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Carbon is 4EVER!

GENOCIDE is forever!

Are you a Rhodes Scholar?

Or merely a consumer?

Bigger is better,

Monopoly is best, right?

For men conceived,

A perfect plan,

A conspiracy,

Where not only did they pass go,

Collect billions of dollars,

And never go to jail;

They were celebrated,



And called gentlemen.

A contemptible beast,

Of imperial glory,

For Queen and Country,

More like pounds, of silver and gold,

Scarring maps and landscapes,

Pillaging and raping,

Not just the physical but mental,

Enslaving millions,

While enriching and enshrining your place,

In a vile history,

And dastardly future which persists to this day,

Devoid of obvious truths,

Of chopped off hands,

Cut out tongues,

Repression, suppression and untimely death.

The four C’s,



Clarity, and,

C A R A T.

But for the victims,

There was and is no carrot,

Only stick.

“the intensity of the internal and external reflections of white light to the eye from a diamond or other gem in the face-up position.”


“ability of a diamond to disperse white light into the rainbow colors of its spectrum.”



“is the word used to describe a quality aspect of brilliance historically referred to as the diamond’s “life.”


Take over,






Scorched earth policy,

Take it all,

Kill everything and everyone,

That gets in your way,

It’s the imperial style,



Without hesitation,

For the lives of ‘chattel.’


The hard rains fall,

Returning to the earth,

The crimson tide,

Of the blood that is on your finger,

Try though you may,

You cannot wash from your hands.






Though without an inkling,

To the evident history,

That brought you just one more piece,

Of a much larger design,

Proudly worn by you,

A symbol of all that is iniquitous and filthy,

In this world in which we live,

A legacy displayed,


By the duped the world over,


How many diamonds stockpiled in this one building alone?

Just one in the cabal,


and nefarious syndicate.



It is forever,




Of Imperial and Diamond fame,


Founder of De Beers,


As all Robber Barons do,

The dwindling value of owned commodity,

A new putsch was born,

A scam,

A conspiracy,

First to control all diamond mining,



Then to create, out of nothing,

Like money,

A market of ill informed,


Manipulated consumers,

Of the absolute need,

For a generally worthless bobble,

As a manifest destinies symbol,

Of love sweet love,

From a river of blood.

Yet herein,

Women the world gasp aghast,

But diamonds are a girls “best friend,”

Beautiful and a sign of love,

A filial trinket passed down through time,

With nary a concern for the lives shed,

All in the name of love,

(though not the love you think),

Rather the love of power, wealth, status, fame,



Begets Monopoly,

Begets monopoly,

More is never enough,

Who funded this young mans conquest?

A question I leave to you,

Why fund this tyrants conquest?

A question I leave to you,

Follow the money it never lies.

By the end of his life,

Rhodes controlled ninety percent of production,

Of that relatively worthless piece of carbon,

Locking up in vaults,

Mass quantities of diamonds,

And again a failing empire,

Death throes in it’s midst,

Went to war and threatened,

The interests of the Right Honourable Cecil Rhodes,


As all great robbers do,

Got into a shoot out,

Financing, supplying and fighting,

Against his own country,

To protect the not so rare gem,


All wars are bankers wars.

Though not quite a monopoly,

Not just yet,

Rhodes had competition,

And as we know,

That is a sin,


Only after death,

Did his monopoly become complete,

As another well financed, well healed tyrant,

Solidified the worldwide supply AND demand,

For DeBeers,

Mr. Oppenheimer,

Financed by whom?

Ernest indeed knew,

The necessity,

To increase demand,

And reduce supply,

Stating plain for all to see;

“common sense tells us that the only way to increase the value of diamonds is to make them scarce, that is to reduce production.”

As propaganda became common place,


Of basest human desires,

As earlier written about and demonstrated,

Where Edward Bernays,

Laid out the plain to infiltrate, manipulate AND,

Indeed control,

The modern age of advertising born,

Where fear could not be used,

Desire is always best.




“create a situation where almost every person pledging marriage feels compelled to acquire a diamond engagement ring.”

To give a ring,

Had since medieval times been,

A standard for true love,

Yet, before World War Two,


Had been solely the domain of the rich,

Less than ten percent buying this symbol of glittering death,

DeBeers knew this was no way,

To rob and steal,

And set about proving,

Shortly after the war,

“A diamond is forever.”

