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Let Me, Will You?

Will you let me…


Into your mind and soul, remaining in your heart,

Allow me to float freely and unencumbered,

So that I may dance with the parts of you that mean more to me,

Than your body (though amazingly beautiful) ever could.


Will you let me…


Mingle with your insecurities,

That I may allay them,

Take them firmly in my grasp,

And dispel them to a past that no longer matters,

(Save for the grand memories of joy and laughter)

As the future is what’s in store,

Are you a possible future?

Or a past dream?


Will you let me…


Into your inner workings,

Rising and falling with a crescendo that is yours to conduct,

That I may understand without equivocation,

Exactly who this woman is,

Who you are,

That has pulled me from my own oblivion,

With the promise of a kiss,

That springs hope with every blessed touch,

Hope for a new tomorrow.


Will you let me…


Hold you close,

Hold you dear,

Caressing your skin and your mind,

As we discuss every thing you’ve always wanted,

No matter how silly, or ironic,

Or far fetched,

(I think my dreams may be far fetched but certainly worth my life)

Reminding me in that moment,

And all that follow,

That dreams can and will come true,

If you’ll let them.


Will you let me…

Enchant you with this broken but not beaten mind,

Enthrall you with the same,

Endear you with thoughts like these and so much more,

Engage you,

In a dance that started the day you were born,

Envelop you with love,

Entreat you with desire,

Implore you to help me reach for the stars,

Finally getting there releasing these emotional scars,

Will you?


Will you let me…


Dance naked in the kitchen,

Wear your amusement with every shake of my little booty,

While I nourish your body,

As I hope to nourish your mind,

Each delectable meal,

One step closer to an awaiting,


One that we,

We can design.

(Though I suspect Lady Fate and Mistress Destiny had a little something to do with it)


Will you let me…

Count you as a blessing,

A beautiful and inspiring angel,

That halo still intact,

Though wings removed,

(You wouldn’t want to stand out)

Opens my ears to the universal choir of angels,

Opening my mind to what I already feel,

But can only know with you, by your touch,

So that together,

Hand in hand,

We can walk into the horizon,

Where you tickle these words from me,

Lit by that passionate flame,

That you inspire,

Of literary greatness,


I shall believe…

I shall believe…

Let me, will you?

I think you should,

I think we should…

I love you Hmong Key!




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Lovers Star Cross’d?


Are we lovers star cross’d?

Are you the east?

A plague upon both our houses?

Or Hmong Key?
Perhaps, am I just dark matter?
Never to be seen?
For surely you have become my universe,
And I willing slave,
To the forces of your nature,
Stunning enchantment,
As your charm, alluring, entreats me,
Ever more deeply,
To recesses of my soul those have longed,
To be awoken,
And now no longer desire sleep,
Giant  poet,
Answering the clarion call,
Of she,
Of you,
Am I awake,
Scribo ergo sum,
But you are a dream,
Are you not?
You must be…

A dream of a dream,
The illusion of my mind,
Come to me only to vanish,
Inside the allusion of my hearts incapacity,
In this case,
To compromise,
For in your eyes,
My oracle,
I can see a future,
One long contemplated,
Of once upon a time,
And happily ever after.
However, I am no prince,
Merely a destitute writer,
Who beholding your glass slipper,
Has become a bumbling fool,
Babbling, rambling, shouting out,
My equivalent;

“R O S E B U D…”

I long to be a citizen of you,
With loving grace,
Paying tribute,
To the glowing presence that is…


I aspire,
To this, my desire,
Of divine inspiration,
Kiss me, as Plath would say,
And you will find out  how important I am.


Nigh pleading with the universe,
For one more moment,
To be intoxicated by your spirit,
Perchance to convince you,
That this dream,
Can be,
Should be,
Lived in every moment, of every day,
In every way…
Revealing to the world,
What we already know,
No longer hiding in the shadows of the night,
Rather shining brightly,
Capulet and Montague,
Together as one, in an ages old

For you are Muse
And I am,
Destitute writer,


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The Me I Already Am

Slave to my own impediment,

I could not break free from myself,

I could not or would not see,

The delicate beauty that rest inside my baby blues,

Instead seeing the fiery damnation,

Of an overworked mind that knew not,

How to find inner piece, (intentional in search of that elusive sentence)

Until I let go,


This year, by far the hardest, of my thirty eight years,

Thirty eight years?

That never knew real joy,

Thirty eight years?

