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An Open Letter To Humanity

(Think about why I may have put this song up with this particular piece)

I am but a man,
One man,
Both lost and found,
Like a fairy tale,
I found my glass slipper,
Here and now, not once upon a time,
Though hopefully happily ever after,
In the beautiful shining souls of a people,
That reminded me of the true genuine beauty,
Of the innate humanity in all of us,
The genius of our evolution;
Five and a half litres of blood,
The same internal organs,
We each, if lucky, have;

Two legs;
To run toward a brighter future,
Two arms;
To embrace each other in delight and to comfort,
Two hands;
To outstretch in greetings and salutations,
Two ears;
To listen and hopefully hear,
Two eyes;
To see the magic that surrounds us every day,
A nose;
To inhale the beautiful scents of our blue marble,
A mouth;
Allowing us to communicate with passion in both joy and sorrow…

A brain;
Which if engaged can open doors but more importantly minds,
And it is these truths that lead me to you today…

We live in an age of expanding tyranny,
As history is repeating,
Both present and intergenerational,
We live in an age of unprecedented enlightenment,
Yet there is an ever expanding darkness,
Which is consuming our very souls,
Devolving our DNA,
With chemicals and cancers,
Only existent because of the greed of mankind;

We live in an age where the liberty our forbearers fought for,
Is being ripped from our hands,
One Big Mac at a time;
As we refuse to change our iniquities,
Our habits,
Our consumption,
WE, are allowing them, ubiquitous,
To win,
At our expense,
A highly cynical worldview has developed,
Created by men like me,
Sold to people like you,
As a lie repeated often enough,
Becomes true for the masses,
Ignorance is not bliss,
It is a weapon of mass distraction,
Smoke and mirrors,
The greatest long con of all,
For any real reading of the Wealth of Nations,
Exposes what Adam Smith intended was an adequate distribution of wealth,
Yet herein as the Bard would say… Lay the rub!

Are the masses,
People like me wake up,
Realize the error of our ways,
Look deep within, explore our spirits,
And set off soaring,
One small act,
One small change,
One seemingly insignificant deed,
Like the butterfly effect,
Repeated often enough can and will change the world.

Are the masses,
Are the the 99.99%,
Can take back our inalienable rights,
Those not given by mankind,
Instead recorded by nature itself,
In a collective awakening can and MUST shed the chains,
Of the institutions and systems of the oppressor,
Slough off the indentured servitude and outright slaves,
That WE have become,
Through the weighed and measured manipulation of our minds,
From birth,
For the best slave is the one which does not recognize the burden of their chains;
Do you realize you are chained?

Are the people,
Must be, as Ghandi said;
The change we want to see in the world,
And as Jackson said;
Be the man in the mirror and start with me,
Must decide,
With voices united that the tyrants will no longer rule,
With iron fists of the military industrial complex,
Or the brutish seemingly above the law defenders of constitutions,
Eroded over time, by the greed of the few,
At our expense,
The people must embrace the true nature of life,
return to a life that is sustainable and free,
REALIZE that the universe lay within us,
Lay within us,
The people must stand up,
Be counted,
And if needed fight for the world we seek,
A world that I know my grandchildren can not just live in,
But thrive,
A world that is not the dystopian reality approaching,
Rather the paradise the universe intended,
The people,
Must find our passion,
Follow it to develop our purpose and meaning,
And then GIVE IT AWAY…

As a repudiation of our slave masters belief,
That we can and will not rise…

The proverbial they believe you are not capable of change,
That you will continue to watch their idiot box (TV),
You will continue to consume,
You will continue to allow them to rape the planet,
You and any future we may have,
They believe you will let them continue to rob you,
Kill in your name, invade and oppress others,
In your name;

WE, the people,
The solution is clear,
The situation dire,
And the end of the world they designed is near,
WE, the people,
Can, must and will retake our planet, our lives,
A sense of community,
Of family and of love…

And as a wise man others say is crazy once said;

“L O V E Repeats… Buccah!” The sound of a chicken…

Chickens for slaughter or industrial farms no more,
Slaves no more,
The people,
Determine our future
And must decide that there is no future,
Unless we act today, for ALL humanity,
And not imaginary friends in the sky,
Or lines on a map,
But for ALL humanity,
We must rise to our potential,
Meet the challenge of the despots
And overthrow evermore,
Those that seek to decimate you,
By any means necessary.


