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Love I Am…



For some reason,

Since birth,

I have known what love is,

Inside my heart and soul I have yearned for a love requited,

That makes sense of the mysteries of time and space,

As if at birth,

All the ancient gods of love,

Visited me,

Carried by chariots drawn by every species of butterfly,

Their colours initially blinding,

And I know why, For they

Placed their hands upon my shoulders,

And proclaimed,

You have so much love to give,


That we must unravel,

As best as possible,

The many puzzles that will confront you on your journey,

As if cupid himself,

Quiver filled with arrow,

Shot every one,

Directly into the centers of passionate recourse,

That result in a love refined,

A Love carried on the winds of curiosity, wonder and delight,

A splendid love,

That can make the world seem as if it is on fire,

At temperatures hotter than the sun,

For some reason since birth,

I have known that I am here to entreat you all,

To find the love you are meant for,

Not necessarily the one you have,

Settle not,

For your heart and your body,

Your L O V E…

Are the greatest treasures you have,

No matter how intelligent you are,

For some reason,

Since birth,

I have imagined and agonized over love,

As Einstein did his special theory,

Or Hawking the nature of black holes,


My only concern,

As from love,

The rest of the world either makes sense,

Or it does not,

Like the subtle elegance of a butterfly in flight,

For some reason since birth,

I have known,

Love I am,

And now,

In this emptiness,

This sorrow filled beat down,

From my one true love,

I am still here to say,

That despite these blue butterflies,

Those currently haunt my dreams,

Decisions had to be made,

Were made,

Killing a piece of me,

Literal and figurative,

I know now,

As I stand naked and exposed,

For all the world to see,

The same is true for that special woman, You?

The mother of my children,

Announced and then suppressed,

That butterfly,

Our butterfly,

Filled with vivid colour,

And a passion for life,

Wings a flutter in the temporal world,

And fast at work in our stomachs,

In our souls,



That love,

Is the greatest mystery of all,

To which there is no answer,

And yet the mystery is the answer itself,

No solution,

For the act of loving is the solution within,

Save that love requires,



That every day,

You give that love one hundred percent of yourself,

That you love them,

As you love breathing,

Your heart beating,

The neurons firing in your brain,

Follow your heart,

The rest,

Love fully,

And you will see,

Love I am.

And this love,

MY love,

Is yours Hmong Key,





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Only You…

Only You…

How do I pang for that someone,
Out there in the ether,
The same ether that powers these words,
Tonight, as Cupid’s Conduit,
Considering this life long dream,
While My Mistresses Destiny and Fate,
Pursue the will of Lady Serendipity,
Who, in their grace
Now reveal to me what I always knew was true,
That inside of me burns the endless fire of passion’s delight,
That this chosen light,
Will not be dulled,
Cannot be suppressed,
And shall not be undone,
This Warrior Poet as love’s true voice in training,
For as yet I cannot reveal,
The full caress of these insights rare,
Where by day and night,
My only fascination,
Is the affair of the heart,
That will unleash in me, for you,
The unrestrained call of primal desire,
As guided by my ladies of the night,
Who coddle this broken heart,
Shattered by mistaken appraisals,
Piecing it back together brighter than it was before,
Allowing me the trespass of histories ghosts,
That my shadow dancing with a romantic ideal,
Will become my realized betrothed dowry,
These words though written by this hand,
Belong to your heart, your soul and your mind,
A gift so inconsequential for who you are and what you mean,
For their worth,
Are only registered,
When finally our eyes meet,
As our lips dazzle and entrance,
And the flare of our mutual appetite,
For a lifetime of embraced idealization,
Of our collective quintessential romantic dalliances,
Each and every moment of each and every day,
Together or apart,
How do I pang for you,
It’s here, plain for all to see,
Though the only one I wish to, hope to, pray for,
Is she that will finally see,
I am love,
And I belong to only you.


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Love Personified

Let my Black Dog subside,
For only a moment,
(a lie, as I wish I could kick it forever from my psyche)
That I may shed this sadness,
This dark cape,
Unfurl instead like a royal tea rose garden,
It blooms without thorns,
Those that have pricked me since my birth,
Abandoned by those who most I love,
Haunted by the spiritual divide,
Leading to his demise.

