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And Gonzoism is Born

And the Duke said most of these words unto the unexhaulted, ridiculous and delusional human and High Duke of Raoul, the most silly, bishop of the beating, right hand of Lazlo and semi intelligent primate known as Sender D. MacLean;

I am a drunk drug riddled addict who lacks piety or benevolence although Non Omnis Moriar and as such I bequeath unto you these ten instructions that you may or may not follow at will as you choose and see fit in the pursuit and search for the fear.

You shall treat all, humans and non humans, with the same respect you yourself demand. Unless they are assholes or stupid which are sins and should be afforded every opportunity to slap them down to size as loudly as possible.

You shall constantly seek to improve yourself, not in measure to others, but to yourself, from one day to the next, you shall read, learn, expand your horizons and as such expand the same of those around you. You shall help all humans and non humans alike at every opportunity you can realizing that the only true crime in selfishness.

You shall live your life to the fullest, having bought the ticket (or perhaps more correctly having had it bought for you) it is incumbent upon you to take the ride, realizing that for every down an up will soon follow. And life, in the end, should be just one little drink better than it has been bitter.

Remember to keep holy all days that end in the letter Y, realizing that life is short and precious and must be enjoyed to the fullest extent allowed by the air in your lungs and the beating of your heart.

Honour Bourbon, Scotch, Beer and all distilled essences that are indeed the water of life knowing completely that it is and never will be enough until your heart stops beating. Especially important you must consume on every day that ends in Y and seek never to experience DT’s by ensuring that the blood in your alcohol system does not compromise your imbibing.

You shall not murder not because I said so but because it is the RIGHT FUCKING THING TO DO. Unless such a grievous crime is committed upon you such as Rape or Pedophilia in which case research, find and utilize the most grotesque and painful methods to punish those SICK BASTARDS.

You shall enjoy every carnal pleasure possible unless it causes harm to another species and is without consent. Otherwise FUCK, SUCK and LICK ON!

You shall not take that which does not belong to you UNLESS you are hungry, homeless OR are taking it from the rich as a means of redistributing their ill gotten gains through the sleeping portion for the betterment of man. It is and always has been a strange world. Some people get rich and others eat shit and die.

You shall not lie, unless of course, you’re getting paid to, as we all are, in which case realize everyone lies and when in Rome. “I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours.”

You shall covet anything you want, so long as you don’t act on such covetous thoughts to the harm of another, unless of course it is the rich, ROB THOSE SONS OF BITCHES.

And the Duke continued to whisper in the earthly apostle Sender’s ear;

“So we shall let the reader answer this question for himself: who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?”

Live my children, LIVE, use the mind you have been given to enrich your life and those around you, humanity and indeed the whole of the planet. Except for the politicians; FUCK THOSE vile hand slapping, baby kissing and candy stealing wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Remember in the end; “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”


Know without doubt, I will not ever return, save that in the exercise of these tenets and my spirit imbued in you my fear seeking jubilants, look for the decadent and depraved, find the fear and loathing, live this life so hard, so free, so wonderfully that in the end even the GRIM fucking REAPER himself will be scared to come collect you for the recycled cosmic stardust that you are.


FUCK NIXON and his new world order henchman Henry Kissinger.


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Prisoners of War


indoctrinate. (verb)

teach (a person or group) to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

“broadcasting was a vehicle for indoctrinating the masses”

belief. (noun)

  1. an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.

“his belief in extraterrestrial life”

  1. trust, faith, or confidence in (someone or something).

“a belief in democratic politics”

faith. (noun)

  1. complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

“this restores one’s faith in politicians”

  1. strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof.

“bereaved people who have shown supreme faith

critical thinking (noun)

the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement.

“professors often find it difficult to encourage critical thinking among their students”

God (noun)

  1. (in Christianity and other monotheistic religions) the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.
  1. (in certain other religions) a superhuman being or spirit worshipped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity.

Myth (noun)

  1. a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.

“ancient Celtic myths

  1. a widely held but false belief or idea.

“the belief that evening primrose oil helps to cure eczema is a myth, according to dermatologists”

fiction (noun)

  1. literature in the form of prose, especially novels, that describes imaginary events and people.
  1. something that is invented or untrue.prisoner. (noun)

a person captured and kept confined by an enemy, opponent, or criminal.

“the heroine was being held prisoner in a cave”

God did not make man

in His (a term I have objected to as long as I remember) image,

MAN made God in his and therein lay the largest AND

Most disconcerting question for our species,

As we attempt a great leap forward,

Through reason and thought –

Why do humans persist in believing in the Almighty,

Despite our collective evolution,

Of mind, body and spirit,

At the expense of an ever greater growth?