(This piece is dedicated to a donor who would like to remain anonymous for a campaign I am running to help twelve families affected by a flash flood of their homes… https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-poverty-stricken-lao-flood-victims/x/8130248#home… I can also take interac and paypal payments directly. Contact me for details)


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Human Beings Are Like That

Many people claim to know me,
And yet so few of you have ever understood;

Since the tender age of five,
I have endured, largely in private,
The plague like realities of this ever working mind,
Never resting,
Not for a moment stopping,
As the chemical storm
That is perfected in this warped brain of mine,
Allow for a moment of relief,
Nightly, when I stare at the ceiling;

Deliberating on the pain I have been subjected to,
Smiling as much as possible to mask what was really happening,
As I slipped deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole,
Where there was and is no Carpenter,
There was and for me is a Walrus,
Buddha seemingly calling out to me from the Ether,
Just as Ernest calls me from over my shoulder,
Along with the rest of my delusional posse,
Fitzgeralds’, Picasso, Pound, Joyce, Stein, and Toklas,
Useful to be sure,
But nonetheless,
How, at the age of twelve, could you explain?

W O R D S…

My long time salvation,
From an eternal pain that burns in me,
Just as a flame of another,
In a cemetery where fallen men and women,
Patriots all,
Made the ultimate sacrifice for a supposed God,
And a once great country,
A salvation that for me realizes,
I have fallen,
Time and again,
Five, twelve, twenty-one and every two years since then,
Yet somehow endured;
Moreover, coming here; was to be my final release.

W O R D S…

One true sentence Ernest reminds me now…

I left my home and native land,
In my mind,
Chemically stunted by cocktails designed to create robots,
Functionality seemingly more important than vitality,
I left my home and native land,
Resolved that I would be as far from my family and friends as possible,
Sheltering them from what I had decided weeks before leaving,
To this land of Elephants, genuine souls that shine,
Communities that thrive on common purpose and effort,
Families that thrive on love and devotion,
I left my home and native land,
To find a place of love,
For my own troubled mind,
Where finally at ease,
I could take my life,
Knowing they would send me off,
As I long to be,
Returned to the Universe;

Sparing my family and friends the pain of being near,
Not understanding,
Not knowing,
That every day is a struggle,
Every hour the thought of death stalked me,
Stalks me,
Just as a rabbit a very important date,
I felt late for my own rebirth,
Through a very personal demise,
On my terms,
I left my home and native land,
A date with destiny,
A date with the reaper,

The best laid plans of mice and men,
Unraveled before me,
One smile,
Another and another,
As a people with so little,
Could seemingly have so much,
Such wealth that even the richest of you may never know;

A desire to live, not exist, live,
A desire to thrive,
In circumstances many of you reading this will never see,
Let alone be capable of imagining;

The best laid plans of mice and men,
Paved with despair,
That led me so far away from my home and native land,
So I could return triumphant,
Warrior Poet, back home;
That which calls me hourly…

I found the universe, the cosmos and the Ether,
(not to mention Ernest)
Calling out to me,
Chosen light,
Protector of mankind,
Engage that smile,
Engage that rage,
That perfect chemical storm,
The power,
That rests inside this mind,
To fight for a new world,
The world I have longed for since Ernest first appeared at five,
Spoken about since I could critically think,
Worked for since I realized that what I was doing,
Was the polar opposite of who I am and what I longed for,
I worked for evil men and evil itself
A truth I could no longer hold,
Let alone the voices that never quieted;