Those have seen ups and downs,

Been hit sideways more times than I care to admit,

Leaving me,



Unable to face myself in the mirror,

Or the mirror of myself,


My eyes,

Unleashing a terrible fright,

That even the voices in my head could not combat;

Bellicose Hemingway and intrepid Fitzgerald,

No Whiskey wisdom,

Nor Vodka insight,

Could release me from this personal hell,

That crippled my body,

Yet infuriated my mind to action,


You erroneous fool,

You must,

For no one else than you,

Can, nor will,

Starting with a heaping helping of forgiveness,


For things that I had no control over,

And that I cannot change,


Find personal redemption in a kiss,

A beautiful kiss,

Your kiss,

Finally arrived finding the ability,

This ability to love myself,

In ways I never thought possible,

And always just out of reach,

Avoiding at every turn,

What it meant to be me,

What it means to be me,

Wanting so desperately the love of others,

That I let go of me,

Wanting the deep satisfaction of emotions requited,


There was none behind that door,

Only a black dog that still beat me down,

Beat me,

Like a private and evasive whipping boy,


Though none can see,

Invisible scars,

A pickle that is beyond explanation,

For who could understand,

Certainly not you,


And yet here we are,

Understanding, or at least attempting to find,



I no longer require outside reinforcement of who or what I am,

For only I can explain that truth,

Only I can live the truth I have known since I was a child,

I must live it,

And finally,

I have started to corral this furious beast,


And constantly misguided,

Putting a leash on my black dog,

I am on the road,


Toward the me I already know I am…

Finding as I do,

That love,

Love always finds a way!



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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day
Lovers lost the world over,
Be still your heart,
Calm your frayed nerves,
And excite the possibility of hope,
The tantalizing opportunity that sure will arise,
For without such hope all is lost,
So please look within and tap that great strength,
That has brought you to here,
Kept you going,
In the absence of that special smile,
A tender kiss or a telling hug,
Know that this life is long,
That as the days go by,
Someone, somewhere and sometime,
Is going to enter your life,
Turning upside down and backside up again,
Everything you once thought you knew,
Flies out the window,
On butterfly wings that start in your stomach,
The fevered pitch of emotional grandeur,
When love first excited your every fiber,
It is out there,
The time is not yet nigh,
Though, without a doubt, you will know,
It will smack of ill reason and faulty logic,
Be still your heart,
Discover the love that you have for yourself,
Embrace it, cultivate it and allow your spirit to shine,
For when love approaches, you must be ready,
That you may share that intrinsic beauty with another,
Whose feelings,
Will be just as ripe as your own,
Seen in that telltale look,
That will melt away all troubled feelings of past transgressions,
Love is not a spectator sport,
Requiring your continued effort,
As your soul ascends to the heavens,
Dancing with a pleasure you’ll adore,
So sit back, don’t look for it and know,
Your desires soon will allow you to soar,
As lovers always do,
And seeing your face,
I know,
As all I can whisper,

And shine with me!

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Let’s Thrive

I will survive,
As will you,
Of that there is no question, qualm or debate,
We will survive,
But like me,
Don’t you want more?
I know I do,
And I know that you do too,
Hidden behind the veil of conversations bright,
Where like grains of sand in an infinite universe,
Time reveals all,
Telltale suggestions that refine into future intents,
I want to thrive,
Found in the capitulation of great eagerness,
The wonderful sensation of never wanting to be without,
For a life imagined a million times or more,
Day in and day out,
Lost inside the luscious temptation of your gaze,
Ponder without end the sweet sensation, endlessly savored,
Of our lips meeting,
In a dual to enflamed zeal, en garde Mademoiselle, Fili, Bisous, Besos and more,
Renaissance Man and Warrior Poet,
Knight in shining amour approaches,
En garde,
Pulling back just long enough to luxuriate in your essence,
Before we start this dance,
As guided by the hands of Lady Serendipity,
I know you feel her too,
A tango in time, transcendent,
Hoping to move you so deeply within, your soul transmits,
A million phoenixes,
Those of your past regret, past transgressions and  past loss,
I want to wake up and sense your divine energy,
Feel it completely,
Allowing myself the lavish wonder of all you are,
I seek a lifetime of breakfast, lunch and dinner,
Saturday afternoon walks in the park, hand in hand,
Arm in arm or hugging as we will,
Finding a quiet bench where we can snuggle,
Soaking in our surroundings,
Those are of no matter so long as you are near,
Talk about how crazy life was before we found each other,
Wake up on Sunday morning and make you breakfast in bed,
Deciding on a whim to stay there all day,
Talking, reading the paper, cuddling, kissing,
Whatever else two passionate grown ups do in bed,
Nudge nudge wink wink,
(we all know I may grow old but I refuse to grow up)
I want to leave you there for only a minute or two,
Come back into the room with the most lavish bouquet you’ve ever seen,
Pleased by the giddy laugh and widening smile,
I hope to find that place we both are comfortable,
Where we allow ourselves the privilege of saying,
What was I doing before you,
For it surely wasn’t living,
Though it absolutely was life,
I want to meet your family and your friends,
Travel the world or just each other’s dreams,
I hope to type feverishly with you at my side,
Looking over my shoulder, wondering aloud,
Is that about me,
Shyly smiling,
As I wonder for a moment whether or not I should say no,
Only to wait a moment more to say yes, of course it is,
I want to make you ten thousand dinners,
Champagne and candlelight,
Though takeout and a nice Malbec would do just fine,
I want to feast on your love,
One tasty second at a time,
For all the days of my life,
I want to thrive,
Though for now,
You and I,
Must be content,

