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No Ordinary Love

Have you ever been flying in a dream,

Only, like Icarus,

Find yourself flying too close to the sun,

Wings unglued, undone,

Falling fast and free toward the ground?

Like I am now,

Beat up by the annulment

Of my two greatest desires,

Love, requited, as by my lover and wife to be,

And for the love of my child,

Purported, distorted and now, like me,



That my dear girl,


Is how I feel now,

Enraptured by a thought conceived,

At the moment of my conception,

Hopefully leading to a reality believed,

And then lived,

With you,



For in the invitation of your smile,

I like Romeo, and you, like Juliet,

I would rather die than be without you,

Can you understand?

Will you?

Nor can I, for there is no reason,

Save those that express themselves here,


Like a machine gun in affairs of the heart,

Where this soul bleeds missives,

Longing and desire in the trench warfare of sensations so rare,

They must not,


Be ignored,

Confused, or otherwise,

In true love,

Resistance is futile,

And this is true isn’t it?


Should these clever words not reveal,

The eaten core,

Of the battered history of this wounded heart,

Lets we, start anew,

Today a new beginning,

Filled with all the hope and promise we both know is real,


In the clever pursuit of each other,

Overcoming all obstacles,


To disclose this mask of sorrow,

That would readily disappear tomorrow,

Should you find the conviction,

Inside these dictions,

To return,




Is this what happened?


To those fabled men? Histories giants?

Captivated by those women who immediately owned their mind, body and soul,

Those men,

Like me now,

Who met their muses,

For certainly these words profess,

You are, my Muse,

Evidenced herein I wonder,



Helen of Troy,

All enchanting,

Just like you,


Those words spoken,

Can not be undone,

Those feelings expressed,

Did not, do not just fade away,

True love never dies.





Who though perhaps uncouth still held court,

And found their men measured and wanting,

Of them,

Each victim of Cupid’s arrow instantly beguiled,

Finding in their evolution,

For we all change,


Become better,

The conclusion that love,

Only love,

Is the answer.





Shall I Orpheus be?

Unleash the tormented tears of gods and nymphs alike,

As I have been bitten,

Not smitten,

Bitten by the intrinsic charms that make you the unique flower you are,

My Lily,

Shall I to the underworld,

Begging of those gods for your return,

Though this time remembering to not look back,

Until this earthly plain we have arrived,

For I do not want you to vanish,



Our story,

So far, as yet, unwritten,

May be, we, like Salim and Anarkall,

You the beautiful courtesan,

And me the ordinary boy,

With an extraordinary mind,


Falling for you in a moment of grace,

Where your eyes danced,

And your spirit soared,

Inspiring these words that adore,

But I can no more make you love me,

Than I can make the sun revolve around the earth,

But I do not want to watch you,

At my expense,

Entombed in front of my eyes,

Ordinary boy that I may be,

Ordinary, you,

Are not.


Are you my Penelope?

As Odysseus are we to be ripped apart at the seams,

Years passing,


Before you realize that I can, will and want to take care of you,

Ever more,

True love,

This, possible,

Is not only worth waiting for,

But is worth being without other suitors,

Ever present though they may be,

For I know what I desire,

And it is only within you,



Like Pocahontas and John Smith,

From two different worlds we may be,

But the same earth we share,

And that is enough to make me feel the warmth of your soul,

With every step I take,

Electrified by the earth we share,

Where I, empowered, by your loveliness,

Of beauty I dare not speak, instead that inner resplendence,

Such that I would bear the burden of the torture,

This torture,

Literal and figurative,

Of being without you,

Where informed of my death you move on,

Only to discover years later,

That you were and are,

The only one for me,

True lovers,

Meant and destined to be.


Even in death I long to be with you,

Strewn across the affairs of your heart,

Like Pyramus and Thisbe,

Babylonians to the end,

Like Rapunzel are you in a tower?

May I ascend?

Freeing you from your confusion,

And all that ails you?


Friends though only now we have become,

A lifelong story begins with one step,

Having taken one, two, three,

Are you ready to take more?

I believe you are,

Stop fighting your desire,

Soar with me.


And this journey is not yet run,

While surely you are the fairest,


Without equivocation,

The beast I may be,

But your beast I will be,

Bearing the burden, gleefully,

Of ensuring your every happiness,

Only to discover that your veil inside the lion’s mouth,

Makes my life no longer matter,

Such that without you,

I would pierce my own chest,

That in death we may again be reunited,

(hopefully years from now on B-612, ours)

For perhaps in seeing this dedication,

You too would see,

What may be.