Seeking death,
I found life,
A meaning and a purpose,
That I have long believed will only be realized upon my premature death,
Whether by my hand or that of a bullet;

My soul no longer poisoned by pharmaceutical zombification,
By actions taken, those were intended well,
Were in fact the roads to hell,
But not here,
Not now,
For this has passed,
Due to these people that have freed me,
Saved me,
Embraced me for me,
Treat me like a man,
Seeking to be a better man,
For my heart has never been tarnished,
Only my mind,
Though now free from medicine,
I have found that genuine humanity is my medicine,
I have relief that is more personal in the smile of a child,
Than I ever did from Lithium or the rest.

It is for these reasons,
The comfort I have been granted,
Which few of you would find comfortable at all,
Returned to me my life on my terms,
Returned to me and thus you, my words,
My passion,
My soaring spirit
And a mind free from the tyranny of the poison pills,
That longs to engage humanity,
To help wherever and whenever possible,
The one that you have all loved to hate,
And hated to love;

Please understand;
My plea,
My cry,
My devotion to these twelve families,
These human beings,
Who are being left behind,
Understand that without them,
These words,
Would not be written,
My life force would have been gone long ago,
For without them,
There would be,
No more Sender,
And just as there has been a Return to Sender,
Please help me, help them,
To return to a place of safety, a place of comfort,
A place to call home.

We all long for a place to call home!


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This World

This world,

These times we live in,

Are like times we’ve known before,

Not personally, as we haven’t figured out,




Though we can;


We can!


Today is the greatest day and ever more it will be;


As today is here NOW –




We have at our disposal,

The collected knowledge of our species


While we may not yet know how to use it,


We will.


As such,

With the gift of time,

We must be cautious in the use of the many offerings we have.

In spite of a unifying sagacity

We must always embrace the pursuit of more.


Accept that the struggle for understanding,

Will eventually lead to an inner peace

That will manifest outwardly

Instantly creating in that realization

The world that dreamers have long believed in.


In that moment,

The rhyme and reason,

Rhythm, harmony and melody

Of greatly admired movements

Will take on new meanings

As we celebrate our spiritual rebirth.



Save the eventual success of a true and lasting peace

Will ever exonerate our historical failures:







Terror and war.


Yet should we find that higher state of being,

The relative awareness of a new reality

Shaped by the horrors of history,

We will discover the divine plan!


Looking to the sky of this blue marble

Learning about ourselves

And our place in this universe

Everything takes on new import

Through the acquisition of self.


Our past replete with invisible scars

From the extensive beating of our ancestors

With the leather whips of Christian, Jew and Muslim conquerors

And our acceptance of it will remove the cuffs,

Histories shackles as we seek truth.


We are not chained to our past by necessity


We are not doomed to repeat it.


Yet the future is tempered by it

And so long as we unmask our veiled attempts

At sugar coating our past failures

In the search for a better world

We will ultimately succeed in healing age old wounds.


Yet that path is the road less taken;


Accept truth,

The lessons of our past and that we create our future

And instantly the course of history

Blazes a heretofore unseen trail.


In our efforts to reveal honestly our failures

We no longer need to be concealing

The very real feelings we are feeling.


Read more;

Listen more,




Smile often and brightly,

Allow your true self and soul to shine.


Be real,

First to yourself,

Then to those around you,

Act accordingly as that is what true freedom is –


Being real!


