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Visions of Muses


From deep within the terrifying yet oft exhilarating infinite limits,


Of Escher labyrinths,

This lost and found boy;


A chosen light, stirred, awakened, ignited;

S C R eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee A M S upon shattered bone yards

Of rhetoric,

Meteoric echoes of a boy confined in a mans body;

Though not his own,

Not mine, not now, not ever;

I and I and I,

Beyond comprehension as

Concentric circles collide,

Like the infinite loops of the Typhon, reminiscent of oracles,



Non Omnis Moriar, Non Omnis Moriar,



Cerebus, as always,

Chuckles as Orthus orbits death,
“Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.””


Reluctantly as yet without possibility beyond the foretold,

Alpha to Omega , Beta to Theta,

Gamma and everything in between,

Immortality now, sound bytes at a time,

Selfies and facebook posts;

The rush of fools, errands, errant,

Living for the dying, despicable pawns, in a cosmic quandary,

Little boy lost,


Doing societal laundry.



Trailing backwards granted powers beyond omnipotence,

As strange fruit hangs from trees,

The hollowed out trunks of spirits subdued, blackened by soot,

While Mississippi burns and the ashes pure,

White like a forest of birch,

The touch of the divine.


Asphalts stained with progress and hotter than the sun,

Reveal devilish intents, malcontents and miscreants,

Pugilistic linguists portend of a cunning,

Whereby they knowingly, willingly, crazily,

Cut off their noses to spite their faces,

A pound of flesh no more nor less.


While Lamia plots her nine course meal,

Virgil awaits her intrigue,

Delectable feasts for the sins of the father

Are revisited on the kindred innocent,

With Harpies as footservants and wolves as maître ds’.


The Sirens call, serially,

Sailing me to the edges of a vile torment,

One that was created a moment before my consciousness,

Primordially secreted and passed on,

As I too have done; Realizing I am

Left in a rowboat,

Steering for the rocks,

Bubbling discontent like an effervescent pill,


Locked inside…



With a heralds cry,



Like a resounding vision,

In words, deeds and sensational vibrations,

Draws me near,

Pulls me, all of me,

I and I and I from the gauntlet,

Embraces every atom of my being,

And in that instant I understand,

The universal discourse,

Treatise and song,

That brought me back from the edge,

Void of reason,

Want or desire,

Other than the pure radiance and resplendence,

Of an authentic life,

Lived genuinely,


Choosing now to actively avoid the prison of my emotional suicide,

Instead practicing abstinence from it,

By being I and I and I,



s e r e n d i p i t y,

s e r e n i t y,

Love and L I G H T!

Sender D. MacLean


(Inspired by a good friend who gave me the following words; serendipity effervescent labyrinth abstinence rhetoric and the song)







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It Starts With YOU… Idle No MORE!

I belong to the world,
A voice in the universe,
A solitary voice,
Your voice,
Maybe I sound like a broken record,
Of a shattered dream,
Maybe I sound like Joshua,
Tearing down the proverbial walls of Jericho,
I feel the weight of history,
Like Atlas,
But I will not shrug,
I wall not allow apathy to reign anymore,
I will stand up against those that would shirk their responsibility,
Belittle their democratic rights by refusing to use them,
I cannot feign joy,
In the face of abject pain,
As the divisions of me daily record,
The mistreatment of a world that does little,
But pay lip service,
To those that are the poorest and weakest among us,
Social Darwinism is not acceptable,
Not anymore.

I belong to the world,
As I stand up,
From the mountaintops that King spoke of,
Looking for the long ago written cheque,
That has yet to be cashed, in every country the world around,
For unfortunately,
That cheque would bounce,
Given the rhetoric and hyperbole,
Platitudes and ineffectual sentimentality,
Have we not arrived at destination now?
Where we must, MUST,
Address the iniquities of the past,
As well as those present and accounted for.

We must, not because it is the easy thing to do,
But because it is the right thing to do,
Finally live up to the commitment that was bought with the blood of patriots,
My grandfather and yours,
We must address the growing divide between rich and poor,
We must finally look at the ideals,
Contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
Moving them from the notional,
From idea to reality,
A home for everyone,
Clothing, food and water for everyone the world over,
Access to medical care,
Education for all,
These are issues that have been spoken, written and professed,
Those have not been addressed,
For reasons of profit,
We must finally wake up and heed the call,
Of our great statesmen from a bygone era,
In so doing realize that the globalization paradigm,
Is one that because of the ruling class of corporatism,
Is inevitable.

We must stand up, proclaim and maintain,
That we, as citizens, will no longer accept the status quo,
We must,
As citizens,
Reclaim our universal rights,
Moreover that we must exercise those rights,
That our voice will be heard,
We must,
Demand better not just for our backyard,
But for our neighbors as well,
Our elected leaders will have no choice,
If collectively we demand better, more and what’s best,
Our voice,
Is one that they cannot ignore.

My voice,
Will continue to ring the bell of social change,
Quashing injustice,
Cry for the planet which is being raped,
Without consideration to the impact it will have on our children,
Defiantly announce where it is seen,
The faults of systems,
Based on theories centuries old,
I will stand,
I will scream,
I will use my voice,
To attempt to get you to use yours,
And together,
We may effect the change we want to see,
But that change,
Starts with you.

Will you stand with me?


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