On second thought…

Let’s thrive!


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Do My Words Fool You?

Do my words fool you?

Are you hoodwinked by this strength,
That these words seem to express,
I assure you,
I am weak,
And rotting from the inside out…

The festering demise and demolition,
Of a love so rare that it is the fodder of all poets,
Who all now weep that we are done,
Proving that no true love can end well,
Myself included,
That now I belittle my own sadness,
In a vain attempt to convince you,

That I am strong.

Are you taken aback,
That I am willing to express the truth,
That I feel violated,
Admonished and tossed aside,
Like a half eaten cheeseburger,
Or children and a forgotten favourite toy,
Though I am not a toy,
And I assume I cannot be forgotten.

Are you shocked,
By my admission,
That in this betrayal,
I am utterly devastated,
That I am weak and wanting,
Desirous of nothing but one more kiss,
Just one more,

One more…

Do my words fool you,
When you think I have gathered strength,
For a few days,
Or perhaps a few moments,
Where my thoughts can drift,
To something other than you,
Do these words trap you in the belief,
That I am okay,
That I am surviving,
Though you ripped my heart right from my chest,
Through my throat,
And now I am suffocating,
On life as I know it without you…

I miss…

The way your eyes commanded that I love you (transfixed to be sure)
The way your smile could brighten the sun,
How you could make me babble like an idiot,
Force me to watch movies that I would eventually love,
Allow me to make you countless gourmet meals (as now I tend to eat alone)
How your fingers burned my skin when we caressed,
How your body seemed to be my natural fit,
The way that we would keep love alive (though distance separated us),
Laughing at the silly things we would say,
Infinite the things I miss,
But none more…

Than the way you say my name…


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Quantum Mechanics of Love

The quantum mechanics of love,
Are easily,
The most complex and misunderstood,
The most intelligent have not solved it,
The most insightful can not quite grasp,
There is no rhyme or reason,
We try to explain, dissect and comprehend,
The incomprehensible,
Of all human mysteries,
I often wonder,
How in one minute,
A chemical attraction,
Firing across a room,
Any room,
On any day and time,
Can lead two otherwise unaware souls,
To a life imagined,
Love and marriage,
White picket fence,
And a dog named spot,
Filled with the splendor of enflamed passions,
In just one moment,
Two pairs of eyes can meet,
And the attraction,
Instantaneously propels them to another place,
Where only love,
Can provide the answers,
Will provide the answers,
LOVE is the answer,
And in that one blessed moment,
Of universal clarity,
The serendipitous becomes plain for all the world to see,
For surely,
If two lovers,
Those meet and greet under such conditions
(as all lovers do),
fail to see the blessed gift that stands before them,
it would lead to the collapse of the infinite,
for the rules of the cosmos,
require the bright flame of love,
to sustain our daily sufferings,
to counteract pain with joy,
sorrow with laughter,
longing with a kiss,
a sweet kiss,
the surrender of the rational,
for the more esoteric,
an effusive desire,
that takes hold and won’t let go,
the quantum mechanics of love,
are the secrets,
Those refuse to relinquish their truths,
save for when boy meets girl,
boy meets boy, girl meets girl,
or girl meets boy.

Would you like to meet,
The other side of Jupiter,
Table for two,


Destiny awaits!


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