Are we like Paolo and Francesca,

You, temporarily destined to Gianciatto,

While I sit in wait,

While we both read of Guinevere and Lancelot,

Finding in that tale the tale of our own,

Once upon a time and happily ever after,

Where for a brief moment,

Before our demise we know,


What love can be?


Let’s hope it is not too late…

Like Eloise and Abelard,

Shall I be your tutor,

And you my teacher,

Secret advances,

While our affection grows,

A love for the ages,

Sages imparted as we find,

That the dog you seek,

Becomes the child we both crave,

Born of a rare love,

And a circumstantial tragedy,

Tearing me apart, only to rebuild me again,

Better than before

Are you ready,

Separated by a love that makes me monk and you nun,

Evermore in love,

With nothing more than these words of evidence,

And my every action too,

Of what I believe to be true,

Am willing to profess,

Dare I say,



Perhaps we are like Layla and Majnun,

Tragically aware, that this love can’t be,

Cultural realities,

Marital realities,


Won’t be,

Yet should be,

Is this love unattainable?

Our love observed by a previous lover,

Maybe jealous,

Maybe cautious,


Such that we are prevented from seeing each other again…

Will we see each other again?

I long to see you again,

Every moment of every day,

The eccentric that I am,

Shall I stop eating,

Further emaciating,

For without the nourishment of love,

What am I,

But lost,



For you,


Will time, space and people keep us apart,

Shakespearean tragedy and faults,

Only to lay with each other in death,

Ashes strewn wherever our hearts agree?


Are you ready to experiment with your life,

And mine?

Join hands once more,

Feel that fire, undeniable,

As partners,

In life,

In love,

In molding the measured existence that transcends unified string theory

And even Stephen Hawking’s mind?

Like Marie and Pierre Curie,

Shall we spend every waking hour in the pursuit of something more,





As I am driven by you,

To excellence,

For you are my Nobel Prize,

You are,

My Nobel Prize,



And I hope that in this obvious treatise you can see,

What awaits,

Should you decide,

To return,

Love sick idiot though I may be,

I am a lover,

You’d like to know,

Discover and be,


Cast aside your fears,

Your doubts,

Cast aside your confusion,

And empower this love,

I love you,

I love you,

I love you,

And that will never change,

My Hmong Key!

For we are not ordinary people

And this,

This is no ordinary love…



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“If I know what love is, it is because of YOU.”


“If I know what love is, it is because of you.”

Those women of incredible pursuit,

Fantastically present,

The ROYAL you,

Those have led me to the edge of reason,

Pushing my sanity ever closer,

To that teetering line,

Where nothing and everything are certain,

My toes all at once,

Burned by the fiery damnation of hell,

And yet sent to lofty heights,

Of grand apprehension,


At the same time,

And in multiple dimension,

The exquisite rapture,

Of chosen chains,

Loves soul bondage,

Bondage for sole love,


That every jail bound prisoner would die for,

That delicious assumption,

And forbidden answer,

(for we are forbidden, aren’t we?)

That brings us ever nearer to a Nirvana,

Though constantly alludes,

And yet is always within reach,

Together as individuals,

Forming a new union that can enrich the mind,

And devastate the world,

With a single look,

“If I know what love is, it is because of you.”

The women of incredible pursuit,

The royal YOU,





Teaming with the suppressed memories,

Of lovers faint and lingering,

Lying on the floor,




As lovers seem to do,


As I’ve learned from you,

Love is not a static affair,

Rather fervor,

A raging zeal that can alight the darkest night,

Turn the sun into a coward,

And the moon a conquering hero,

As with the tides,

So to do our emotions flow,


Unchecked and uncensored,

Requited and fleeting,


That wonder potion,

Not number nine,

Instead the cloud,

Where you,

The ROYAL you,

Have led me,

Day after day,

Week after week,

Century after century,

Claiming my heart and soul,

As surely as a child Halloween candy,

Or Hannibal a Code of Laws,

As too I did yours,

We are,

A complicated issue,

(my Hmong Key and I)

Every issue,

Of every magazine every written,

Our tender embrace,

The backbone of every feeling we’ve ever known,

Every feeling we will ever know,

Seeking the invisible,

Finding the inevitable,

For true love can never end happily,

Crushing defeat,

Not like Sparta though,

For neither back downed,

Neither blinked,


“If I know what love is, it is because of you.”