The strength and promise of our species,

All one humanity,

Lay in rediscovering the value and benefit of positive self love,

In so much that we can learn to love others,

Rearing its head in every moment

Incredibly changing the scope of our history:

Permanently promising peace,

Both internal





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Calling All L E A D E R S…

Let the voice of dissent ring out,
From every barrio,
Every slum,
Every shantytown,
Every metropolis,
And every rural farm;

Let the voice of dissent,
Rise from those places,
Where there is no glory,
Yet so much guts;

There is no consumptive want,
There is only need,
A need that we (supposedly civilized)  pay lip service to,
As if our assistance,
Plentiful yet useless,
Is the mythology that we play for ourselves,
As if we are making strides,
Or at least,
That is the horrible truth,
Or inconvenient as Al Gore would say,
Is that we are not even making a dent,
We don’t want to;

I know that sounds sinister,
And that’s because it is,
In the problems that face this world,
The Millennium Development Goals,
While well intentioned,
(see the road paved to Hell)
Are a hoax,
Being perpetrated by the powers that be,
To feign caring and compassion,
I’ve seen it first hand,
From inside the UN,
I’ve watched as Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors,
Attending swanky parties by Investment Bankers,
All with cheques in breast pocket,
Giving money to buy ACCESS,
To untendered contracts or to fix contracts,
I’ve watched as they accepted the cheques,
I’ve watched in horror as they drank champagne,
On the penthouse rooftop, sixty eight floors up,
I’ve watched in disbelief,
As the goals,
Seem to be manipulated and abused,
For personal gain;

The Millennium Development Goals,
Are a great ideal,
That’s all they are is an ideal,
Applied unfairly,
Where it is nearly impossible,
For those countries,
That they cleverly call lesser developed,
Lesser developed?

They have no resources nor incentive to incite change,
No money for even the most basic of infrastructure,
Lesser developed!
Sounds like a euphemism to me!

No wonder my mind snapped,
With the avarice and malevolence that I witnessed,
First hand,
With my own eyes,
How about we tell the truth,
Novel concept, right?

The truth is, for you to decide, but;
To decrease infant mortality,
We need to teach and feed the mothers,
We need to reach the women of this planet,
To know,
That what they do,
Happens to the womb,
If they don’t eat and drink healthily,
The odds of infant mortality are increased one hundred fold,
And the reality is,
That we could make a difference in education and nutrition,
We could do it tomorrow, there is enough money, there is enough food,
Manufactured scarcity de rigueur,
We could beat this as sure as we defeated small pox or polio,
But we won’t as we’d rather a Big Mac,
And when you don’t see death you only look at it,
You don’t care…
Just ask the soldiers returned from ill advised wars.
Global primary education,
Noble goal,
But really it is a way of creating a subservient parent,
AND Government,
For the IMF and the World Bank,
Demand that uniforms be bought,
Or fees be paid,
By the lowest income earners on the planet,
Less than a dollar a day,
SHAME on us for allowing such a rule to exist,

Potable water, WATER,
( mark my words, the coming war has nothing to do with oil, gold, diamonds, copper, tin or uranium it is WATER that we will fight over)…

Eradicate poverty and hunger,
Let’s get real here,
The industrialized countries,
The G8 and the G20 can’t even eradicate poverty and hunger,
In ivory towered cities and towns…

Combating HIV and Aids is the one area where a difference has,
And will continue to be made,
Cheaper drugs,

Environmental sustainability,
Really, really?
Oil companies are raping the planet,
And paying bribes to do so,
Oil companies are spilling oil as sure as they spill blood,
And they pay little penalty, if at all,
Because our leaders,
Our supposed leaders (Obama stood up to BP perhaps the first time in history a Politician put his hands in the pocket of a corporation for good though this was a pittance compared to the crime)

Environmental sustainability,
We waste so much water, feeding crops,
In places that have no business growing crops,
Southern California, Arizona,
I mean really,
Did you know that almost 80% of all water used is for agricultural purposes,
And the irony is that they water the crops,
Feed them with chemical fertilizers,
Which then leach into the water table,
Thus poisoning us twice,
Once with the food,
And once for the water…

A global partnership for development,
Empty promise,
There is no partnership,
Only profit,
There are several parties at war with each other for supremacy,
Any partnerships are adversarial not by choice,
And finally…

Gender equality,
Take one look at the most adversely affected on the planet,
They out number the men,
And are the single most important element in raising the next generation,
But in more places than I care to admit,
Women are slaves, women are beaten,
Women are raped,
As an act of WAR,
Raped as an act of war?

