

Consuming all that is new and improved,

Falling time and again to the greatest extremes,

Over each other fighting for position,

In humanities perversions of conspicuous displays,

Replete with altars, iconography and idolatry,

Feeding a perverse narrative that feeds your malnourished soul,

Resultant from the mental junk food you consistently devour,

One hour of one week at a time,

Oblivious to the ever present, omnipresent, malevolence it represents,

While passing by the ever needy right before your eyes,

No faith required,

Just eyes,

In the praise of God you have found sin,

In the fear of God you have found forced attrition,

In the lies of man you pick and choose at will kernels that align with yours,

While dismiss those, off handed that bear no fruit,

For you,

For you,

As in the end, that is indeed what it is all about,

With your Hail Marys,

Truly Hail Mary as you believe that the empty words,

Are the reckoning that will free you from your sin,

Upon your death,

Right your wrong,

Free you from hell and guide you on your heavenly path,

What about the here and now,

What about your mother, sister, daughter and wife?

Constantly dismissing women from the inner sanctum,

Despite their very benevolence in your own creation,

For reasons, real, veiled in dogma,

Though rooted in the ownership of the very temples,

That would disgust your god today,


Fellow planetary travellers,

Relegated to second class status,


To be revered and reviled at one and the same time,

Those very courageous women defiant,

Holding dear in womb,

Nine months,

Vile deviants who smash not just the mother of another,

But their own,

Selfish actions,

Against your species, your home and your planet,

Be you Christian, Muslim or Jew,

Today when you pray, I beg you this,

Please consider the totality of your religions,

Of ALL religions,

The fullness of your spirit,

Ask of yourself,

What do I represent,

And do the millennia of wars,

The religious and ethnic hatred,

Perpetrated in your names,

For your Gods,

Represent the same,

For your myths devoted,

I beseech thee to inquire,




Coming to a place of reason,

Devoid of faith,

Whereby you realize,

If I were full of grace,

And the lord were with me,

As thee,

Hallowed be my name,

Mother of God,

I would be and always have been equal,

And you butcher my grace with your impertinence,



Written from a Picture Prompt from my good fried over at http://www.magpietales.blogspot.com. Check out some of the best writing on the net.



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2 responses to “Hail Mary

  1. There is so much to like about this poem. I’m just amazed by it. It wraps up beautifully everything I’ve ever felt about religion’s inherent misogyny and blatant propaganda for political purposes…the general hypocrisy of “Do what I say because…God.” I love it. It’s grand and angry and beautifully crafted. Kudos.

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