And I am grateful to know,

That there are more lessons to be learned,

Together and apart,

Circumstance our foe,

Though of this I am certain,

Beyond a shadow of a doubt,

Our love stands the test of time,

The trials of circumstance,

The perils of being misunderstood,

Lovers true,

Lovers new,

Lovers old,



Intrepid faults,

Those now falling away,

And audacious oppression,

The royal YOU,

That I have known and will always hold dear,

And fast to my heart,

(pierced by my Key)

Claiming a piece of me that was yours but for a moment,

(A blissful moment)

This moment will last a lifetime,

As I can not so easily cast aside,

The woman I believed was to be lover, wife and mother,

And it is true;

“If I know what love is, it is because of you.”


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Mon Cles Divine

With one look of your eyes,
(Those I had long since believed did not exist)
One peering glance,
(One I never thought I’d see)
You break through the chain male armor,
(Male as in Me)
Of a soul that longed for you,
Prayed for you,
(He/She/It/They or the Ether listened)
Dreamed of you,
(Nightly since a little boy)
With every adult fiber of my being,
(Knowing true Muse must eventually appear)
Considering virtue,
(Despite invitations from the Sirens)
Fostered by an unshakable faith,
(Two souls eventually collide)
An unprecedented belief,
(Save for those with an artistic slant)
In the power which understood,
(More than I ever could)
Acknowledged and revealed,
(With one blessed look)
The infinite wisdom,
(Of blessed truths)
Of love requited unconditional,
(For Muse is always without condition)
On a foundation,
(Rock solid)
Of daily discovery and affirmation,
(Kisses, more kisses)
(Anew and Reinvigorated)
Angelic grace,
(As your face clearly paints)
Through virtue understated,
(But not mistaken)
By you,
(In spite of my faults; Black Dogs and voices)
In the revealing reflections,
(Of mirrored souls)
Of your eyes,
(The window)
The universe unfolding,
(In multiple dimensions)
One atom at a time,
(The “God” Particle?)
(With every breath)
By promise,
(At once believed)
And the realization of potential,
(Infinite loops and unified love theory)
On wings only visible,
(Less Icarus and more Cherubim)
By those that truly see,
(And I now can, see)
Through something that can’t be explained,
(Nor should it)
You have come,
(Mon Cles)
And with the grace of the tooth fairy,
(Imagined friends, less imagined)
My pillow,
Every morning,
(A gift from the stars)
Has born the just reward,
(Of a lifetime of want and need)
For the daring,
The curious,
(And I)
The scared,
(And I)
Who can believe, I and I and I,
In the sacred power,
(Of my Mistresses Serendipity and Fate)
Of a divine trust,
(Between lover and loved)
Wisdom in the revelation of this song,
(Only for you)
That glorious song,
(Syncopated breaths and beats)
All lovers hear,
(Listening to the bodies desire)
At the smack of the soul,
(Meet, Greet and Complete each other)
Manifested by the lips,
(Gleefully, more kisses)
Thank you Sages,
(For revealing to me)
Best friend, confidant, and every day more,
(Knowing what I have always known)
(With a delirious chuckle and desirous smile)
Virtues eternal curiosity,
(Where these words dance)
(Every moment of every day)


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For YOU I Will…

For Y O U I will…

Search the universe guided by the energy of karma,

Crisscross this planet from Paris to Shanghai,

Toronto to Shangri La,

For surely you and I are lovers,

Destiny has willed it,

And I will find you.

For Y O U I will…

Look deep within myself,

Battle these demons that robbed me of a love inspiring,

I will become the man that I am meant to be,

Finally refusing to run from myself,

As long as you will hold me dear,

Guide me away from the darkness,

My Black Dog,

For the battle may be won,

But the war is arduous,

And this General will outfox my inner struggle.

For Y O U I will…

Walk across the desert,

Naked and without even a sip of water,

For you are my oasis,

Though now more like a mirage,


In the distance,

I can see that you are my water,

You are my life,

And I will find you.

For Y O U I will…

Write the most perfect surrender,

Vowing to be yours and yours alone,

For I already am,

Yours and your alone,

My eyes transfixed solely on you,

For you will be my soul mate,

And I will find you.

For Y O U I will…

Promise all of me,

Good, bad or indifferent,

And for your part,

You will understand that I am imperfectly perfect,

Fatally flawed like all Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies,

And you will relish in it,

For what and who I am,

Is consumed with who and what you are,

And I will find you.