Though this fallacy must give way,
Love ultimately triumphs,
Alive and fruitful,
The air briefly scented with this depleted sadness,
Of failed lovers the world over,
Escaping into the ether of the universes energy,
Enveloped by the fresh and durable scent of hope,
Springing eternal,
My mind now alive with complex myths,
Of a pharmacological advance,
My fingers numb,
From nerves shot,
By an obsessive desire;

Can you not see,
I love you,
The royal you,
And I pang for the individual you,
Rather than the concept,
I am love?

Can you not feel,
The warmth of your skin,
Adoration anew,
Presented like butterflies and flushed cheeks?
New love?

Can you not understand,
That I am your gift,
Fallen to you,
Like a meteorite flashing through the sky on a cloudless night,
Fast and burning,
Apparent for the world to see,
The light of my existence,
Smashing in the face of all you thought you knew of love and life?

Can you not experience,
With me,
The intricate subtleties of desires flight,
The ripening blush of new longing,
Like a hummingbird suckling at the flower of Agape,
The gods smiling,
As I continue to sip your ambrosia,
Though I have failed in love,
I keep falling,
And into love,
Thus I remain,
Love personified.


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Champion Liege

Since my Alpha,
A collision course has been set,
A blueprint to which we all aspire,
For without such,
Life is not life at all,
But a race to the dying,
Though, herein demonstrates,
Despite obvious challenges,
I am living, daily, life,
Love, my champion liege,
I, herein am dreaming,
The impossible dream.

The big bang of all human experience,
Is obvious,
Love is primal,
The desire for it is innate,
Hardwired into humans,
And other species alike,
Dare I say love is the most powerful,
Evocative and sublime of our feelings,
A treasure we always hold dear,
Preserving passions pleas.

Loves processes are as mysterious,
As the universe itself,
As glorious as the flapping of a hummingbird’s wings,
Or the ebb and flow of tides connection to the moon,
The rays of passion resplendent,
Far brighter than the sun,
And more warming to the soul,
It’s power and presence so important,
Alighting in we a beatific guide and companion,
Meaning and depth found in the delicate dance,

Love, true love,
Of such great importance,
That it is possible for we to die,
From a broken heart,
As in death so too does hope pass on,
The will to persevere without love true,
Instantly eviscerated,
As the decay of our very essence,
Starts its slow march to oblivion,
For a life without love,
Is no life at all,
Just a journey from birth to death,
Though true love,
Never dies,
Until that is,
My Omega,
For I am love.


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The Distilled Essence

The distilled essence of I and I and I,
The distilled essence of me,
The parts trying to break through,
To the other side,
The proper side of lunacy,
Feelings that have crushed my spirit,
Those of self loathing and ill repute,
Those that leave me restless,
Praying, though not to a deity,
Save the one of my own salvation,
Resident inside my head,
That some day,
In some way,
Someone may look into the darkness of me,
And in so doing see a light,
That is invisible to everyone else,
The light that holds this soul complete,
Replete with a darkness reigning,
Though not cascading into refuted self control,
My Black Dog ain’t the boss of me.

The distilled essence of I and I and I,
Is here,
In nuggets,
A word here and a phrase there,
Easy enough to see,
Should you stop looking,
And begin seeing,
I am love,
I am compassion,
I am loyalty,
I am kindness,
I am I,

The distilled essence of I and I and I,
Is love,
Nothing more simple,
Than repressed issues of abandonment,
Those resident in me since my early teens,
Where with every ounce of me,
I have sought love,
A full and rewarding love,
A lifetime,
That someone, perhaps you,
Perhaps not,
But someone,
That can finally reach into that light that no one else sees,
That light that you can draw out of me,
The best,
Rather than festering wounds,
The worthwhile,
Rather than the pieces of me,
That I would rather be without,
And together,
You will discover…

‎”To love someone means to see him as God intended him” Fyodor Dostoevsky

Whatever God there is,
He/She/It or they,
Intended me to feel this pain,
Experience this sorrow,
Express it here for all to see,
As a manifestation of love for those I will never meet,
But held true for you,
For you.


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