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What Dreams MAY Come



These words fall not upon deaf ears

Or an erstwhile impenetrable soul,


These words enter through loving eyes,

Knowing that these sentiments rare,

Are the truest form of me,

Expressed herein,


Though feared lost in translation,

Cultural mores,

Yet here I stand defiant,

Like a child at play,

With you,

Tickling the fancy of your greatest desires,

Roaming free and invited into the dreams you seek,

Piercing the armor that you so deftly have created,

Come to you like a knight,

In tales of yonder,

Where the damsel in distress,


Is saved,

Figuratively and literally,

By me,

Here and now!


These words enter into your mind,

Understood by ripe passion,

Filter free from worry,

That they may alight your greatest fantasies,

Here and now,

Of the life you crave,

The life you deserve,

The life I’d like to make with you,


These words enter you like water,

Finding the path of least resistance,

Where they hit right at the heart of you,

Like the gods ambrosia,

Intoxicating you with a restored vision,



For what was and what could be,

With you,

For you,

For us,



These words could unlock the chambers of your insecurity,

Demanding nothing more of you,

Than that delicious smile,

The one that lights up every room,

With your eyes dancing like an inverse moon,


By you,

I will go in this way,

Discovering that what may be may be,


To this,

At the head wondering, wandering and wishing,

To share with you,

Every moment,

Perfect, imperfect and all together plain,

Though with you,

None could be plain,

For you are like that fairy tale princess,

And I a low suitor,

Longing to raise up to become that knight,

To take you to the life you’ve always sought,


Perchance these words restore that faith lost,

For reasons inconsequential,

That neither define me nor you,

Nor the clear admiration and adoration that we share,


These words,

Beg the reason of reason released,

For in affairs such as these,

The heart and soul,

There need not be reasons,

Only compassion,


Trust and the daily affirmation,

That I am yours,

And you are mine.


These words,

Could possibly heal your wounds,

Could possibly reveal you to you,

And thus more to me,

Beyond the naked expression of beauty that I have

Already born witness to,

Captured as I have been,

By the radiance of you,

Bedazzled by the awe that you inspire,

Uplifted by your sweet gentleness,




For you to see,

Who I am,

Who I seek to be,

With you…



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The Very Nearness of You!

The very nearness of you,

Knowledge of you,

That you are not a distant dream,

But instead a reality pulled,

Defies the gravitational force of light,


Slapping Newton squarely in the jaw,

Escaping  the undeniable,

Avoiding the inevitable,

As the black hole of a certain past,

Gives way to the dark matter,

Of our illuminated path,

And new each day as we discover,

The reasons we have to love each other,

Feelings, emotions and treasured desires,

Logic choking my lungs,

Asphyxiating all the reasons against,

Fueling all the reasons for,

For there is no reason,

Is there?


Save that there is…


More than one…


For this life is not a game,

Or a rehearsal,

It is lived,

In a series of moments,

Where fate, chance, destiny and serendipity open doors,

Where they do not exist and we must choose,


Whether we realize the falseness of the opening,

Is the very proof that they exist…


Open this door,

Walk through it,

Open me,

Crazy as it seems,

Crazy as it is,

Crazy as I am,

Walk through it,

Walk to me,

Walk with me,

As your eyes and smile already have,

Each time we coyly meet inside a secret garden,

To which only we have access,

For the now,

And when we can together expose,

What the world already knows,

Inside these words,

To see with their eyes,

L O V E,

Will manifest,

In ever new and wondrous ways;

For you,

For me,

For us,


Naked and restless,

Listless and wanting of nothing,

Save another moment with you.