For Y O U I will…

Dance a jig,

Tame my shrew,

Unleash my literary Cracken,

Write volumes of passion requited,

Our flame ignited,

I will…

Light your way,

Shine brighter than the sun,

I will reorganize the universe,

So that you are the centre,

My centre,

And I will find you…

And I will find you,

I hope I will find you,

Perhaps though,

You will find me and know,

That for you,

There is nothing I won’t do,

For I love you already,

I have loved you since birth,

And I will find you…

And did I?

Only time will tell…


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Challenging Contradictions

Challenging contradictions,
Juxtapositions and superstitions,
How can one love so much,
And in the same neuron firing incident,
Find a nagging pain that tears at the soul,
Tears streaming down a face,
Hardened by a life of a desire,
Forged by a life of challenge,
Drawn and withdrawn,
Laying on a bed of discontent,
Seeking to understand the unfathomable,
Seeking the address that which is beyond,
Love falls to the way side,
And yet filters back up through the proverbial spring of life,
Every thought one has of the yearned for prize,
Requited love,
Kisses that flow like the tides,
Touches that burn like the sun,
Sweet and gentle love,
Wildly passionate and throbbing love,
O why,
Must you be so transient?
Must you abandon?
Must you die?
As Hemingway said;
“True love can never end happily,”
Sentiments that resonate with every fiber of a lovers being,
For the choices are stark,
Your lover may die,
Or your lover may fade into retraction,
Either way,
A waterfall of treacherously maligned emotions,
The once soothing and succulent advance,
Of love,
Sugary like toffee,
Sticking to your insides,
As you lick your fingers,
Trying to get every last bit of goodness,
Only to discover,
That a once dream like fantasy,
Is now the war of the roses?
Minus the war,
And minus the roses,
A stalemate,
Though not peace,
Where art thou Lady Justice in love?
The once greatest success of the soul,
Now the tortured failure of living each day,
Without you,


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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day
Lovers lost the world over,
Be still your heart,
Calm your frayed nerves,
And excite the possibility of hope,
The tantalizing opportunity that sure will arise,
For without such hope all is lost,
So please look within and tap that great strength,
That has brought you to here,
Kept you going,
In the absence of that special smile,
A tender kiss or a telling hug,
Know that this life is long,
That as the days go by,
Someone, somewhere and sometime,
Is going to enter your life,
Turning upside down and backside up again,
Everything you once thought you knew,
Flies out the window,
On butterfly wings that start in your stomach,
The fevered pitch of emotional grandeur,
When love first excited your every fiber,
It is out there,
The time is not yet nigh,
Though, without a doubt, you will know,
It will smack of ill reason and faulty logic,
Be still your heart,
Discover the love that you have for yourself,
Embrace it, cultivate it and allow your spirit to shine,
For when love approaches, you must be ready,
That you may share that intrinsic beauty with another,
Whose feelings,
Will be just as ripe as your own,
Seen in that telltale look,
That will melt away all troubled feelings of past transgressions,
Love is not a spectator sport,
Requiring your continued effort,
As your soul ascends to the heavens,
Dancing with a pleasure you’ll adore,
So sit back, don’t look for it and know,
Your desires soon will allow you to soar,
As lovers always do,
And seeing your face,
I know,
As all I can whisper,

And shine with me!

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A Fleeting Moment

In the somber realization,
That a fleeting moment,
Is just that,
And only a moment,
When our deepest passions,
Become our realized desires,
No God of Love around,
This, as we both know, is merely primal,
Eros indeed,
As we each seek to preserve self,
While giving as much away as we can,
In that fleeting moment.

Launched into an abyss of you,
I feel the burning delight,
Of your fingers,
And mine,
Clasped together,
As lovers would,
Though we are not lovers beyond tonight,
Pure desire,
As we both climax into tomorrow,
Can there be more?

Erudite temptations,
Both master and slave,
Teacher and student,
Our bodies an amusement park,
All amusement parks,
Tempted by the solitary pleasures,
Of a tandem that from the moment our bodies engaged,
Was so surreal,
That it brought me to tears,
She brought me to tears,
You felt my tears,
Wiping them away from not only sight but memory,
Your power over me,
A temptress,
My erudite lover,
In that fleeting moment.

You are my ambrosia,
Do you know that?
The corporeal nectar that I long to sip,
Lap and submerge myself in,
May I submerge in you?
Free my mind,
And yours,
Once more to the heavens of Greek tragedy,
And divine comedy,
No Delphic wisdom to enchant us,
For more than a fleeting moment,
I would beg,
Fall to my knees and scream to Aphrodite,
Let me once more,
Caress her skin,
Soak in her elegant way,
Linger in her tomorrows,
But no,
The moment is gone,
Though our friendship endures,
My Hooded Red.


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