According to my Mother,

Whom I love dearly,

Who gave birth to me physically, and,

As importantly started my drive to read,

Analyze, understand and form my own thoughts,

Critically, with reason and evidence,

Hitler could be in her ‘Heaven,’

And I,

Though acknowledging I am flawed,

And a Good Person,

Imbued with personal ethics and morals,

Sets that you may call humanism,

Am going to ‘Hell,’

As I do not,

Can not,

Will not accept dogma as fact,

Supposition as evidence,

Or man made (key word MAN) words of an omnipotent tease,

Somewhere like a spirit in the sky.

I myself am, admittedly, delusional,

The chemical constructs of my mental defenses,

That since as early as five, have followed my daily advance,

At times with scorn, others with a tender heart,

But never, through personal or delusional interpretation,

Have they,

The Lost Generation, none more verbose,

Than Hemingway himself;

Instructed me,

To slaughter Harry Potter fans,

Or Dracula, or Hamlet,

Nor those that can not share in my delusions,

Due to their supposed normalcy.

By common agreement,

My delusions are my own,

And beyond my sharing them,

As a means of understanding with those that love me,

I accept that they are delusions,

I have been, though no longer am,

Medicated to treat the conditions,

By a doctor, who by study and analysis,

Concluded that my Hemingway and Company,

While real to me,

Very real indeed,

Are not to him, nor society at large

Thus society as a whole has deemed my delusions divergent,

Yet he who is without sin cast the first stone,

Pray tell (pun intended) the difference,

Between my deeply held, personally real hallucinations,

And the delusions which serve to feed them,

And your Gods?

To be fair,

To the billions strong myth chasers,

In reverse of critical thought,

Though I do not share your delusions,

I can not fault them,

Rather I can insist that the faculties of thought,

Allow we, sentient beings,

To entertain, without hesitation,

A thought we do not believe,

I have through measured effort,

Communed, imaginarily,

With God or Gods,

Man, woman and child,

Seeking to understand,

The benevolent charm of these unseen, all powerful,

Infinite wonders,

And time and again have come,

Through critical thought to the same conclusions.

I was raised in a culture of indoctrination,

Religious, political, economic and social,

Perhaps none so pervasive (and globally destructive),

As that of the monotheists,

In my case the first Abrahamic religions,

Exposed to, versed in and chapter aware,

Of Torah, Bible and Koran,

Unlike most victims of critical thought suppression,

I have read, page after page of each,

With an open mind and open heart,


Not by speaking to a snake or a burning bush,

That it is time to let MY people go,


Prisoners of war,

Since the moment GOD is forced upon them.

You see,

It may not be argued,

That the deeply held ‘personal’ beliefs,

In God, Christianity and the potential of an afterlife,

Are rammed down the throats of humans at ages,

That our minds are incapable of drawing necessary distinctions,


That these Foie Gras mythological force feedings,

Lead to a pervasive abstract object permanence,

Which, it seems to me,


Remains the only imaginary being to which we are subjected,

That the religious cling to,

Long after the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy,

Have passed into the realm of the imagined,

Not with scorn or spite,

But with the deep affection each deserve,

As children’s tales.


God persists,

In defiance of reason,

Whether Yahweh, God, Jesus or Allah,

Resultant from the constant barrage,

Impenetrable indoctrination that we are bequeathed,

By our parents,

Well intentioned to be sure,

Yet, in this passing down of mythological morals and ethics,

We are struck,

At an age irrelevant here,

Whereby we must individually decide,

What our personal truth is,

In spite of,

And indeed in the face of those we love,

Insane amounts of familial and peer pressure,

That shake many of us to our core.

I do not attack your belief,

Your faith, your religion, or your Gods,

Instead I cry out for your understanding,

Your critical thinking and your open mindedness,

I plead for you to apply the same faculties that cause you,

To go to a doctor when you are sick,

And call the police when there has been a crime,

Both events that would not even require a moments thought,

For you to engage in actions appropriate to your experience.

While I bemoan the insane selectivity of your following,

I do attack what has been done in the name of religion,

The name of your Gods,

Those that have enslaved the beautiful minds of your children,

With your tacit approval,

They have become without question,

Prisoners of war,

And I hope as we progress collectively,

That they, your children,

In the name of your Gods,

Do not become killed or missing in action.

I raise my eyes to the heavens,

Also known as outer space,

The universe,

From this spaceship Earth,

Our blue marble,

One of billions potential in that great yet unknown,

And pray to logic, reason, rationale and critical thought,

That God will,


Sender D. MacLean

Writers Note:

This piece was inspired by the following prompt from a friend, the prompt as follows below;

“a main sewage back-up: invading, infecting, shit (u thought u were rid of) returns along with everybody else’s in the area. It’s not your fault but floor covering, lower walls, and possessions have to be removed to avoid mold and disease. Life and home are in upheaval… replacements to come as you can afford them?”

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Carbon is 4EVER!

GENOCIDE is forever!

Are you a Rhodes Scholar?

Or merely a consumer?

Bigger is better,

Monopoly is best, right?

For men conceived,

A perfect plan,

A conspiracy,

Where not only did they pass go,

Collect billions of dollars,

And never go to jail;

They were celebrated,



And called gentlemen.