For every moment that passes,

That you are not with me,

Is like a lifetime lived without the very essence of truth,

Your spirit,

Kissing mine,

Embracing the darkness that is so rich,

Claiming false the necessity of my brooding ways,

Hearing too the realities of my barking bitch,

This Black Dog,

Proving it,

With a tenderness that reveals all I could be,

(all I am)

If I just got out of my own way,

Allowing you to break the well crafted walls I have erected,


From the anguish of ripe cancellation,

Save but three times,

Fearing the worst both in myself,

And the abandonment that follows,

Knowing the pain of separation as only I can,

For I have been separated,

I and I and I,

Now uncovering layers like an onion,

Forcing me to cry,

Not tears of sorrow,

Instead of joy.


For tomorrow I will see you,


As this world wonders,

Why I beam

And you glow,

All the while we,

And we alone know,

The answer to the question we’ve both asked since our youth,

Swinging from the branches of the tree of life,

Ending years of strife,

Beginning anew,

Beginning with you,

Knowing it’s true, I can’t fight,

This way,

We feel inside,

I am yours

And you,

You are mine,


Ever more,

Agape love.


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Existentialism and Depression

Kierkegaard and Nietzsche,
Sartre, Camus and de Beauvoir,
Kafka and Heidegger,
Brilliant all,
Existentialist progenitors repudiating science for something more,
In theories now grown up,
In but one thing,
Loosely describing humanity as having,
Reality and a freedom of experience,
Which defies the existence of objective value,
What of a mind run amuck?
What of senility?
Paranoid Schizophrenia?
How pray tell would these forebears explain these conditions?
How would they explain the captivity of a mind abandoned of reason?
Exempt from rationality?
Imprisoned by neurons misfiring?
What would they say today?
How would this change existentialism?
The inane insecurities,
That like a rasp,
Attack the very core of experience,
Defy logic,
And secrete powerful subconscious demands,
Holding dynamic a mind descending into itself,
Revealing little of objective value or experience,
For having lost ones marbles,
Or a portion therein,
Is no choice as may be suggested,
But rather the tyranny of that misunderstood possession,
All humans imbued,
Body, mind and soul,
Which when run away,
Reveals the faults of these theories,
Suggesting instead,
That a distressed and depressed mind,
Is in fact victim of reality?
Though warden of freedom,
This tempered existence is stressed to the point of despair,
Of personal experience,
Pray Tell,
Is the Black Dog,
Gregor Samsa?


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Reason Be Our Guide? I think NOT

There is no reason…
Let reason no longer be our guide,
For it has steered us wrong,
Directing us down the path most taken,
Rather than the more righteous and rewarding path,
That leads us to sublime and infinite delights,
Passion and requited love,
For there is no reason,
None at all,
Only rhyme,
Only the suffering of logic,
Inspired by meandering fools,
Of ignorance’s suggestion,
Reason be not enough,
Supplanting the torture of a wounded heart,
Reason be not kind,
When love has given way to comfort,
And comfort has given way to decay,
The once sweet aroma of true bliss,
Given way because of reason,
To a resistant strain of manifest destiny,
Reason be not enough,
To uplift,
To inspire,
To require a deeper and divinely rich appreciation of love,
No reason be not kind,
To the lover poet,
Warrior of words,
Who herein bestows truth,
Free from reason,
In spite of logic,
Herein requires that you abandon reason,
Claiming from reason that which is yours,
Feelings and emotions,
The only true human reward,
Both pain and suffering,
Sorrow and ecstasy,
Free from the glare of that impossible urge,
To analyze,
To dull,
To squash those, which reason need, not interfere,
Nor are reasons sought,
Let reason no longer be our guide,
For there is no reason,
None at all,
And should you fall prey,
Become victim of reason in matters of the heart,
I can assure you,
That logic dictates,
That love will fade into insignificance,
For in matters of the heart,
Reason can not supplant passion,
And passion is not logical,
Let it reach the furthest corners of this earth,
Shout it from the mountain tops,
Express it on every corner in every city on earth,
Where love exists,
Reason be prisoner to passion,
And as guard passion will guide the way to whole feelings,
And that,
Is the greatest gift we will ever know,
Should we figure it out…

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