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What Dreams MAY Come



These words fall not upon deaf ears

Or an erstwhile impenetrable soul,


These words enter through loving eyes,

Knowing that these sentiments rare,

Are the truest form of me,

Expressed herein,


Though feared lost in translation,

Cultural mores,

Yet here I stand defiant,

Like a child at play,

With you,

Tickling the fancy of your greatest desires,

Roaming free and invited into the dreams you seek,

Piercing the armor that you so deftly have created,

Come to you like a knight,

In tales of yonder,

Where the damsel in distress,


Is saved,

Figuratively and literally,

By me,

Here and now!


These words enter into your mind,

Understood by ripe passion,

Filter free from worry,

That they may alight your greatest fantasies,

Here and now,

Of the life you crave,

The life you deserve,

The life I’d like to make with you,


These words enter you like water,

Finding the path of least resistance,

Where they hit right at the heart of you,

Like the gods ambrosia,

Intoxicating you with a restored vision,



For what was and what could be,

With you,

For you,

For us,



These words could unlock the chambers of your insecurity,

Demanding nothing more of you,

Than that delicious smile,

The one that lights up every room,

With your eyes dancing like an inverse moon,


By you,

I will go in this way,

Discovering that what may be may be,


To this,

At the head wondering, wandering and wishing,

To share with you,

Every moment,

Perfect, imperfect and all together plain,

Though with you,

None could be plain,

For you are like that fairy tale princess,

And I a low suitor,

Longing to raise up to become that knight,

To take you to the life you’ve always sought,


Perchance these words restore that faith lost,

For reasons inconsequential,

That neither define me nor you,

Nor the clear admiration and adoration that we share,


These words,

Beg the reason of reason released,

For in affairs such as these,

The heart and soul,

There need not be reasons,

Only compassion,


Trust and the daily affirmation,

That I am yours,

And you are mine.


These words,

Could possibly heal your wounds,

Could possibly reveal you to you,

And thus more to me,

Beyond the naked expression of beauty that I have

Already born witness to,

Captured as I have been,

By the radiance of you,

Bedazzled by the awe that you inspire,

Uplifted by your sweet gentleness,




For you to see,

Who I am,

Who I seek to be,

With you…



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Can You…

Can you…

Can you forgive me…


I hope you can

And trust you will;


For I pang for a life of,

Once upon a times,

And happily ever after,

With you…


All ye that have been reckless,

Without regard or understanding,

The condition within,


For this wounded man,

Figurative and literal,

Brutally torn and tattered,

Hidden realities and invisible scars,

I can let no one see,

For when I do the result is inevitable,

An inverse rabbit in the hat,





I fault you not,

For choosing the easier road,

For truly there is no easy road in life,

I fault you not,

How could I,

Considering that I know myself,

My three selves,

I and I and I,

And at times even I am uncertain,

As to whether or not,

I am comfortable in my own skin,

I assure you I am,


And have not been for quite some time;


I have to be, though,

And I attempt daily,

To find the strength,

I attempt daily,

To give you reassurances,

A necessary aplomb,

That I can and will beat this thing,

This unbeatable,




This jewel that remains unpolished,

Uncut stones,

Like tracts of time,

Rivers on Mars,

*(desiring instead Eros)

Those reveal our deepest wounds,

Mine hiding behind compartments of beaming soul shine,

Fighting to overcome my black dog,

Constant cruel companion,

I fight;


I can’t apologize for my wounds,

I just can’t,

Hard to believe,

Well you should,

Perhaps if you read my palm,

Perhaps if you read me,

Reached inside and held tenderly,

This abject sorrow,


Heaving me through time,

From place to place,

Longing for a home,

A love,

A wife,

A home,

A family,

A life;

Longing for you…


You’d get it,

You’d understand,

Why I turn the colour of an aubergine,

At the very thought,

Of a love requited,

A love with you,

A thought I’ve held dear,

Since my life fell apart,

In an instant,


Of this chivalrous knighted,


And how am I fool,

Looking to put my feet on firm ground,

The terra firma,

Of your heart,

Like in fairy tales,

That delivers me from evil,

And reminds me,

Of all that is before us,

What do we do now?

What do we do now?