Unfortunately I feel as if I am wrestler,
Inside a match that we know is fake,
And you,
And you,
And you,
And I are the losers,
In this global battle royale for supremacy,
And if we do not have a fundamental retooling,
By the power of people,
Joining our voices together and demanding better,
We are doomed,
Chicken Little agrees the sky is falling,
But also crying,
Toxic pollutants with nowhere to go,
But into the clouds that rain down and poison us a third time…

All this and we still haven’t looked,
At one of the greatest crisis we are to face as a species,
The mass migration of Billions,
From coastal communities,
Which could be averted,
But not when our leaders hands are in the pockets,
Of the greatest polluters causing our oceans to rise,
Mass migration,
Is probably coming not in my lifetime,
But certainly my child.

So as capitalism continues to manufacture scarcity,
I find myself asking…


Let’s stop the march to profit,
And start the march to humanity.


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An Appropriate Message Even Today

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Who Are You Meant to Be?

I want to travel into the void of human essence,
Firmly planting myself in the subconscious revelations,
I want to soak up all it means to be real,
So that I may better understand this world,
And my position in ascending wonder,
Excited by the possibility of something so rare,
That it defies description,
I want to experience something new,
That I may find myself,
Once more with feelings,
Desires and emotions,
Those are fleeting in the abyss of my own considerations,
At every step I am faced with mountains,
That I must scale,
Or shout from the foothills of surrender,
MOVE Mountain,
For I know that within our misunderstood minds,
Lay the opportunity for a higher calling,
The promise of the mind yet unspoken,
For fear of what may come if we did,
Our collective conscience the power of the divine,
The true power of the divine,
GOD is within,
Each of us are GOD,
The trouble being that we are confused,
Distracted by the talking heads and consumerism,
In spite of the freedoms that we have,
We are just lemmings waiting to drive ourselves off the cliff of what we could be,
For the settling of what we are,
I wonder if ever we will collectively be so strong,
That we can move not only mountains,
But move each other,
To a place that is our fate,
Cause virtual big bangs daily,
That uplift and enrich not just our lives but all life,
Animal, plant and man,
Finally revealing prospects that were foreign only moments before,
Let our laughter determine the direction that we will take,
Moving away from fear and sorrow,
Finding delight and joy in our decisions,
Discovering what true freedom is,
Leaving our belongings behind,
Save for those that are needed not wanted,
For material possessions destroy our innocence,
In so doing, finding that the essence of the human spirit, is to LOVE,
Finding that our future is determined by the little choices we make,
When chance reveals all,
The new paradigm,
A beautiful framework where passion be our guide,
Virtue be our only expression,
Where we can dine on the satisfaction of our peers,
All men and women are created equal,
It is the moments after birth that our destiny becomes perverted,
Guided not by our intuition or inner voices,
But instead driven by the desire to create the idyllic life,
As sold to us my television, movies and magazines,
YES your ass does look fat in those jeans,
But does it MATTER,
Does it REALLY matter,
Being who and what you are is the truest form of beauty there is,
It seems as if we lunch on prospects that we cannot conceive of,
Though in the rift of time and space,
Our eventual detection,
Will set us on a course of wild abandon,
As we run the race around an oval track,
That stretches to the furthest reaches of our currently pitiful grasp,
As poet warrior,
It is sad but true,
This dream,
This fantasy,
This story may never come true,
As we seem determined to stay with the status quo,
Cookie cutters,
One after another after another,
The same,
Where it is only our individualism that will unearth the secrets,
Those that currently elude us,
A simple literary fantasy,
That while burning your retinas as you read,
Will escape your mind moments later,
For it would seem we only exist inside the lens,
Of instant gratification.


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