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I’m Glad I Didn’t Meet You… Before… I Died!



It’s funny, how words reach the soul,

From a smiling song,

I’m Glad,

I Didn’t ,


Before I met;


Even an ocean apart,

Once literal,


Now figurative,

No longer true,

For it is beyond the realm of possibility,

That I am starred in the face,

By thoughts that are indeed not,

So great for those ladies of amorous deliberations,


My Mistresses Destiny and Fate,

Sing a tune invisible and unheard,

Like those scars I try to hide,


Through a choir of distant stars,

To a world not ready for their imparts,

One song that reaches at the strings within,

Tugging them,

In directions only moments before unthought-of,

For they bequeath to me,

Through the soft caress of words,

And the subtle knowledge of touches, deft and daft,

Wild insight to the nature of human longing,

Two erstwhile lovers without love,


Both passionate souls refined in time,

Seeking that moment, that delicious second,


Nanosecond, time seemingly standing still,

For it is,

Where the spark of intention broadcasts plain,

The brain no longer holds the wheel, the mind captive and captivated,

And instead the heart and soul incite you to feel,

To truly sense,

Their songs a ripe intoxication,

Such is the beauty and wonder of time,

Such is the beauty and wonder of life,

Such is the beauty and wonder of these words,

As on my shoulder, Darling, I feel the imprint,

Of My Black Dog’s paws and

Of that spectacle that only true believers feel,

That quiet unknown that roars for consideration,


The sentiment of confused fire,

That without life IS somehow less,

But not today, not here, not now,

Not you,

As I feel the hand upon my shoulder,

Guiding these tender sentiments,

In a mind askew, distant in deliberations,


Ripe and abhorrent, torments,

Of love come and gone,

The subtle grasp that a heart feels when lost in romance,

In you,

Releasing the past while relishing the future,

Delivered in the present, and you are a present;


Serendipity revealing a wondrous accolade,

How do I clamor when I feel her blessed admissions,

Over time, she calls with premeditations understood,

Though not entirely clear,

For she speaks to the soul, beyond the minds recognition,

To my soul, beyond my comprehension,

Leashing in my hound,

Syncopating the hearts steady beat,

Jarring it into a body sensation that is without equal,

For her calling card,

Is here revealed,

For you,

For me,

For All;

For what are these words,

But the jewels in the crown,

Of this coronation,


Like Phoenician purple,

Trading sorrow for joy,

My Black Dog,




For real understanding,



Promise and surrender,

That never before now,

Could I know,

Could you?

For what are these words,

But the true expression,

Of a wandering soul,


Like a butterfly in a net,


Longing to be freed,

For you,

To you,

Knowing that it is only this expression,

Of what is known,

That releases me,

Back to the Ether,

Back to you,

Back to me!

Returning To…

Are you singing?



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Poised, Perfectly and Pressed

My love’s hunger,
Reaches across the vanguard,
Into your soul,
As I have touched others,
I long to touch you,
With an infinite presence that you can not decipher,
At least not for now,
Platitudes excluded on purpose,
Shall that presence make it alright,
Or will it drift off into some forgotten dimension,
In another galaxy,
In a universe yet found in eureka,
By Jove I think he’s got it,
I got it,
Love’s eureka,
Only time will tell,
As we hold each other close,
At arms length,
How do I wish to be let inside,
Armor removed,
Walls crashing,
Shall we discover,
A way back to the here and now,
Not lost in some abstract teenage fantasy,
Instead in the ripened realizations,
That without the promise, joy and hope of love,
A life we do not live,
For to be sure,
Life is not worth living,
Without love,
My love’s hunger,
Is filled with the desire of want,
Rather than the reality of need,
How do I wish to uncover the secrets of reason,
Where love does not reside,
For there is no reason in love,
Though reasons may be manifold,
As Moliere suggests;
“Reason is not what decides love,”
Damn good thing too,
For if that were the case,
No love would unfold,
Instead let passion be our guide,
Into the infinity of the questions;
What is love?
What does love mean?
How does love manifest?
We must allow our souls dalliances,
When the time is right,
When something,
A sixth sense,
Tell us that the proximity of happiness,
The noble pursuit of life combined,
Stands before us naked,
Without equivocation,
Save our own,
Should our uncertainty and reason take place,
Of passions singular voice,
We must learn to hear instead of listen,
See instead of look,
Since the moment of my earliest memory,
As young son and brother,
I have sought, explored, wondered, been in awe of,
The taste of intentioned ambrosia,
Agape love,
Reserved for Gods,
Though I as mere mortal understand it plainly,
As expressed with one simple kiss,
One sly glance,
One deft touch of the hand on another,
The chemical awareness is absolute,
However the knowledge is without a Rosetta Stone,
Let no stone go unturned,
Are you my stone,
In the pursuit of something more,
That something that the voices convey,
This is my unwavering belief,
That love shall rule the day,
Should you allow it to be the beacon,
Rather than the waypoint of reason,
For the map of my soul,
The keys to my kingdom,
Will you be my queen,
And I your frog turned prince,
Tempted to try,
With that one,
Poised and perfectly pressed,
Lip on lip,

Will you?


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