All ye that have been reckless,

With this wounded man,

How do I forgive you,

With grace, compassion, empathy, understanding and love,

Can you do the same?


Will you?





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My Name is Sender…

Lend me your eyes;

Hi, my name is Sender and I have a problem,


My life recorded invisibly on my body,

You can not see,

Or fathom,

Indelibly on my soul,

Like a crown of thorns,

Though you have already embraced it,

And ganders through the disjointed cracks of my prismatic heart,

And someday,

Should you be so lucky,

You might know me in a way that so few can or will;

Should you be so lucky?

I hope that one could be so lucky,


Who now come, seems so ready to depart,

Afraid of the possibility, possibilities,

Departure delayed, arrival uncertain,


You may find that I will endure beseeching you,

Imploring and enticing you,


In words like these,

To approach my story,

With a vulnerable mind and a sacred heart,

So that I can show you what I already know,

Just as you do,

These feelings are not the imaginary dalliances

Of delusion,

Rather the infusion of the Ether’s calling.

There are lashes, gashes, cuts and bruises,

Beyond the eyes comprehension,

Those never heal,

There are torments and tortures,

I would wish upon none but me,

Those never heal,

For though the blessing and curse exist in me,

Bipolar dualities,

This Warrior Poet, fights on,

Shattered glass heart and malfunctioning dreams.

That you never see,

Though you may feel, if, perchance,

You had the bravery,

The courage to risk it all for happiness,

As so often I do,

To stand exposed, as I am at this moment,

Though, should you find that power,

You may experience with me,

Should you be so inclined,

Touched by me as I long to touch you,

Reliving daily,

Seconds, minutes, hours and days,

In rapid succession those moments that brought me here,


Tracing my restlessness with rabid delights,

Delights like you,


My fingers like Picasso’s brush,

And Van Gogh palette,

My authenticity falsely imprisoned in cubist fragments,

A sick joke played by my psyche as

My veracity self realized,

And abused,

Calls forth the divine intention of a personal gentrification,

You may unearth,

That when I implore you,

I am pained beyond words,

Except when I see your smile,

From those big brown eyes

And your radiant soul,

While revealing to you I am stretched across my canvas,

At your behest,

I am thrust into the eye of the storm,

That life has constantly divulged to me,

Dark clouds, gathering and furious storms

And my Black Dog.

As soon as one episode ends without a laugh track,

Another begins,

Up and down,

Down and up,

A silent movie,

While Charlie Chaplin prays us smile,

I can paint a smile on my face,

Rehearsed and like a costume, hiding,

It does little to conceal my contempt,

For this plight,

I am caught inside the cage where the bird cannot,

Does not,

Will not sing,

Though the beautiful song is so clear,

All I need do is vocalize it,

As I have,

Watching as I do,

Interned and waiting,

For my turn to reveal more,


So that you might understand,


What makes me tick,

What drives me onward,

What removes the veil,

And the answer Muse, is you,

Thus as a proverbial bride,

In this revelation,

You will carry me across the threshold,

So that I can intimately express to you,

That my scars are the graffiti

Imprinting my story on my body,

My heart, mind and soul,

And in that moment,

You will have me,


As I have already,

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Her Veil Parts Slightly…


I am a servant,

Your servant,

Here to guide you to the happiness you do not yet know,

And are yet to believe possible,

Anxious to ensure that in your service,

I can somehow enlighten you,

Should you choose it?

Should you see inside your own darkness?

Your own hurt,

Past rejection and self deprecation,

To see what is so clear to the rest of us,

Moreover, that endears me so,

Savoring every moment shared,

Especially with my Celtic kit,

In the dead quiet of each South East Asian night,

Shared harmony

Shall you like the tales of old?

My proverbial Rapunzel let down your hair,

Though not of gold,

Letting me be your freedom,

For indisputably this must be, like you,

The beginning of the most beautiful fairy tale.


I am a servant,

Your servant,

It is my humble joy to create with you,

Should you allow me,

A smile as Father Time intended,

It is my pleasure to confidently open your eyes,

Your heart and your mind,

Tickling your soul, as I perceive it longs to be,

Pleasing it as I long to be love for love,

In service of you,



I am a servant,

Your servant,

My bliss created by your elation,

I am a servant,


Should you have me?

