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A Better Man


Here we are,

Feeling as if I am again at the crossroads,

An idiot,

Seeking to understand all that you are,

Finding it at once difficult and wondrous,

Discovering who you are as a person,

As a sister, daughter, and aunt,

Wishing to fully comprehend where you came from,


Your traditions, customs and cultural norms,

Yet I feel,

I am doing abysmally,

As if for every step forward,

I make two steps back,

Having not the freedom to be what we want,

Nor the most ideal of situations,

True love will find a way,

For as Shakespeare wrote;

‘The course of true love never did run smooth,”

I find myself longing for a soul capitulation,

I will yield to you and for you,

Becoming a better man,

At the barricades of what can and must be,

Liberated by you,


My only desire to quench your thirst,

For a love so rare,

One told by lovers, sages, oracles and poets,

Since the very dawn of time,

Seeking compromise in who I have been,

To make way for whom I am,

And who I must become,

A better man,

For you,

A better man,

For our families,

A better man,

For us,

Lovers united by destiny,

The Gods or Fate,

Served to each other,

In the moment our eyes first met,

The promise of a lifetime of bliss,

As well as the necessary shake ups and sorrows,

In order to fulfill the promise,

Of a better tomorrow,

Sworn to you,

On this day,

And every day before,

And all of those to come,

My love,


A better man indeed,

As I refuse to allow my bad habits,

To lead me astray,

From you,

I am sorry, for all we’ve been through,

The hardships that have tested us,


I will fight myself,

Feed the flame within so I will not be without,

I surrender to


My wholesome yearning,

A better man,

Whom I know to be filled with charm and light,


Shining on me with your smile,

Your eyes dancing like stars in the sky,

And I the destitute writer,

This king ascending,

Wishing to make for you a kingdom,

With little princes and princesses abounding,

Sounding the clarion call,

Of love’s delicious bite,

And you have bitten me,


As only Muse can allow,

Hmong Key,

I long for every moment you will bless me,

Testing the challenges we face,

To grow into each other’s divine right,

I will fight,


To be that better man,

Seeking from you the chance to show you,

The world you mean to me,

I love you,

In addition, I seek to understand more plain,

All of you,

To understand more,

All of me,


Hmong Key,


Let’s start fresh,

Our journey into forever,

Once more reminded of,

The plans we can never grasp,

But instead, unconditionally surrender,

To the life we both intend.

I love you!



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