Contrived by monopoly,

Delivered by the advertising age,

DeBeers succeeded where few had before,

Like Snake Oil Salesmen,

Or preachers calling for your leap of financial faith,

They realized,

Monopolized and materialized,

That the product was ancillary,

Not even secondary,

The real money,

Was in the idea,

Selling to the masses,

A relatively worthless C,

But the idea that it represented eternal love.

How many boys and girls,

Daughters and sons,

Husbands and fathers,

Mothers and wives,

Have given their lives,

Shed their blood,

On fields so far away,

They are never seen, less considered,

So you could show off,

That literally priceless trinket,

On your finger.

If it be true,

This idea,

This notion,

This marketing campaign,

That this brilliant fire,

Represents love,

I wonder,

As Shakespeare;

“All causes shall give way: I am in blood

Stepp’d in so far that, should I wade no more,

Returning were as tedious as go o’er.”

Blood is temporary,

But carbon,

is forever.

Same old bag of tricks,

new lies…




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Benign Neglect

Benign neglect,
In that we do not see,
Can not see?
Refuse to see?
Bearing false witness,
In gilded churches, synagogues and mosques,
Ivory towers where the powerful feast,
People wasting away on the street,
Right in front of them,
Right in front of us;

Cold and tired,

Hungry and wet,

Dying of starvation, a lack of shelter,

A societal lack of support,

It’s more than that,
Much more;

Girdles of steel and brick,
Built by the cheapest bidder,
Creating a mental prison,
From which so few can escape.

An economy built on conviction,
Of the underclass that is,
A brave young poet once proclaimed,
Growing up,
In a ‘jail cell economy,’
Motivated by profit.

Rat infested and asbestos laden,
As true in New York or London as it is in Vientiane or Vienna,
Blackboards and whiteboards from a different era,
Lessons that are no longer relevant,
Teachers that no longer teach,
Instead guiding the way through some standardized test.

Its hard to care when you’re conditioned to believe that no one else does,
Purple, blue, red, yellow, black and white,
Puddles filled with caps of each,
Representing our fallen youth,
Cocaine, Heroin, Meth and more,

Presented as truth,
An arrogant matter of factness,
Sold by Brian Williams or Tom Brokaw,
The news no longer all that fits to print,
Become all that’s fit to instill fear,
Pushing forward sn agenda,
That you nor I never get to vote on,

From our comfortable storied walls of power brokers,
Recreation centers,
Parks and the corners,
The breeding ground for both good and bad,
Morality decided by shades of gray,
No black or white,
We complain,
While sipping a chardonnay, or a Starbuck’s or a coke,
Yet most of us don’t even vote,
And when we do,
Who are we really electing?

Do you know the faces behind the suit,
Have you ever stopped to ask?
The illusion of choice is not a choice,
But shackles from which we cannot escape,
Who are their masters? Who are yours?
Where do they get their information,
Not to mention the very words that come out of their mouths?

And yet…
Look at the power you give them and look at what they’ve done,
What have they done?

Do none of you see?
Do none of you have the same fears?
Osama was not THE ‘terror,’
Merely one face of it,
A coward that hid behind faulty logic and misrepresented theology,
Once bought and paid for by the very people that label him,
Driven by hate;

But make no mistake, there are a million more driven by hate and fear.

National populations suffer from starvation –
When is the last time you didn’t finish a meal?

Drought, a lack of access to education,
Technology and science, my education undervalued,
My technology underused ,
As the Advil I take for a hangover could serve a much better purpose.

Prejudice, ignorance and fear,
Blinding society to the clear reality of life on earth today,
Blinding me,
Blinding you.

Milosevic (like so many before him)
Killed without prejudice any that got in his way –
Racial cleansing,
It sound so institutional doesn’t it?
So scientific, lets call it what it is, not make it easy to say –
Genocide (though we promised never again, look around today)

Damn political correctness –
Lets call a spade a spade,
Those mass graves and the videos we’ve seen,
Represent the decision of a sick man,
For the wholesale slaughtering,
Murdering and destruction of Muslims
In his very own modern Oprichnina.

Though, no less guilty are we,
Who sleep comfortably in our beds,
While drones strike far off lands,
Extraordinary rendition takes place,
In the murky grays we never see,
The boogie man is real,
You just never see him,
All in the name of freedom and peace?