Seeing what others already have,

What I know you have,

Can you overcome your fears?

Your doubts and reservations?

Will you try?


I am a servant,

Your servant,

Come to reveal the power of love,

True love,

The power of you,

The true you,

To make a change,


With only a thought,

Realizing what sincerely is inside of you,

Rather than this darkness you portend,

Will you choose happiness,

Or maintain the status quo?


As your servant,

It is my great delight,

To see that twinkle in your perky brown eyes,


Gratefully in my direction,

And through my service,

I heal my wounds,

Release my demons,

The shackles of my past,

Keeping my Black Dog at bay,

While Hemingway relishes that, again my fingers bleed,

I am your servant,


Awaiting your command,


As the Ether, and my ladies,

Serendipity, Destiny and Fate intend.


Be not fickle,

I am not too proud to beg,

For what I feel is pure,

In this moment and those to come,

For you!

Shall your veil part slightly?



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Love I Am…



For some reason,

Since birth,

I have known what love is,

Inside my heart and soul I have yearned for a love requited,

That makes sense of the mysteries of time and space,

As if at birth,

All the ancient gods of love,

Visited me,

Carried by chariots drawn by every species of butterfly,

Their colours initially blinding,

And I know why, For they

Placed their hands upon my shoulders,

And proclaimed,

You have so much love to give,


That we must unravel,

As best as possible,

The many puzzles that will confront you on your journey,

As if cupid himself,

Quiver filled with arrow,

Shot every one,

Directly into the centers of passionate recourse,

That result in a love refined,

A Love carried on the winds of curiosity, wonder and delight,

A splendid love,

That can make the world seem as if it is on fire,

At temperatures hotter than the sun,

For some reason since birth,

I have known that I am here to entreat you all,

To find the love you are meant for,

Not necessarily the one you have,

Settle not,

For your heart and your body,

Your L O V E…

Are the greatest treasures you have,

No matter how intelligent you are,

For some reason,

Since birth,

I have imagined and agonized over love,

As Einstein did his special theory,

Or Hawking the nature of black holes,


My only concern,

As from love,

The rest of the world either makes sense,

Or it does not,

Like the subtle elegance of a butterfly in flight,

For some reason since birth,

I have known,

Love I am,

And now,

In this emptiness,

This sorrow filled beat down,

From my one true love,

I am still here to say,

That despite these blue butterflies,

Those currently haunt my dreams,

Decisions had to be made,

Were made,

Killing a piece of me,

Literal and figurative,

I know now,

As I stand naked and exposed,

For all the world to see,

The same is true for that special woman, You?

The mother of my children,

Announced and then suppressed,

That butterfly,

Our butterfly,

Filled with vivid colour,

And a passion for life,

Wings a flutter in the temporal world,

And fast at work in our stomachs,

In our souls,



That love,

Is the greatest mystery of all,

To which there is no answer,

And yet the mystery is the answer itself,

No solution,

For the act of loving is the solution within,

Save that love requires,



That every day,

You give that love one hundred percent of yourself,

That you love them,

As you love breathing,

Your heart beating,

The neurons firing in your brain,

Follow your heart,

The rest,

Love fully,

And you will see,

Love I am.

And this love,

MY love,

Is yours Hmong Key,




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Let Me, Will You?

Will you let me…


Into your mind and soul, remaining in your heart,

Allow me to float freely and unencumbered,

So that I may dance with the parts of you that mean more to me,

Than your body (though amazingly beautiful) ever could.


Will you let me…


Mingle with your insecurities,

That I may allay them,

Take them firmly in my grasp,

And dispel them to a past that no longer matters,

(Save for the grand memories of joy and laughter)

As the future is what’s in store,

Are you a possible future?

Or a past dream?


Will you let me…


Into your inner workings,

Rising and falling with a crescendo that is yours to conduct,

That I may understand without equivocation,

Exactly who this woman is,

Who you are,

That has pulled me from my own oblivion,

With the promise of a kiss,

That springs hope with every blessed touch,

Hope for a new tomorrow.


Will you let me…


Hold you close,

Hold you dear,

Caressing your skin and your mind,

As we discuss every thing you’ve always wanted,

No matter how silly, or ironic,

Or far fetched,

(I think my dreams may be far fetched but certainly worth my life)

Reminding me in that moment,

And all that follow,

That dreams can and will come true,

If you’ll let them.