A contemptible beast,

Of imperial glory,

For Queen and Country,

More like pounds, of silver and gold,

Scarring maps and landscapes,

Pillaging and raping,

Not just the physical but mental,

Enslaving millions,

While enriching and enshrining your place,

In a vile history,

And dastardly future which persists to this day,

Devoid of obvious truths,

Of chopped off hands,

Cut out tongues,

Repression, suppression and untimely death.

The four C’s,



Clarity, and,

C A R A T.

But for the victims,

There was and is no carrot,

Only stick.

“the intensity of the internal and external reflections of white light to the eye from a diamond or other gem in the face-up position.”


“ability of a diamond to disperse white light into the rainbow colors of its spectrum.”



“is the word used to describe a quality aspect of brilliance historically referred to as the diamond’s “life.”


Take over,






Scorched earth policy,

Take it all,

Kill everything and everyone,

That gets in your way,

It’s the imperial style,



Without hesitation,

For the lives of ‘chattel.’


The hard rains fall,

Returning to the earth,

The crimson tide,

Of the blood that is on your finger,

Try though you may,

You cannot wash from your hands.






Though without an inkling,

To the evident history,

That brought you just one more piece,

Of a much larger design,

Proudly worn by you,

A symbol of all that is iniquitous and filthy,

In this world in which we live,

A legacy displayed,


By the duped the world over,


How many diamonds stockpiled in this one building alone?

Just one in the cabal,


and nefarious syndicate.



It is forever,




Of Imperial and Diamond fame,


Founder of De Beers,


As all Robber Barons do,

The dwindling value of owned commodity,

A new putsch was born,

A scam,

A conspiracy,

First to control all diamond mining,



Then to create, out of nothing,

Like money,

A market of ill informed,


Manipulated consumers,

Of the absolute need,

For a generally worthless bobble,

As a manifest destinies symbol,

Of love sweet love,

From a river of blood.

Yet herein,

Women the world gasp aghast,

But diamonds are a girls “best friend,”

Beautiful and a sign of love,

A filial trinket passed down through time,

With nary a concern for the lives shed,

All in the name of love,

(though not the love you think),

Rather the love of power, wealth, status, fame,



Begets Monopoly,

Begets monopoly,

More is never enough,

Who funded this young mans conquest?

A question I leave to you,

Why fund this tyrants conquest?

A question I leave to you,

Follow the money it never lies.

By the end of his life,

Rhodes controlled ninety percent of production,

Of that relatively worthless piece of carbon,

Locking up in vaults,

Mass quantities of diamonds,

And again a failing empire,

Death throes in it’s midst,

Went to war and threatened,

The interests of the Right Honourable Cecil Rhodes,


As all great robbers do,

Got into a shoot out,

Financing, supplying and fighting,

Against his own country,

To protect the not so rare gem,


All wars are bankers wars.

Though not quite a monopoly,

Not just yet,

Rhodes had competition,

And as we know,

That is a sin,


Only after death,

Did his monopoly become complete,

As another well financed, well healed tyrant,

Solidified the worldwide supply AND demand,

For DeBeers,

Mr. Oppenheimer,

Financed by whom?

Ernest indeed knew,

The necessity,

To increase demand,

And reduce supply,

Stating plain for all to see;

“common sense tells us that the only way to increase the value of diamonds is to make them scarce, that is to reduce production.”

As propaganda became common place,


Of basest human desires,

As earlier written about and demonstrated,

Where Edward Bernays,

Laid out the plain to infiltrate, manipulate AND,

Indeed control,

The modern age of advertising born,

Where fear could not be used,

Desire is always best.




“create a situation where almost every person pledging marriage feels compelled to acquire a diamond engagement ring.”

To give a ring,

Had since medieval times been,

A standard for true love,

Yet, before World War Two,


Had been solely the domain of the rich,

Less than ten percent buying this symbol of glittering death,

DeBeers knew this was no way,

To rob and steal,

And set about proving,

Shortly after the war,

“A diamond is forever.”

Contrived by monopoly,

Delivered by the advertising age,

DeBeers succeeded where few had before,

Like Snake Oil Salesmen,

Or preachers calling for your leap of financial faith,

They realized,

Monopolized and materialized,

That the product was ancillary,

Not even secondary,

The real money,

Was in the idea,

Selling to the masses,

A relatively worthless C,

But the idea that it represented eternal love.

How many boys and girls,

Daughters and sons,

Husbands and fathers,

Mothers and wives,

Have given their lives,

Shed their blood,

On fields so far away,

They are never seen, less considered,

So you could show off,

That literally priceless trinket,

On your finger.

If it be true,

This idea,

This notion,

This marketing campaign,

That this brilliant fire,

Represents love,

I wonder,

As Shakespeare;

“All causes shall give way: I am in blood

Stepp’d in so far that, should I wade no more,

Returning were as tedious as go o’er.”

Blood is temporary,

But carbon,

is forever.

Same old bag of tricks,

new lies…


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