Through time, the poet, the artist, the dreamer,
The playwright, actor, director, novelist, philosopher, student,

Any truly inspired by passion have dreamed of a better place –

And maybe,
Just maybe,
We’ve seen bits and pieces,
But there is so much more to go…

What can you do?

What will you do?

What will,




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The Sun Also Rises

“When the sun rises, it rises for everyone”

The sun may rise everyone,
But it certainly doesn’t SHINE on every one,
That is a lie that we tell our children, and ourselves
With whitewashed histories,
Lies written by the victor,
As a spoil of war,
They contradictions of what is right and just,
The most disgusting part of which,
You all know is true..

The sun may rise on everyone,
But for those who live in the shadows,
Those tortured souls that have no place,
No meaning,
No consideration in our lives,
Not in our backyard,
No shine for them,
Only scraps and cast offs,
And only if fortunate,
News flash,
There is no such thing as my backyard anymore,
Globalization ensures that.

African Americans on slave ships,
Millions sold,
Billions made,
Bought and sold by Europeans,
Brought to the Americas and the world around by force,
To till the fields of the white aristocracy,
To work the mines of gold, iron, coal and diamonds,
You may say that this is the past,
But is it really?
What of the Congo and Blood Diamonds? (just one example)

What of the millions we stood by and allowed to die,
Despite heroic efforts by a great Canadian General Romeo Dallaire,
Who witnessed and reported daily,
To his United Nations masters,
In Rwanda,
Afraid of using a word,
Genocide because of the international implications,
After promising,
Never again.
Did the sun rise on them?
Did it rise on their bodies laying in the streets,
The make shift gutters,
Running rivers of blood.
Did it shine? For them?

Every day,
In every city,
All around the world,
The under class that no one speaks of,
Whether in India or Africa,
Suffers from indignation to their plight,
The dreams of visionaries like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr,
Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman,
Have now become legacies of nightmares,
That the underclass lives daily,
Its current name,
Foreclosure and unemployment,
Food insecurity and indifference.

The sun may rise on everyone,
But what of Africa and India,
Though the ‘Trade’ companies owned by foreign governments are gone,
Unaccountable transnational corporations have replaced them,
Those that only answer to the shareholder and the bottom line,
Bhopal comes to mind.

What of the subjugation that did not end with colonialism,
It still exists,
Apartheid may be over,
But to those in the townships has life improved,
Where is their education,
And I don’t mean the one commanding,
That a uniform be bought,
A uniform that few can afford,
Such as the standard operating procedures of the World Bank and IMF,
Colonialism has become capitalism,
And capitalism is the new enslavement,
Which may prove,
As time goes on to be far more deadly,
And treacherous than slavery every was.

The sun may rise on everyone,
But it rises more brilliantly,
For those privileged few,
The thousand or so that control 98 percent of all wealth
Those who do not suffer from this current economic crisis,
Some earning more in a minute,
Than entire villages collectively in a lifetime,
In fact the rich got richer,
While the under classes lost their homes and their dignity,
A true depression that no one wants to call,
The impact of which is yet to be felt,
Did you hear that,
The impact of which is yet to be felt,
And believe me,
It is going to be painful.

I cry out to the heavens,
Please, please return to us,
Visionaries that can guide us to a new paradigm,
A leader,
A true leader,
That every day,
Instead of the status quo,
In spite of it,
The special interests and corporate masters,
The rich getting richer,
Allows and pushes for a true redefinition of the distribution of wealth,
This must be addressed,
Before the masses rise up,
We the people,
Demand it,
And believe me they will.

So yes,
When the sun rises, it rises on everyone…

It just doesn’t shine on us all.

I have a dream today,
That we,
As a people,
Stand up and demand what is right and just,
I have a dream today,
That as technology progresses,
That the promised impact on our lives,
Be given us,
I have a dream today,
That your children, you and I,
Can do what we desire,
Free from worry of poverty, shelter, food or clothing,
I have a dream today,
That we allow the younger generation to follow its passions,
Rather than comfort and pay cheques,
For embracing those passions is the answer to all the worlds’ problems,
I have a dream today,
That we embrace each other as one people,
Without regard to race, colour or creed,
We are the human race,
And we are in a fight for our lives,
I have a dream today,
That we the people demand that our governments stop building weapons,
Start building;
Affordable housing, schools, hospitals,
Community centers, Libraries, parks and more,
Liberate our minds and the rest will follow,
I have a dream today,
That we finally realize our full potential,
Right iniquity,
And embrace a better future,
By starting today.


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