Will you let me…

Enchant you with this broken but not beaten mind,

Enthrall you with the same,

Endear you with thoughts like these and so much more,

Engage you,

In a dance that started the day you were born,

Envelop you with love,

Entreat you with desire,

Implore you to help me reach for the stars,

Finally getting there releasing these emotional scars,

Will you?


Will you let me…


Dance naked in the kitchen,

Wear your amusement with every shake of my little booty,

While I nourish your body,

As I hope to nourish your mind,

Each delectable meal,

One step closer to an awaiting,


One that we,

We can design.

(Though I suspect Lady Fate and Mistress Destiny had a little something to do with it)


Will you let me…

Count you as a blessing,

A beautiful and inspiring angel,

That halo still intact,

Though wings removed,

(You wouldn’t want to stand out)

Opens my ears to the universal choir of angels,

Opening my mind to what I already feel,

But can only know with you, by your touch,

So that together,

Hand in hand,

We can walk into the horizon,

Where you tickle these words from me,

Lit by that passionate flame,

That you inspire,

Of literary greatness,


I shall believe…

I shall believe…

Let me, will you?

I think you should,

I think we should…

I love you Hmong Key!



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A Love Letter (With All My Heart, Mind, Body and Soul)


All My Heart (A Love Letter to Someone Special)

My Love, My Monkey;

Since my birth I have dreamt of your arrival. A loving boy who always knew that you would arrive. I did not know where or when, how or why, but I knew, steadfastly, that you would arrive.

And here you are, arrived on gilded chariots  from parts unknown though I suspect you are heaven sent. I suspect that you were made for me and I was made for you – soul mates in the universal sense of the word in that our energies have brought us together in this place and at this time.

The moment I laid eyes on you my soul was set ablaze by your resplendent beauty and I am not speaking of your hair or your eyes, though wondrously beautiful, I am not speaking of your bosom or your bottom, though also spectacular, I speak of course, of your spiritual beauty. The parts that none sees and certainly can not necessarily understand. I did, in an instant. It was unmistakable the moment I saw it – And in that moment I became yours – completely, without question or reservation. Unequivocally yours ever more.

Your divine spirit and profound energy lift me to a place that I have never been, to a place I had imagined existed though only found in you. They inspire me to reach for the furthest advances of our universe to taking you to a place that you have never been. A place that I have never been.  A place we now get to discover together and what a gift that is. I am humbled by your presence in my life and feel that I have won the universal love prize – You! Are you truly mine?

They say; “Home is where the heart is,” and I have never truly known a home. Until now! Until here! Until you! Taking time to discover our universal creation of this eternal bliss…

In you I have found a place that I can and will call home and like a giddy school child I am excited to understand the recesses of you. I am ready to play emotional tag learning the ins and outs of you completely. I am ready, willing and able to be the father of your children and know that they will be the most beautiful expression of the love we share. The embodiment of our love for all the world to see. No longer repressed or hidden, instead, shining, like the sun in day and the stars at night.

Your smile could light up a black hole and every room you enter it is your smile that is the tractor beam of everyone’s attention. The way you giggle with delight at the simplest of things tickles my soul as only a muse can and you most assuredly are my muse.

My muse, I heard once the most beautiful statement and I include it here for it is truly how I feel. Beethoven wrote to an unknown lover and started each letter with My Immortal Beloved and for me you have become just that, My Immortal Beloved.

You are the air that I breathe, the blood rushing through my veins, you are the center of my universe and I aspire to be everything and more that you desire. I beseech you, My Immortal Beloved, dance this dance with me to infinity, that we may know love in ways we never imagined. In ways the world has never witnessed. Together becoming a new meaning for the word – Love.

Dance with me to the sweet surrender. Dance with me to the end of time. Dance with me my muse into the many tomorrows we will share and let us together find the ultimate pleasure of agape love each morning anew as we awake in each others arms. Together confidant in the knowledge that I was born and made for you and you were born and made for me.

Having fallen seven times figuratively, I get up eight, literally, for you;

My Immortal Believed, I am yours evermore,





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